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  1. In the Lunch Bunch-Out of the tournament by lunch. 2 and Q could be short for 2 and BBQ or we used to say it when someone went 0-2 at the State Tournament. 2 matches and your a Qualifier.
  2. Wasn't Cox a double digit seed at the trials? Amazing run.
  3. They still have a Russian National tournament. Just wondering if we were Russia, if Cox's, Molinaro's, or Dennis' win would've been enough to earn the spot. Interesting to think about. We don't have the proven guys, so maybe.
  4. Breaking Away. Set on the University of Indiana. Great movie.
  5. Eirman probably in there somewhere and he has a year left. Scott Shatzman is in there too. First undefeated state champion in Missouri and I believe a 3x AA from Northwestern.
  6. Eddie Willets-Southwest Missouri State. Came from Alaska and never thawed out. It was a shame.
  7. Probably not as much as we think. DI guys nowadays are freak athletes. Low body fat to start with.
  8. Southwest Missouri State, now Missouri State. We were the Shiznat.
  9. Doctor at Washington University in St. Louis working on a vaccine also. Not sure of his timeline right now.
  10. RE: Ohio States Glass House...I like it! Allowing spectators to watch practice is a great recruiting device, unless your coaching staff is full of raving lunatics. I'll bet Ohio State has some method/mechanism to restrict viewing if they feel like it. Several programs allow spectators to watch practice on occasion. Brian Smith does it at Mizzou as a way to build relationships with fans, high school coaches and wrestlers. Space is limited, but they actually have pretty comfy seats to watch from. Seems like today's athletes are likely to be impressed by the open atmosphere. The old school, dark sweat box really doesn't seem to appeal these days.
  11. Against the World's best with no breaks in early round matches. He looks freakishly tall for the weight. Someone reassure me with some comps. I am not an expert.
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