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  1. 14 pages and their are probably a dozen people who actually know what happened and none are on this forum. I am personally mad because we all waited so long to see Cox and Snyder go at it and now that is not happening. If the Twitter guy is right. 10-15 minutes late is going to be a tough argument. It's not like you  can say the weigh in officials watch was fast. 


  2. Mizzou has gone with the less is more philosophy recently. Only backups and redshirts typically compete in opens and they no longer go to a big midseason tourney (Scuffle, Midlands). They do go to the dual event in Florida, but even this event is in keeping with their strategy. They can use backups when needed and the 6 or 7 match wrestleback grinder isn't in play.  Overall, they wrestle mostly a dual schedule within the MAC with some tough out of conference opponents mixed in. Is it working? Hard to say. They have been successful for a pretty long time now, so results are up to interpretation. As a fan, I loved seeing how they matched up in the big midseason events, but it's hard to question Brian Smith's judgment at this point. Dude has proven he might have a clue. 

  3. 3 minutes ago, nhs67 said:

    If Cox didn't want them to, then I am sure they wouldn't.

    My Cox point is probably not a great one. Smith has known him for so long it's hard to imagine J'den not wanting them to use it. I guess a better way to say it is I would have a hard time seeing most of our top flight guys who are now at different RTC"s (Cox, Snyder, JO) getting bent because their college used some old footage of them to tell the story of a dual that happened while they were there. Just Gilman. But as I said in my post, I think it's by design. He seems to thrive on the controversy. 

  4. 11 hours ago, VakAttack said:

    This is Gilman's brand.

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    Yep, much ado about nothing. Gilman loves playing the heel. Think of it as marketing people. As long as his name is in your mouth, mission accomplished. Honestly, think about how badly people are gonna want to see him and Spencer go at it. 

    As an aside, I have no problem with Iowa using this. It's an interesting tidbit about a dual involving the college team and Gilman, not the RTC. It only seems a bit wierd because of how his departure went down and where he went. Would anyone have a problem with Mizzou using an interview or footage of J'den Cox to promote their team.  

  5. 4 minutes ago, nhs67 said:

    I would wait to say Green is #2 until after we see him at 150lbs today(I am not counting tomorrow AT ALL since it'll be over 24 hours after weighing in).

    Last time he dropped below 150 he got tuned up.


    SERTC/Virginia tech sent out a presser yesterday promoting several things including the RTC cup and had 65kg next to James Green's name. I found that interesting. I think he's trying to shrink for OTT. Does anyone know if he has acknowledged or denied this?


  6. 16 hours ago, matts1w said:

    To the rest of the world, it makes no sense that our schools are in the sports business.  We are pretty much the only nation on the planet that does so.  I LOVE high school and college sports, but maybe, for the sake of discussion, it is time to consider a separation.  Maybe...and I stress MAYBE...it would be better for both youth sports and schools to go in different directions.  Thoughts?

    When did America decide we shouldn't be fun anymore? I know when work is over on Friday, the only thing I can think of is two good days of pragmatic behavior.

  7. 22 hours ago, spladle08 said:

    Unfortunately, I've seen it too, and it was reminiscent of "Burroughs hasn't seen scrambling like Askren" 
    Man, when Flo did the "Lets cover Hump relentlessly"  (Long before Desanto.. wanna say 2015?) my friend bet me $500 he would make the world finals, simply based on gymnastics.
    Don't get it twisted, I love the guy and think he is great for the sport but... 
    Those expecting him to "launch" a top-10 world level wrestler, after being retired X amount of years...  I mean how delusional do you have to be... 
    This isn't a 6x world champ coming off a 2 year layoff... this is a 2x World team member? with I'll guess 2 wins on the world stage... that hasn't competed seriously since what 2016? (man I'm just taking shots in the dark on stuff I could easily look up) if you think he can toss one of our main candidates this Olympic cycle to his back.... We got serious issues at the weight. 
    Zain may not "Tech" him, But I would assume 5 takedowns is very likely. Maybe 1 brazen "Big throw" attempted by Hump. but the "Lil Fundamental" Aka "Metcalf 2.0" doesn't get into those exchanges often, and it's just a horrible matchup for the Highlight. 


    We already have serious issues at the weight. I believe it's the only one we haven't qualified. Hope whoever comes out of this weight can get it qualified a la J'Den 4 years ago. 

  8. On 11/17/2020 at 1:43 PM, nhs67 said:

    Green is probably our 4th best 74kg guy.  3rd best if you were to rank all eligible athletes today (IMart is on the mend).  I'd not say he has 'no chance' then.

    I wouldn't pick him to place 3rd, however going off results he is our #3 right now.  He is 462-0 against Nolf, isn't he?  That said, I would pick Nolf, Massa, and Cenzo over him right now at 74kg on top of the aforementions Imart, Dake, and JB.

    In 2016 at 65kg Zain beat him 9-2, but outscored him 9-0 outside the first 25 seconds.

    Considering who is 1 and 2, I'd say his chance is similar to Lloyd Christmas' in Dumb and Dumber..."so you're saying there's a chance?" LOL. 

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