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  1. Why would Spencer want to go to Iowa? I think yesterday prove if he wants to be a NCAA champ and also be a part of team championship, then he needs to stay home. So much for Iowa fans saying Cael can not coach lower weights as Megaludis took Gilman to the woodshed last night.
  2. I didn't know NYC had livestock in it. Edit: Let me rephrase that where is Gilman going to find livestock in NYC?
  3. You have to admire a kid that never gives up and his workman like attitude. Well deserved AA.
  4. Zaddick looks like a giant size yard gnome if you put a pointed hat on him.
  5. There wouldn't be any more push, push, shove, shove ask for stalling as your goto move for scoring.
  6. If Iowa was in the ACC, then hey would be the third best team in the ACC.
  7. I wonder if I could get Tommy to autograph an orange for me?
  8. I am sure business will be brisk that also reminds me, I need to place an order to Duck Commanders for a set of Duck Calls for National.
  9. In other news, Orange prices has sky rocketed on the commodities market.
  10. I can see other team fans holding up oranges from here on out when they wrestle Iowa.
  11. He should have called them Grapefruits instead of oranges, at least they are pink on the inside.
  12. Good for Dresser, I like a straight talker and a person who cuts through the bull****. Va Tech was the a better matchup, and by winning the ACC they should have been chosen to face Iowa.
  13. I learned that lesson the hard way myself. I posted my hand on an arm spin and crushed my wrist. 15 years later and I still have two metal screws in my wrist.
  14. He posted his hand on a mat return and it looked like he blow out his elbow.
  15. Wow that was nasty. Made me cringe.
  16. Which team in the top 10 had the biggest Cup Cake schedule this season?
  17. This is to good not to share. I saw it on the BWI forum. I think it captures Brands perfectly. https://youtu.be/vayis_wKBr4
  18. Finally got mine to work. I had to click on the video link on the match panel in the arena.
  19. Fire TV app would be awesome. Watched Penn State and Cal-Bakersfield the other night on the big screen using the youtube app.
  20. Yep, I agree. Burroughs readjusted on the dake's attempted throw. His shoulders were no where near to a 90% angle while Dakes were way past 90%. So, you could say Burroughs initiated the action, Drake tried to change the direction with the throw but Burroughs counter that by keeping his shoulders and hips square to the mat during the throw.
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