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  1. Fun...but not like the semis at NCAA's will be...or quarters if necessary.
  2. God I hope Myles Martin gets on the same side as Nickal at NCAA's. Will be fun to watch Nickal face his demon. I don't believe Martin can get through Dean.
  3. Didn't see it but reading the account, I'm hoping it's not his Achilles.
  4. Most AD's could give two turds about their wrestling programs. I mean how many coaches ever get fired? Unsuccessful programs don't fire the coach, they drop the programs. Very few AD's fire their coach for performance. Coaches get fired when they do something stupid that is non-performance related. Most AD's don't want to search for a new wrestling coach, especially when most wouldn't know what they are looking for anyway.
  5. Imagine what he will be worth if he can come back from this disappointment and come back in four years and somehow win. Wrestling will probably never be mainstream, but that would be a cool story.
  6. I would love to see your whole future, livelihood, and provision come down to one day of performance and see how you would do, straggler. It would probably be ok for you though, since I'm sure you've been the best in the WORLD at whatever it is that you do for many years now. You're right though, let's throw out Jordan's career and focus on one day when evaluating his status as a wrestler. Questioning his integrity over a rule he had nothing do with is LOL funny. I suspect you are trolling, in which case you got me. Life well spent I suppose. System seemed to work out well for Snyder.
  7. NBC sports is now showing formula one racing even though World Cup wrestling is scheduled. Thanks douches.
  8. The random draw is such a joke. Are you telling me that the top four cant at least be ranked and separated accordingly. Especially at a seemingly simple event like the pan-am qualifier? Should an Olympic berth really be determined by luck of the draw? Maybe in track and swimming we shouldn't seed the heats and just allow the top two to advance from each heat. It's stupid and antiquated.
  9. I don't care who you are...that's a great post. Funny as hell.
  10. Greatest troll job ever. Depth...multiple threads, responses...mostly people thinking it is serious, ongoing...weeks now, funny...yes.
  11. 1. The live technique and athleticism displayed in this video is filthy. 2. The wrestlers seem to be having fun during drill sessions. Almost a playful attitude. 3. The partners are really good at "play wrestling" during more intensive drilling providing real live situations for finishing. Overall it seems like creativity is allowed and encouraged. The athletes don't seem to be "grinding" at all. Even the live goes seem less like a scrap and more technical in nature. Just my amatuer observation.
  12. What impresses me is that during his NCAA season he won against his toughest competition mostly by getting a takedown and being a hammer on top. Guys...top guys...just couldn't get away. It wore them down. Then he goes to the Oly trials and can't follow this strategy but still wins. Next he goes to Mongolia and wins to qualify the USA for the Olympics and all some of the lousy never were's can come up with is that the competition wasn't good and that any of the Americans could have done the same. Losers!
  13. The quick whistle and subsequent shot/takedown was a joke. Just didn't look right IMO.
  14. Same. Guessing because the other mat is on tv. Tape delayed of course. Wrestling sucks.
  15. True, but as a fan, I can promote fantasy matches at my discretion. Maybe he will recover from his miserable weight cut to 86 kilos by eating uncontrollably.
  16. Any insiders have any info about how J'Den Cox's weight cut is progressing. Getting close.
  17. Maybe Cox will move to heavyweight next year and we can have World War Heavyweight two years in a row.
  18. Pico vs. Burroughs in an MMA bout...discuss.
  19. Bad doc, previous injury, "I can't believe it!" never heard such an argument.
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