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  1. or he will die clueless. Wow considering that fact is depressing and profound,
  2. You don't think Gable could have adapted with the time given the same talent pool. Remember, in his time, Gable was the innovator.
  3. GArbrand, I believe was a very accomplished Ohio high school wrestler but not college. This is what I believe I heard, but can't really remember and don't feel like fact checking. Sorry Cletus.
  4. Henry would do better at 135 than DJ because he is a bigger 125, and wouldn't be too small or weak at 135 and his wrestling is at the highest level, which DJ's isn't. Wrestling is a great equalizer when it comes to slowing down a fight, which is what he'll have to do against a bigger, more well rounded Dillashaw. Personally, I think Dillashaw, who is a very good wrestler in his own right, would win, but Henry is more suited IMO than DJ to beat him.
  5. This is the best view I have seen of the sequence. I don't believe it was 4 now. Oh well, pretty close. Hard to call definitively. Still surprised at how casually the mat judge right next to the action is watching throughout the process.
  6. If you put LOL after the title of this thread (Handshakes immediately after in sports, LOL) and I would have bet a month's salary it was started by DF.
  7. Can't really complain when the call is that close. Burroughs didn't seem to complain or look confused after. My thought was why is the table so close to the action? Hard to blame the athlete for giving up continuation points when there is the possibility of being concerned about hitting the judges table. Burroughs left hand clearly goes down right next to the leg of the table and one of the two hits the front of the table. Not sure if it was a factor. Only Burroughs can know what he was thinking as he went down to the mat and he wouldn't use it as an excuse even if it did have an effect. It would be a shame if that was a factor at all. Noticed it in a couple of other matches too. The near judges table was so close to the mat in Cox's match you couldn't even see the match continue off of the mat on the camera, which I assume was set up on or near the table. Seems like a lot of scoring occurs on the edge and continuation scoring is a big deal and allowed so let's stop having important qualifying/ranking tournaments in buildings that are ill equipped to handle the event. No reason to have this little space matside at a major event. If a better venue isn't available for Yasar Dogu then maybe it shouldn't be a ranking tournament. Just a thought. Ok, watched it again. First time I watched it was on my phone. This time was full size on a laptop. Neither hits the table, but what I saw is just as bad. The judge who made the exposure call actually has to reach out and move the table as the action is happening in front of him. Kind of an important time to have your attention divided. Hard to believe this would be necessary. If you want to see something funny just watch the mat judge from about the time Burroughs gets his two to the time he moves the table. He looks away from the action to the left as Chamizo's scoring sequence begins, I assume for a paddle, and finally looks back at about the time Burroughs steps out of bounds which is about the time he reaches to move the table. Hillarious that this was the guy that was adamant for four. I still don't have a problem with the call. Too hard to see on the video to really refute it.
  8. A better question is how was Dake's super launch against Hasanov scored a 2? Also wondered why Cox didn't get anything for the continuation off of the mat on his step out point.
  9. Money like this might keep a guy like Pico out of MMA. That would be the main difference. These guys all train like madmen already.
  10. Does Cael still scrap live? If so, does anyone know how competitive he is with the likes of Taylor, Varner, Nickal, etc. Might just be sparring at this point, but I'd like to see him full out against some of the guys in his room. Anyone have any inside info?
  11. Gilman talked in an interview about wrestling in some tournaments and building his seed this summer. Assuming he's referring to some ranking tournaments that remain. Are there tournaments like this left or am I imagining he said something like this?
  12. If soccer is #1 in Iran, where does wrestling fall in popularity there? Is it 2 or further down?
  13. Definitely didn't feel there was any kid of complete stop. Definitely still not sure what Nashon was thinking there with that double.
  14. It brings up an interesting point. sadulaev will not be a full size 97 IMO...ever. He's not as big of a guy as Snyder, period. He will always suffer the size disadvantage against him. I don't believe his optimum wrestling weight is anywhere near 97 nor will it ever be. I don't care what he does, other than roids, just look at them next to each other.
