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  1. I think I like the term "control fight" over "wrestle off". I never heard it before, but it's a winner.
  2. What if they brought in an American coach. Lol, this thread would instantly go to 200 pages.
  3. I believe in a mat side interview at the Nebraska dual, Dryden confirmed he was six feet tall. Can't imagine making 133 is much fun for him.
  4. Funny how the lead singer of the band announces the cooler to the unknowing masses. First Dalton then the gritty Wade Garrett. Always after an amazing a$$kicking of course.
  5. Wasn't "Cooler" Patrick Swayze's job title in Roadhouse? I don't think they called him a bouncer. It was beneath him.
  6. Maybe, maybe not. Recently it's not been unusual for devout Christians to go to State College. They seem to be really good at wrestling also.
  7. This is my opinion, but I believe Gilman isn't being philosophical, trying to show you how smart he is, or trying to win you over to him. He is witnessing. To me it looks like he is using his own experience to try to win people to Christ, not to Thomas Gilman. If someone saw another motive, I believe they missed the point of the blog post. Most of the writing in the blog is based in scriptural example. He is telling us to listen for God, because He doesn't always work in obvious ways. There are numerous stories in the Bible of people straying from God and returning after hardship. I thought his comment about the foot merely being a symptom of his bigger problem made it pretty clear. The being silent/meditating and listening for the word of God is common advice given by pastors. I don't know Thomas Gilman, and I don't know how smart he is or if I would like him if I met him. The blog post is about him, but clearly only as a device to allow the reader to see the bigger message. My $.02.
  8. I hadn't heard the interview, but reading that transcript, he sounds like a guy that believes the relationships that once existed between him and USAW aren't going to be mended any time soon. Is he mad enough to seek dual citizenship somewhere and try to "make them pay" going that route? **Disclaimer...I have no evidence this has even entered his mind. He just seems pretty pissed at people within the organization. Just wondering how pissed.
  9. Thanks, I'll check it out. Maybe you should send me a link. I may not be able to find it on my own. Thanks in advance.
  10. ...and yet you decided to revive it yesterday.
  11. I am from Missouri, and have loved watching J'den since he was in high school, but this whole thing since the Olympic Trials has seemed very bizarre. I mean...doesn't make weight, then does make weight, only too late, coach takes the blame, files suit, drops suit and now is going back down 5 kg below where he missed weight when he has a chance to see the top guys in the weight he wanted to qualify for in the first place. And of course all of this was going down as the rumors flew on social media. Sheesh, I can't keep up. On a more serious note, I do have to think that USA Wrestling wouldn't exactly want him at 97 kg in Poland so close to the Olympics, and may be able to prevent it. I wouldn't know because I'm not in the know. If he wins or even beats Snyder, it looks bad on them, even though it shouldn't.
  12. Pretty sure there are 6 weights. Unfortunately, the US will only be repping 5.
  13. Yep. Being down 1-0 or 2-0 to Gadz would have been way different than the 3-0 hole he found himself in. The hard hand fight needed not to give up the step outs might have drained the tank too low. One of the reasons I was pulling for Yianni at the trials is that he doesn't have the giant weight pull Oliver has and doesn't have to wrestle to conserve energy. I thought he was our best bet, but then he lost in the 3rd place match, so what do I know? Oliver fairly won the spot and showed he was capable of getting it done. Really just had 3 bad minutes.
  14. Watching the match yesterday it occurred to me that I was watching a guy with flashes of brilliance vs. a guy that just knows how to win. I would rather watch the flashes of brilliance guy wrestle 10 out of 10 times, but if I had to put down money, I know which way I'm going. I feel bad for Oliver. To be so close to a life-long dream must be gut wrenching. I'm sure he's beating himself up way worse than a bunch of keyboard warriors ever could.
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