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  1. Seems clear original poster wants attention. I'm happy to give a like!
  2. jon

    Cornell's Logjam at 133

    Aren't you the pest who writes 'Sorryano' and 'Sorry-ano'?
  3. jon

    Streaming options for worlds

    PPV better than Flo stranglehold. Especially for the sake of "grow wrestling".
  4. jon

    Streaming options for worlds

    Not quite on topic but I do want to say: I'm rooting hard for Track. "Grow wrestling" happens only without lock-in. I hope Track provides the 'unlocked' channel that I think "grow wrestling" needs. Track service has room to improve but there's nothing to suggest Track organization inept. I don't have the impression that Track is in over its head.
  5. jon

    Streaming options for worlds

    No -- Flo is the product targeted to parents and Track is the product that serves as a counter-, a rival-, a check to Flo. LemonPie's gripe is legit but perhaps Track pricing is a feature not a bug. Lock-in a bad thing! Especially when it's really lock-in plus sketchy billing plus sketchy customer service! Thank you, Dennis, for the thoughtful, targeted, nonsnarky, nongrandiose response.
  6. jon

    Chavez out, Perkins in

    Dude, what the heck are you saying? As part of a thread that starts with mention of epidemic you write "and three associated with Cornell". Housebuye ain't the only person who 'wrongly interpreted' your 'thoughtful' 'contribution' to this thread.
  7. jon

    What's it going to be flo?

    I appreciate Willie's thoughtful remarks here. Nice to read substantive stuff. Much better than 'big-boy sports' catchphrase, endless snark, fill-in-the-blanks amateur efforts.
  8. jon

    What's it going to be flo?

    Female journalist--or well any journalist--would be a better addition than another wrestling retiree. Though perhaps a journalist would know better than to join.
  9. jon

    What's it going to be flo?

    "media outlet" lol Social media? Tabloid media? Amateur media? No-female-staffers-in-public-facing-roles media outlet? Though to be fair it is indeed plausible that Flo's recruited females, only to come up dry. Would you want to see, in person, those Flobros every day?
  10. jon

    What's it going to be flo?

    I like this post because it fosters critique of Flo (not necessarily criticism of Flo) and because it mentions the 'big-boy sports' nonsense. I'm not sure though if I like the ideas in the post itself. I say Flobros ought to chill-out with the 'big-boy sports' nonsense. Big-boy sports calls for big-boy coverage, big-boy journalism, big-boy marketing. Not just Instagram fill-in-the-blanks.
  11. jon

    Track > Flo

    Straw man. Sensible complaints don't talk about price. Complaints from customers especially ought not be dismissed. Too bad Russian hackers won't replace Flobros.