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  1. Deepak injury defaulted before the match. Walked out pretty gingerly.
  2. Wisconsin has had a few good HS wrestlers (i.e. Nutter, Peak) leave their HS teams to focus on GR, and it seems to be paying off for them. It will be interesting to see how this program develops and if it can draw some top talent. http://fivepointmove.com/usa-greco/wisconsin-high-school-approves-greco-roman-program/
  3. If we gave out $10MM prizes for Olympic gold medals, we'd have Russians and Iranians lining up for American citizenship.
  4. When wrestling was on the Olympic chopping block and looking for ways to save it, they proposed drastic changes to the uniform, one of them being Greco would be shirtless with spandex pants. I couldn't remember the details, so I googled "olympic wrestling uniform change greco roman no shirt", and apparently the gay community was really happy with the proposal... https://www.outsports.com/2013/5/6/4304014/greco-roman-wrestling-olympics-shirtless-ioc-fila
  5. If that's it, it seems like a very small obstacle to overcome. Just using some rough math, all travel and accommodations for 32 competitors + 1 practice partner + 1 coach each would probably be less than $300k (~$1000 x 96 people x 3 legs). Of course there is overlap with practice partners and coaches, and $1000 is just a random number but should be pretty inclusive, I'd think. It seems like it wouldn't be that difficult to get some sponsorships/ partnerships to knock that price down. If, say, United Airlines and Holiday Inn comped the athletes and made it known, the pure "tribalism" of wrestling fans would pay those companies back twenty times over. I know I personally go out of my way and am willing to spend more on products from companies with wrestling links.
  6. I'm sure someone has brought it up already, but what's the reasoning for not having all 16 weights (8 MFS/8WFS) wrestle one round per weekend? The third weekend being the rubber matches, true thirds and a few "Super-Matches", maybe with a local flavor, to keep the interest up (due to the potential of being few rubber matches needed). It would only be a couple more matches, at most, per event, but getting to see all 16 weights over three hours is more palatable than seeing six weights over two or so hours. Not to mention, having the whole week between round one and two to break down the first matches and hype up the rematches would be better than trying to balance talking about the guys who just made the team and discussing the next match-ups... It lacks continuity and doesn't draw the viewer into wanting to see what happens on the next "episode". Making weight three weeks in a row isn't the best, but it could be solved by doing something like +2kg for round one, scratch for round two and back to +2kg for round three.
  7. I finally purchased a Flo subscription back in March. I couldn't find the Terry documentary (even though, I purchased my subscription from the page that advertised Terry as only being available with a Flo subscription), so I contacted customer service... I wasn't very happy with Flo at the time, but I got over it. Best $150 I'll spend all year.
  8. Simple and fair way to solve this issue... just let the other 65kg WTT qualifiers vote on whether to let him in or not.
  9. He had 43 wins the following season but was knocked out the first round of NCAAs.
  10. 1984 Rudy Isom, 6th Place... you missed his loss in the fifth place match. Loss 3-4 Win MFF Win FF Win 1-0 Loss 4-2 Loss 4-2
  11. I'm pretty sure high schoolers can only enter the "open" division, not the FR/SO or "Silver" division... at least that's how it used to be.
  12. http://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Features/2016/October/21/Williams-Baptist-College-to-add-Greco-Roman-wrestling
  13. Probably reasonable to assume that 55, 65, 75 and 85 will be the proposed non-Olympic weights.
  14. Not sure if this has been discussed here, but this was posted on the Wisconsin forum. http://www.tribuneindia.com/news/sport/wrestling-set-to-undergo-a-major-overhaul/405309.html
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