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  1. With the help from the 3 inch binder, Tom is rebranding the Iowa program. They are no longer the rip your eyes out, tough kids on the block because now they are having a blast. After last night's match they are even renaming their mascot. From here on out they are no longer to be known as the Iowa Hawkeyes, but as the Iowa Ducks.

  2. And maybe it isn't like he didn't actually understand, but he certainly froze at times and inexplicably did not react as if his head was fully engaged with what needed to be done. Perhaps the moment got to him. I don't know.

    Maybe they haven't got the Jersey out of him yet.

  3. How many of you think that Frank's haircut is an advantage to him?  It seems like the majority of his matches against international wrestlers gets chippy, and he receives a lot of points from it. Do you think the other wrestlers just want to smack the **** out of him because of the haircut?  Seems like the hair gets into their heads.

  4. It is part of the new USA Wrestling training program for the athletes, to help desensitize them from getting screwed while wrestling abroad.  The refs had to go through an intensive and thorough training program this spring. The final exam for them was to break down the officiating of the Russian National, to better understand the proper techniques of screwing a wrestler over.

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