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  1. RE: Ohio States Glass House...I like it! Allowing spectators to watch practice is a great recruiting device, unless your coaching staff is full of raving lunatics. I'll bet Ohio State has some method/mechanism to restrict viewing if they feel like it. Several programs allow spectators to watch practice on occasion. Brian Smith does it at Mizzou as a way to build relationships with fans, high school coaches and wrestlers. Space is limited, but they actually have pretty comfy seats to watch from. Seems like today's athletes are likely to be impressed by the open atmosphere. The old school, dark sweat box really doesn't seem to appeal these days.
  2. Against the World's best with no breaks in early round matches. He looks freakishly tall for the weight. Someone reassure me with some comps. I am not an expert.
  3. Maybe it will be up to J'Den to qualify the weight again. If he is at 86 for OTT's it's a definite possibility.
  4. When he left him hanging it appeared to be about one minute into the second period. Score was 8-0. Not the beginning of the match or second period for that matter. Am I missing something here?
  5. adding to "the stinker"...Guy who sweats/stinks of alcohol while trying to "survive" a practice after a hard night out.
  6. In high school, I wrestled Nick and Tony Purler and Sam Henson all in a seven day span. They were all in my conference. Nick was a DI AA, Tony was a DI National Champ, and Henson was also a National Champ, World Gold Medalist and Olympic Silver Medalist. I've had better weeks.
  7. Compared to the typical guns blazin' Russian nationals throwdowns, this was childs play. Boys will be boys...LOL.
  8. The way it seemed to "catch" the second time leads me to think meniscus. If the knee had been loose when checked by the trainer indicating possible ACL, no way he tries to continue.
  9. my roommate named his station wagon after Bart Chelsvig, so I'll go with him.
  10. Nolf"s beatdown over Northwestern's Deakin was pretty impresive too though.
  11. if forced to choose, I go with Nickal based o the pin over Moore.
  12. Exactly what I was pointing out; Perception is reality, especially in terms of recruiting. If Micic has a great season and wins it, that would be huge for Michigan. Future freestlyle success would only build the brand.
  13. I would keep an eye on Micic. If he takes off and becomes otherworldly then I could see this being a big impact.
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