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  1. I see a lot of people pointing to riding time as a problem with folk on the college level. Something I posted on another thread was a rule change that would only allow a wrestler to accumulate riding time if they had already secured a two point score of some kind (takedown, reversal, near fall). It would incentivize scoring in the opening period and take away the incentive to simply build riding time in a 0-0 or 1-0 match. You could also add a wrinkle that a stalling call on top would stop your riding time clock until another 2 point score is earned if you like. That would be a deterrent to hanging out below the waist and taking the "free" stall call when the top wrestler gets in trouble. Downside is you better have a competent riding time clock operator.
  2. Wow, Lilledahl just smashed Bassett
  3. Agreed. Just pointing out that if you really want to cut big and gain some perceived advantage, there's always a way.
  4. Mat side weigh-ins might help, but it won't stop weight cutting. The goal is to be big for the weight. What is to stop someone from cutting to below the weight class and refueling and rehydrating several hours before competition. Let's say I want to wrestle 138. My walk around mat side weight is 150. I cut 15-16 pounds instead of 12 so I can refuel/rehydrate 2-3 hours before competition. I am still big for the weight, I just have to adjust my cut to make it a few hours early and 3-4 pounds under. It would take some discipline to convince yourself to mentally see the 138 weight class as 134-135 though. Sorry, I'm a high school coach, so I used a high school weight and scenario as my example.
  5. Point taken, but with the new facility just built, rolling on might be a little more difficult with the investment made. I'm not close to the situation beyond being a Missouri resident, which only puts me physically close. Just musing from afar. I know he's got some tough kids though.
  6. Sam is running a successful wrestling school in Mid-Missouri and just built a new facility there. I doubt he's looking for a coaching gig outside of the one he already has.
  7. Close call. Might or might not be below the midpoint of the upper arm. Certainly not creating a dangerous situation with this headlock though. The shoulder seems to be encircled although loosely. Probably should have let it slide. Seems like it's right at the midpoint of the upper arm to me.
  8. How about not being able to start acquiring riding time until you have a two point score of some kind (takedown, reversal, near fall). It would make scoring in first period much more valuable and make riding in the second/third periods without a 2 point score worth nothing.
  9. The one at 6:32 definitely looks like 2 to me. You even see Dean sneak a peak at the ref as he comes to his feet. Wonder if he is looking to see if he's awarding points?
  10. The problem with going freestyle is it would be very difficult to implement in high school, which would naturally need to follow if your going to do it in college. 1. Training quality officials would be difficult. 2. Keeping kids safe without some major rule changes to freestyle would be next to impossible. Imagine a giant mismatch where one kid is trying to launch the other kid, who isn't experienced enough to know how to protect himself, on his head the whole match. The other option would be to continue to wrestle folkstyle in high school with the understanding that if you plan to wrestle in college, you better emphasize your freestyle training because this is what you will be wrestling at the college level (basically the women's approach). I actually wouldn't mind this approach at all. I enjoy freestyle much more now with the current rules than I used to. The subjectivity of the activity period can be a little maddening. Sometimes it feels like the ref is just setting up the match the way they feel it should go, but it's not any worse than watching a guy in top position take someone out of bounds in rear standing several times to get restarts and build riding time. I just think freestyle doesn't work in high school because you lose some of the rules designed to protect the wrestlers. The switch wouldn't hurt the lifelong wrestlers so much, but could discourage and endanger those kids that start wrestling in high school.
  11. oops, meant to quote original post. see below.
  12. Place is short for placement, no? So what is said wrestler's placement in relation to the other wrestlers? Round of 12, then would mean you are placed among the top 12, thus exceeding your seed if it is above 12. Maybe the statement should have read "Wrestlers that will outplace their seed and AA" if that is what is intended. Maybe the original poster will let us know. So many things to consider on NCAA Eve.
  13. Well, he is hwt and a favorite.
  14. Tough road for O'Toole. Valencia, then Kharchla in the quarters.
  15. I thought Yianni was on the ropes against Lovett in Vegas. He won but appeared to be sucking wind in the 3rd.
  16. Don't be coy. Exactly what you were doing/implying. Don't need a link.
  17. For the Iowa dual they had 5.
  18. Don't all American heavyweight comparisons have to start with Baumgartner. Obviously Big Bruce's success started at a more advanced age, but Bruce vs Gable, both in their prime, would have been interesting. I too am amazed at how easy Gable made it look against the current U23 World Champ.
  19. Maybe just me, but looked like Buchanan initiated quite a bit of the three and four point wrestling. Buchanan looked a little gassed at the end as well. Just my .02.
  20. Maybe the NCAA could grant Zare an exemption into the NCAA"s. He could attend one day of class somewhere and then get in the fray. That would be fun, right?
  21. I think I like the term "control fight" over "wrestle off". I never heard it before, but it's a winner.
  22. What if they brought in an American coach. Lol, this thread would instantly go to 200 pages.
  23. I believe in a mat side interview at the Nebraska dual, Dryden confirmed he was six feet tall. Can't imagine making 133 is much fun for him.
  24. Funny how the lead singer of the band announces the cooler to the unknowing masses. First Dalton then the gritty Wade Garrett. Always after an amazing a$$kicking of course.
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