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  1. It is on their end for sure. I ran a speed test on my internet connection and it is over 75 mbps download speed.
  2. Agree. They do not have the bandwidth.. If finally got it to load the page again, but it takes forever to switch the video to a different mat.
  3. Worked fine yesterday. Today crashed about the 3 minute mark and haven't been able to load the page since.
  4. Brand brothers running around in speedos. Hope there is NO videos of the event.
  5. http://www.theacc.com/#!/page/acc-wrestling-live-on-the-accdn-ohio-state-at-virginia-nov-24-2014-11-19-2014
  6. "The Penn State job could have been mine if I only stayed at Va Tech." -- Brands, mental thought after last year's NCAA
  7. It's the new Iowa style of wrestling. If we can't beat them, we'll punch them. :twisted:
  8. Iowa's style of wrestling. :lol:
  9. I heard they use to have big racoon hunts in Iowa City, but believe the guide has moved on to some where else.
  10. in a Santa suit? Merry Christmas PSU - Best Christmas present ever. Hahah
  11. The train has left the station. Are you on board?
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