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  1. I could see Fix at 33 in college where weigh ins pile up. I thought he looked bigger than Ramos. Then again Okie state has never been shy about having their guys shed a few pounds.
  2. If Frank is in for the long haul, he will be back at 65 in 2020. I'm guessing he will start prepping with a new diet and less lifting as 2020 approaches. Like a lot of wrestlers, Frank may not be interested in shrinking his body for two years and has decided to go 70 for a while. Don't know Frank, but since he is an Olympian, he probably does not share the opinion of some posters that he had no chance of making the team at 70.
  3. Imagine having a first, second, third place trifecta bet and some jackwagon med forfeits out after losing in the semis...LOL.
  4. Valencia v. Dake should be great. Let's hope it lives up to the hype. Dake's defense/scrambling is superior to Ringer's so I expect a different type of match. Dake's offense is more diversified as well. This match tops the list of final x matches I am looking forward to. 1. Dake v. Valencia 2. Fix v. Gilman-Lots of hype on Fix and he looked great this weekend. Little trash talk right after too..."I'm coming!" 3. Stieber v. McKenna-tOSU v. tOSU and Stieber can be vulnerable and great seemingly at any time. 4. JB v. IMar-Just curious to see the gap. 5. Gwiz v. Coon-Gwiz has looked really good but Coon is huge and could see him getting it done actually. 6. Colon v. Garrett-I think Garrett may turn it around if he can tone it down. Looked good in the finals. Hoping for an all out assault by both wrestlers like last time. Tie 7. Taylor v. Reenan-Just like watching Taylor wrestle, but don't expect this to be competitive. Tie 7. Snyder v. Gadsen-Was intrigued last time and Snyder torched him. Like watching Snyder as well though. 9. Cox v. Zilmer-likely to be very controlled, but a big Mizzou fan so I moved it ahead of Green Chamberlain. 10. Green v. Chamberlain-Expect Green to win, just not looking as forward to this as the others.
  5. Not really because 125 and 133 are two weights within the same NCAA tournament. Junior and Senior worlds are two separate tournaments. Why penalize a junior world champ because he thinks he can be our senior rep. I believe an exception for world medalists is not only fair, but would ensure we send our best team.
  6. Cool name, kind of makes me think about the final dump I will take before dying.
  7. While we are here though, is Coon wrestling both styles?
  8. Word is he will be starting at BIG's in place of Nickal. Sorry Nickal fans. Didn't work out at Iowa, but a BAMF is a BAMF after all. Maybe Bo can enroll at Rutgers real quick and compete for 2nd.
  9. Based on the still frame in the first post, I got two for lee. Both legs controlled, hips turned over. Sure looks like Lee has established control. Too bad he couldn't challenge.
  10. DF, but it was purposeful and full of self-loathing and hatred.
  11. You know, if Burroughs said he believes it's more difficult to win now because all the Russians who used to sit behind each other are now spread out amongst multiple nations, he would share a popular view of many wrestling fans and not come off as egomaniacal at all. Why is Ted Williams a douchebag for sharing his opinion about hitting a baseball? He has a point...if you can hit safely 3 out of 10 times you are an all-star. What other activity in sports celebrates such a low success rate. Why?, because it is in fact, really difficult. Please tell whoever pissed in your Cheerios not to do it anymore.
  12. I'm a huge Mizzou honk, but man I wish J-Den Cox could find a way into that Ohio State room for the next two or three years (provided Snyder stays after this next year).
  13. Burroughs conditioning was amazing. Consistently won the second period the entire tournament. Got down early multiple times against the best in the world and just kept making his way back. Much respect.
  14. Damn, now wishing Lee or Fix had gone to PSU...JK...and "these are the Days of Our Lives".
  15. Scrambling is a different animal in free. Fix might not concede those td's without a little more "rolling around" in folk. Who knows though.
  16. This is great. We need to have some of those senior guys squirming in their seats. This is kind of a joke, but on top of these great juniors, think about how young Gilman, Retherford, Cox, and Snyder are. Even Gwiz is young. It's going to be a battle like never before to make our teams. At 57 alone you have Lee, Fix, Nato and Gilman all early 20's or younger.
  17. Does anyone care if they get along with you? Lol
  18. Is Gilman not at the World Team Camp? Didn't see him in any of the photos.
  19. It won't be akward. He will just give a Louden Swain speech about wrestling being an individual sport and climb the peg board and all will be fine.
  20. Pendleton is like the rug to the Dude's aparment. He ties the story together so nicely, man. I mean you can't talk Askren without Pendelton...and vice versa, man.
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