  15. Gilman's defense was impressive. Like you, I would like to see him get off his single more. I know a lot of people hate this dude, but the work he puts in is evident. He seemingly never tires and appears to be strong as hell. If you don't like him yet, you probably wont, because he won't do much to warm you up to him. He seems to like it this way anyway. He needs the chip on his shoulder. I think Green wrestled to make a World Team. Period. I think he knew Chamberlain was going to try to win with shot clocks, step-outs and defense and so he just used his strength to control center and beat Chamberlain at his own game. Green is at his best, like Burroughs, when he is counter-attacking after an opponent's shot. Chamberlain certainly wasn't going to provide that type of match, with a lot of flurries, so he stayed patient and did what he had to do. Don't know the impact, but FLO reported he was cutting weight all day. Maybe that is just the way he likes to do it, but it reaffirms for me that this is indeed a man without an Olympic weight. If he makes 65 for the next Oly Trials I would be amazed and not too hopeful for his outcome. Burroughs did what he had to do in match one. He didn't even appear to be breathing hard coming off the mat afterwards. For our sake, IMar scoring first in match two was awesome. Brought out the killer in Burroughs and we got the offensive burst we were hoping for. IMar is good defensively and very athletic/strong. He wrestled well. He's gonna have to diversify his offense because currently it appears that if he doesn't have an underhook, he's not scoring...at least against a top tier guy like Burroughs. First thing. Had no problem with Gadsen finishing off the mat. There was a ton of momentum going that way (over 400 pounds worth) and Gadsen's head was buried in Snyder's chest. If the rules are going to encourage continuation scoring, they better account for it with bigger surfaces (mats, stage, barriers, etc) to protect the wrestlers. My opinion on the main difference between this year's series and last year's between Snyder and Gadsen is the absence of the challenge tournament before. Gadsen is very good and Snyder beat him by 9 and 8 respectively. Snyder's attacks are always evolving and he claims he is stronger than ever. I think JB's failure in Rio had a lot to do with self-imposed pressure and not necessarily a lack of preparation. I doubt Snyder even backed off of his training much for this event. I think he was that confident. No way he is backing off and not preparing at this point. Especially with a possible rematch with Sad looming. Overall, everyone seemed a bit conservative. Probably due to what is at stake. I was impressed with our three women's reps as well, particularly Winchester who I felt gave Leathers nothing. Tamyra Stock was like a bull in a China shop. She was fun to watch, although her opponent was clearly outmatched.
  16. Talking about this weekend only. Looked real gassed early in both matches.
  17. Conel looked uncomfortable with wrestling longer than 60 seconds.
  18. If he stays healthy, and at 65, the clear favorite to me going into the future at this weight is Retherford.
  19. I could see Fix at 33 in college where weigh ins pile up. I thought he looked bigger than Ramos. Then again Okie state has never been shy about having their guys shed a few pounds.
  20. If Frank is in for the long haul, he will be back at 65 in 2020. I'm guessing he will start prepping with a new diet and less lifting as 2020 approaches. Like a lot of wrestlers, Frank may not be interested in shrinking his body for two years and has decided to go 70 for a while. Don't know Frank, but since he is an Olympian, he probably does not share the opinion of some posters that he had no chance of making the team at 70.
  21. Imagine having a first, second, third place trifecta bet and some jackwagon med forfeits out after losing in the semis...LOL.
  22. Valencia v. Dake should be great. Let's hope it lives up to the hype. Dake's defense/scrambling is superior to Ringer's so I expect a different type of match. Dake's offense is more diversified as well. This match tops the list of final x matches I am looking forward to. 1. Dake v. Valencia 2. Fix v. Gilman-Lots of hype on Fix and he looked great this weekend. Little trash talk right after too..."I'm coming!" 3. Stieber v. McKenna-tOSU v. tOSU and Stieber can be vulnerable and great seemingly at any time. 4. JB v. IMar-Just curious to see the gap. 5. Gwiz v. Coon-Gwiz has looked really good but Coon is huge and could see him getting it done actually. 6. Colon v. Garrett-I think Garrett may turn it around if he can tone it down. Looked good in the finals. Hoping for an all out assault by both wrestlers like last time. Tie 7. Taylor v. Reenan-Just like watching Taylor wrestle, but don't expect this to be competitive. Tie 7. Snyder v. Gadsen-Was intrigued last time and Snyder torched him. Like watching Snyder as well though. 9. Cox v. Zilmer-likely to be very controlled, but a big Mizzou fan so I moved it ahead of Green Chamberlain. 10. Green v. Chamberlain-Expect Green to win, just not looking as forward to this as the others.
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