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  1. Maybe it will be up to J'Den to qualify the weight again. If he is at 86 for OTT's it's a definite possibility.
  2. When he left him hanging it appeared to be about one minute into the second period. Score was 8-0. Not the beginning of the match or second period for that matter. Am I missing something here?
  3. adding to "the stinker"...Guy who sweats/stinks of alcohol while trying to "survive" a practice after a hard night out.
  4. In high school, I wrestled Nick and Tony Purler and Sam Henson all in a seven day span. They were all in my conference. Nick was a DI AA, Tony was a DI National Champ, and Henson was also a National Champ, World Gold Medalist and Olympic Silver Medalist. I've had better weeks.
  5. Compared to the typical guns blazin' Russian nationals throwdowns, this was childs play. Boys will be boys...LOL.
  6. The way it seemed to "catch" the second time leads me to think meniscus. If the knee had been loose when checked by the trainer indicating possible ACL, no way he tries to continue.
  7. my roommate named his station wagon after Bart Chelsvig, so I'll go with him.
  8. Nolf"s beatdown over Northwestern's Deakin was pretty impresive too though.
  9. if forced to choose, I go with Nickal based o the pin over Moore.
  10. Exactly what I was pointing out; Perception is reality, especially in terms of recruiting. If Micic has a great season and wins it, that would be huge for Michigan. Future freestlyle success would only build the brand.
  11. I would keep an eye on Micic. If he takes off and becomes otherworldly then I could see this being a big impact.
  12. this works if guys like Pantaleo start beating guys like Nolf and if they start attracting big name post-grads to train there, In other words. is SB going to convince top notch guys to come train at UM?
  13. All depends if Askren trains hard for this, or just shows up. If he trains like he would for a fight, I doubt anyone is whooping him.
  14. Can he really make that weight? Thought I saw him at 141 early last season. He's pretty tall.
  15. How long ago was Bisek competing? He was probably our last consistent medal threat.
  16. or he will die clueless. Wow considering that fact is depressing and profound,
  17. You don't think Gable could have adapted with the time given the same talent pool. Remember, in his time, Gable was the innovator.
  18. GArbrand, I believe was a very accomplished Ohio high school wrestler but not college. This is what I believe I heard, but can't really remember and don't feel like fact checking. Sorry Cletus.
  19. Henry would do better at 135 than DJ because he is a bigger 125, and wouldn't be too small or weak at 135 and his wrestling is at the highest level, which DJ's isn't. Wrestling is a great equalizer when it comes to slowing down a fight, which is what he'll have to do against a bigger, more well rounded Dillashaw. Personally, I think Dillashaw, who is a very good wrestler in his own right, would win, but Henry is more suited IMO than DJ to beat him.
  20. This is the best view I have seen of the sequence. I don't believe it was 4 now. Oh well, pretty close. Hard to call definitively. Still surprised at how casually the mat judge right next to the action is watching throughout the process.
  21. If you put LOL after the title of this thread (Handshakes immediately after in sports, LOL) and I would have bet a month's salary it was started by DF.
  22. Can't really complain when the call is that close. Burroughs didn't seem to complain or look confused after. My thought was why is the table so close to the action? Hard to blame the athlete for giving up continuation points when there is the possibility of being concerned about hitting the judges table. Burroughs left hand clearly goes down right next to the leg of the table and one of the two hits the front of the table. Not sure if it was a factor. Only Burroughs can know what he was thinking as he went down to the mat and he wouldn't use it as an excuse even if it did have an effect. It would be a shame if that was a factor at all. Noticed it in a couple of other matches too. The near judges table was so close to the mat in Cox's match you couldn't even see the match continue off of the mat on the camera, which I assume was set up on or near the table. Seems like a lot of scoring occurs on the edge and continuation scoring is a big deal and allowed so let's stop having important qualifying/ranking tournaments in buildings that are ill equipped to handle the event. No reason to have this little space matside at a major event. If a better venue isn't available for Yasar Dogu then maybe it shouldn't be a ranking tournament. Just a thought. Ok, watched it again. First time I watched it was on my phone. This time was full size on a laptop. Neither hits the table, but what I saw is just as bad. The judge who made the exposure call actually has to reach out and move the table as the action is happening in front of him. Kind of an important time to have your attention divided. Hard to believe this would be necessary. If you want to see something funny just watch the mat judge from about the time Burroughs gets his two to the time he moves the table. He looks away from the action to the left as Chamizo's scoring sequence begins, I assume for a paddle, and finally looks back at about the time Burroughs steps out of bounds which is about the time he reaches to move the table. Hillarious that this was the guy that was adamant for four. I still don't have a problem with the call. Too hard to see on the video to really refute it.
  23. A better question is how was Dake's super launch against Hasanov scored a 2? Also wondered why Cox didn't get anything for the continuation off of the mat on his step out point.
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