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  1. News from this morning is men in white suits were seen in the press room of Carver Hawkeye arena with geiger counters checking radiation levels from the small nuclear dirty bomb explosion yesterday. It maybe a couple of days before anyone can enter the room again.
  2. http://www.flowrestling.org/video/966258-ramos-feels-betrayed-by-iowa This has got to hurt them with recruits.
  3. I guess that is why he always seemed to have a chip-on-his-shoulder.
  4. Maybe he can start selling crying towels instead of t-shirts. One of the biggest whiners in the sport when it is not going his way.
  5. I have to say he is one of the former Hawkeyes that I can root for because he display class and humility without acting like a punk.
  6. That is the reason people gets frustrated with watching and enjoying freestyle because the officiating has always been suspect. I said this before, freestyle refs in this country are rejects from folkstyle because they wouldn't last long in the college or high school ranks. They may ref some middle school matches but that would be it. You expect those calls in Russia, but it is hard to swallow in this country.
  7. Do not give press release saying a free stream for prelims if they are not going to do it. It just pisses people off: There is no authentication required to view the preliminaries, meaning those without a NBC Sports cable package can watch the streams from anywhere beginning at 10 a.m. (ET) both days. Authentication will be required to stream the best-of-three finals online. http://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Features/2016/April/07/Complete-NBC-coverage-of-Olympic-Trials
  8. The kid likes to press the action. You don't mind watching matches like those.
  9. Well, it is about time we had a new face at 65. As good a wrestler as Metcalf is, he just wasn't getting it done at the big events. You have to wonder if it was mental (choking when the pressure is on). Who knows some times this stuff happens. It's been a couple of years since I heard him refer to himself in third person, so maybe that has something to do it. Now, just hope we get the weight qualified in the next several weeks.
  10. Just curious, how many old poster are still here from the original "TheMat Forum" when Joe Lareau owned it, before USA wrestling purchased it from him? I know some screen names have changed over the years, but how many ole timers are still posting here from the early days of the internet. Edit: Here is a snap shot of the original site 1998: https://web.archive.org/web/19980116181034/http://www.themat.com/ I think he added the forum 1999.
  11. I will eat this bucket of KFC in celebration of your return.
  12. The emasculation of Americans continue -- god forbid If someones gets their feelings hurt. If you don't like what he says, then for Gods Sake grow a pair of balls and tell him how you feel. Someone is going to be offended by something all the time. In fact banning the KFC loving Russian offends me, so can we ban the banner. Edit: For the moderators -- a quote from Schwarzenegger " You are girly men!"
  13. Yep, reinstate him. A man that likes KFC is ok in my book.
  14. From top to bottom, it was the best finals ever in my opinion.
  15. I am torn between the two, Dresser or Brooks?
  16. If you change the name, then l do not how the Iowa fan base will react, as the term stalling involves 3/4 of their offensive output. How are they going to score points? Just look at the finals this year, they are definitely not going to shoot and score.
  17. This thread reminds me of the Hawkeye board. The worst case of penis envy that I have every seen. Now that is the psychology of it all, and I will not even charge you for the pyscho-anaylsis.
  18. 5 warning points and you can redeem for a free bucket of fried chicken at your local KFC.
  19. So, you are saying Zadick is the only option?
  20. I felt sorry for Gable. He looked like he was getting sick after 149lb match. Head was down the table, looked like he needed a breather.
  21. They really need to add one more criteria to help settle these disputes. The last and most important one should be, you must be able to crush an apple with your bare hand.
  22. Really, how many world medals have they racked up in the past several years. Metcalf and Ramos both have crapped the bed when the big lights comes on. I could be wrong but the last I remember Hawkeye wrestling club had a world medalist was with Zadick and that been some time ago and they ran him off. Hell, Ohio State, Nebraska, Nittany Lion wrestling clubs are at least producing world medals this decade. You can't say that with the Hawkeyes.
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