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  1. New question. Is BigTimeFanBoy's desire to get Bigmik to admit he just wants to be right about everything greater than Bigmik's desire to be right about everything? Both have shown great resolve. BTFB has been tireless in his assertion that Bigmik's posts are self serving attempts to discredit a foe, yet Bigmik' has thus far refused to crack insisting his motives are legitimate curiosity. Funny thing to me is that over the final two years of a career, if you replace Pendelton's name with Askren's you have a real debate. Knowing how much Askren struggled with Pendelton adds a nice bit of irony.
  2. This just in...Cael to replace Brands at Iowa...record deal about to be signed!
  3. First time I've seen the punch. Funny thing is, Picos punch lands simultaneously and actually looks pretty good too...just not good enough. Margin for error is so small.
  4. this thing sells itself...love the bluetooth...like he's taking orders during the infomercial. LOL!
  5. Did you see what he looked like at his weigh in for 155 for Bellator? Also said 145 would be no problem in an interview, but wanted to concentrate on his development, not his weight for his first fight. I think weight would not be an issue.
  6. Getting people on this forum to admit they have no experience in what they are clearly experts about is fruitless. Either that, or they are all high level athletes and high level officials, while we are at it, and feel no need to dignify your question with a response.
  7. If he gets his gut, it's over. Hope Snyder can avoid it.
  8. Backed into Olympic bronze? Some people are so disrespectful it's just nbelievable. Your dude lost. Deal!
  9. It's too bad this guy has such an array of baggage. Talented guy who's fun to watch. If it was just cockiness or him spouting off as some bizarre social media persona, people would write it off as just being colorful. Unfortunately his past is real and isn't going anywhere. Unfortunate.
  10. I like how Cormier pushes down on the towel to shed those last few tenths. LOL. Good trick if you can get away with it.
  11. Cox has the huge advantage of the bye to the finals. Not too many people mentioning that. I got Jden. I'm a Missouri homer though FWIW.
  12. The head slaps and fingers to the eyes infractions may be to high to count if these two hook up.
  13. Daniel Igali-Canadian Olympic Champ (originally Nigerian) that beat McIlravy. NAIA champ. Pretty sure he started out as a freestyler, but excelled at both.
  14. Didn't see it, but I'm guessing not a lot of tripod stance in this one...LOL!
  15. Lesson for the day...when correcting grammar or spelling, make sure your own grammar and/or spelling is correct.
  16. Check out Colby Smith's draw on the back side at 133. He could make a run.
  17. My thoughts too. Looked punch drunk in the third. Curious if he was 100% going in. Looked totally dominant first two periods. Hope he is good. It was like a different guy in the 3rd. Hopefully if he was sick or something he will be good in 2 weeks.
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