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  1. http://www.sport-tv.com.ua there is results
  2. https://unitedworldwrestling.org/sites/default/files/media/document/161004_list_of_antidoping_rules_violations_internet.pdf
  3. Hasan Aliyev misses his weight 66kg today in Mongolia. From Hungarian Wrestling federation facebook page: Uncle in the world and European Champion Armenian came together! Although it's still not sure, as if a 75 kg man track (either today or tomorrow morning) the chaos in Mongolia, then change the fate of league. Of course it's in the other groups that, in two of the 59 and 130 pounds we are interested in. Former Olympic Bronze Medalist Peter wealthy as Greek, while in the junior world champion well valentine with Iran will be expected to start. Interesting that the azerbaijani world and European Champion-Hassan Aliyev the sandstorm just put it on the reflection, but the much weight 66 lbs (+ 80 ounces grams was over) So he couldn't trace to the pasture. U WW however stated that the difficulties airport at 7 a.m. in the azerbaijani classics discretion, if able to drop the remaining weight. A must have, the people you consider successful, and peaceful hearts for Friday (HUNGARIAN TIME 2 a.m. p.m.) tough fights! Detail:http://birkozoszov.hu/index.php?page=cikk&id=764 We look forward to further developments... Let's go boys! Go Hungary!
  4. https://unitedworldwrestling.org/sites/default/files/media/document/160310_list_of_antidoping_rules_violations_internet.pdf This is only the latest list.
  5. Yesterday was German Bundes league match. Bonne vs Mihail Sava score:4-3 Sava was third in 2014 World Championship 65kg. http://liga-db.de/nvligendb.asp?WCI=Std&FID=1&fem=2&BegegnungsID=43981&SLID=645
  6. Eldar Kurtanidze 97kg Georgian team member in World Cup. Georgia's squad for the World Cup 57 kg. Beck Budzhiashvili Otar Gogava 61 kg. Beck Lomtadze 65 kg. Zurab Yakobashvili 70 kg. Levan Kelekhsashvili, George Tsutskiridze 74 kg. George Marsagishvili 86 kg. Nodar Eladze Levan Gogrichiani 97 kg. Luke Kurtanidze, Beck Cheladze 125 lbs. Geno Petriashvili George Sakandelidze Source: http://wrestdag.ru/news/ru/v_mire/prezident_federacii_bor_bi_gruzii_vistupit_na_kubke_mira/
  7. Russian world cup team 57 kg - Victor Lebedev, Vladimir Flegontov 61 kg - Murad Nuhkadiev, Murshid Mutalimov 65kg - Alibeggadzhi Emeev, Exiled Ramonov 70kg - Ramadan Shamsudinov, Hetag Tsabolov 74kg - Ahmed Gadzhimagomedov, Atsamaz Sanakoev 86 kg - Shamil Kudiyamagomedov, Anzor Urishev 97 kg - Khadzhimurat Gatsalov, Yuri Belonovsky, Vladislav Baytsaev (reserve) 125 kg - Anzor Khizriev, Arslanbek Aliyev Source: http://wrestdag.ru/news/ru/news/sbornaja_rossii_pochti_opredelilas_s_sostavom_na_kubok_mira/
  8. Lebedev go back 55kg next year. http://wrestdag.ru/news/ru/v_mire/vikto ... jshij_ves/
  9. There is some new info. Use google translator. http://wrestdag.ru/news/ru/news/jurij_shahmuradov_na_chempionatah_mira_vesovih_kategorij_stanet_bol_she
  10. FINAL 60kg: Jimmy Kennedy - Murad Nuhkadiev RUS (Krasnoyarsk)
  11. Why DT didn't attack more. DT have much more better gas tank than Tsargush. Only one situation and match is over.
  12. 120kg: http://kazan2013.ru/hide/en/-240/Root/ViewPdf/WRM299000_C75_1.0.pdf
  13. Brackets: 55kg: http://kazan2013.ru/hide/en/-240/Root/ViewPdf/WRM255000_C75_1.0.pdf 66kg: http://kazan2013.ru/hide/en/-240/Root/ViewPdf/WRM266000_C75_1.0.pdf 84kg: http://kazan2013.ru/hide/en/-240/Root/ViewPdf/WRM284000_C75_1.0.pdf
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