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  1. have fun battling Michigan State, Purdue, and Indiana for positioning in the basement of the B1G. I would be shocked if you have a degree from that fine school. You sound like you are in yellowish fruit-of-the-looms with a Rolling Rock in your hands on the computer, worrying about a school in a different state in a different conference. Do you realize how insecure you seem?
  2. thanks. I guess I don't watch enough of it.
  3. I avoid, but inevitably see, some coverage of college basketball. Why do the basketball commentators not announce all the players' legal issues while they are in on a tight shot with the camera? I found it annoying that they did that during the tournament, especially the finals.
  4. ALL of your opponents' were missing a finger on their shaking hand? wow
  5. ok, lets let the dykes go for now so some real athletes can go to work
  6. Oh no, an unbiased, logical, informative post on here??? How refreshing. Guillermo, the mental-patient should learn. He won't.
  7. I dont post as often like these others purportedly from NJ, but NJWC and Scarlet do NOT represent anyone, other than themselves. I am from NJ and wrestled D-1. I HATE these sophomoric j.o. posts from guys like this that seem to taint the entire NJ wrestling community. They express ONLY their individual opinions, not the average NJ fan/wrestler. I acknowledge PA as the best H.S. wrestling state. It was that way when I wrestled and continues to this day. Other states are great too. I think it is hard to rank the others as one over another when it comes to the top five or even eight. I am comfortable to think I live in a state where I see great HS wrestlers continue to the next level. I equally applaud any wrestler who stepped up his game. I got the chance to congratulate Michael Chandler in the elevator at the hotel when he was on his way to the arena to accept his All- American honors. I didnt see state vs. state. I saw a walk-on (from a state I still dont know) who did more than many blue-chippers in the hardest of all college sports. So, my NJ brethren. Shut up for a bit. It's a big world out there. Be humble and enjoy the effort of the wrestlers.
  8. I have a pair of Soviet-era (1970's) wrestling shoes with leather soles.
  9. Had the same experience. It is good that, deep down, even those asses who dont get us, have realized this is borderline criminal.
  10. we will see. I am an RU fan. After watching this team for years, especially lately, it seems as if goodale has instituted a rule to fine his wrestlers $100 for every shot they take. ZERO offense. He is NOT the answer, let alone the guy for the grind they just signed up for. I hope they win, but, I never feel it
  11. shove a road apple in him http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NHtzXH4493s
  12. You are exactly right, he does nothing. He is the king of stalling. At the all star match, we took a group of kids from the mat club that i was a part of in high school to watch and what am i supposed to say when Dake is wrestling? I could not say that his wrestling is good to show kids who are new to the sport. And once again to compare Dake to Cael is rediculous. 1. Cael scored bonus points in 87% of his matches (139 out of 159) as compared to dake at 57% (62/109) 2. To say Cael's accomplishment isnt as good as kyle's potential accomplishment because Cael didnt win at four different weights is ridiculous. Because the jump in weights in the heavier weights is far more significant 3. CAEL WENT UNDEFEATED aka he never lost I do not think that bringing kids "new to the sport" for an instructional purpose was beneficial to expose them to D-1 wrestling. College wrestling is vastly different in strategy and rules. Riding time, alone, is reason enough to differentiate the two. Dake wrestles the way he needs to, to win. And, he does. If he wins #4, no one will wonder how active he was in getting there.
  13. I will not go to a city like Des Moines or Auburn Hills, MI. No offense to them, but I want this to be a combination NCAA wrestling trip AND a visit to a place that has interesting places to visit. I like St. Louis, Philly, Okla City. I love NYC, but realize the cost may be prohibitive. I live in the area and am used to it, but other from around the country are not. BUT, last winter the rutgers football team hosted Iowa State in a minor bowl game at Yankee Stadium and all of the folks from Iowa State I spoke to on the subway after the game LOVED NYC. They viewed is as a chance to watch their team but also to enjoy the million other places of interest.
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