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  1. Here you go fellas, watch this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BvTNyKIGXiI Enjoy, steen-hooph
  2. Reminds me of those who couldn't believe Hogan started "New World Order" and then cheered wildly when he finally came around and went back to being the old Hulkster.
  3. Hard to feel sorry for the guy when he's a jerk. Refused to shake hands after losing last night and got hit for unsportsmanlike. I also remember 2 yrs. ago when he flipped off the crowd at Big 12's. Good riddance. I'm sure Cowboy fans are thrilled to give back a point when trying to come back on PSU.
  4. That's because they're looking at the top of the leader board and it's Blue. Has them seeing red :D Not over yet. Gonna be real close by tonight. PSU only favored by seed in one of five. OSU favored in both. Very possible that orange could be topping the board by Saturday night.
  5. Waters 1. The rest will wash out at the big 10's.
  6. Any derivative of the word "beast". That guy's a beast, beast mode, etc.
  7. Kevin Dresser is a tireless promoter of the sport. Guy is super creative and always reaching out to the wrestling community. When he is ready to move on from coaching I hope someone recognizes this talent and hires him to help promote wrestling (like USA wrestling).
  8. No team in the country had to play all five of these teams. I am probably not alone in suggesting I don't understand your argument. Are you suggesting a six way round robin for the nat title?
  9. Please don't cloud LIMarty's über important opinions with simple statements of fact. It confuses the boy.
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