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  1. Yep, much ado about nothing. Gilman loves playing the heel. Think of it as marketing people. As long as his name is in your mouth, mission accomplished. Honestly, think about how badly people are gonna want to see him and Spencer go at it. As an aside, I have no problem with Iowa using this. It's an interesting tidbit about a dual involving the college team and Gilman, not the RTC. It only seems a bit wierd because of how his departure went down and where he went. Would anyone have a problem with Mizzou using an interview or footage of J'den Cox to promote their team.
  2. Flo is reporting JB vs Taylor on January 9th. 86kg. Jordan Burroughs & David Taylor To Meet January 9 Live On FloWrestling Dec 10, 2020Kyle Bratke After two months of going back and forth on social media, it's finally happening. Jordan Burroughs and David Taylor will meet on January 9, 2021, exclusively on FloWrestling at 86kg.
  3. I gotta go with at least a 1/10. Equivalent to a shot clock violation. I had a brief silent chuckle, so maybe 2/10. Haven't heard from Khuzin much lately, so I don't want to discourage him. Besides apparently he loves you.
  4. I think Yianni is our best chance to qualify the weight. Most dynamic offense and defense. Good tank. Interesting to see if he can win our qualifier. With a spot in the Olympic Games on the line, I hope he is our rep.
  5. In the mean time, I come away thinking, as a result of seeing this exhibition, our best chance to qualify 65 kg is if Yianni D is our rep. Call it a hunch.
  6. SERTC/Virginia tech sent out a presser yesterday promoting several things including the RTC cup and had 65kg next to James Green's name. I found that interesting. I think he's trying to shrink for OTT. Does anyone know if he has acknowledged or denied this?
  7. When did America decide we shouldn't be fun anymore? I know when work is over on Friday, the only thing I can think of is two good days of pragmatic behavior.
  8. We already have serious issues at the weight. I believe it's the only one we haven't qualified. Hope whoever comes out of this weight can get it qualified a la J'Den 4 years ago.
  9. Considering who is 1 and 2, I'd say his chance is similar to Lloyd Christmas' in Dumb and Dumber..."so you're saying there's a chance?" LOL.
  10. Would Green try to make 65 for the Oly Trials? Honestly, he has no chance at 74. If so this could be a test weight cut of sorts. He makes 150 to see how he feels there and then makes up his mind.
  11. In the Lunch Bunch-Out of the tournament by lunch. 2 and Q could be short for 2 and BBQ or we used to say it when someone went 0-2 at the State Tournament. 2 matches and your a Qualifier.
  12. Wasn't Cox a double digit seed at the trials? Amazing run.
  13. They still have a Russian National tournament. Just wondering if we were Russia, if Cox's, Molinaro's, or Dennis' win would've been enough to earn the spot. Interesting to think about. We don't have the proven guys, so maybe.
  14. Breaking Away. Set on the University of Indiana. Great movie.
  15. Eirman probably in there somewhere and he has a year left. Scott Shatzman is in there too. First undefeated state champion in Missouri and I believe a 3x AA from Northwestern.
  16. Eddie Willets-Southwest Missouri State. Came from Alaska and never thawed out. It was a shame.
  17. Probably not as much as we think. DI guys nowadays are freak athletes. Low body fat to start with.
  18. Southwest Missouri State, now Missouri State. We were the Shiznat.
  19. Doctor at Washington University in St. Louis working on a vaccine also. Not sure of his timeline right now.
  20. RE: Ohio States Glass House...I like it! Allowing spectators to watch practice is a great recruiting device, unless your coaching staff is full of raving lunatics. I'll bet Ohio State has some method/mechanism to restrict viewing if they feel like it. Several programs allow spectators to watch practice on occasion. Brian Smith does it at Mizzou as a way to build relationships with fans, high school coaches and wrestlers. Space is limited, but they actually have pretty comfy seats to watch from. Seems like today's athletes are likely to be impressed by the open atmosphere. The old school, dark sweat box really doesn't seem to appeal these days.
  21. Against the World's best with no breaks in early round matches. He looks freakishly tall for the weight. Someone reassure me with some comps. I am not an expert.
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