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  1. Maybe this? https://www.pennstatewrestlingclub.org/
  2. Time again for Sloppy Content! How's this graphic have room to improve?
  3. This. This the same person who cherrypicked heavily so that Cornell be named 'Lightweight U.'
  4. So much for """big-boy sports""" lol. Sad to see Flo rankings hold sway. Folks behind 'em are just fans. Not experts. Not even skilled. Worst of all: Averse to critique and unwilling to take ownership of mistakes.
  5. Of course hypocritical. Not surprising either. It's not as if Flobros models of professionalism, models of some other thing that's good. Just fans. They're winging it.
  6. @jerseywrestling has got a good thing goin'. These posts fun to read!
  7. Wow the podcast is making strides!
  8. Yes. Same letter. Thank you, @Antitroll2828, for sharing. Link to plain text, handy for posterity and for the sake of discussion:
  9. It could always be worse lol!
  10. Good counterpoint. We shall see!
  11. This a cool scheme. Easy to grasp. Different cutpoints between freestyle and Greco-Roman? Years ago Rich Bender pitched a different idea: In 'normal' years lol (i.e., in non-Oly years) don't just add weight classes but also change weight classes. Make the expanded set completely different than the Olympics set. This way, in the Olympics year, everyone goes to a 'different' weight class. And no weight class, on its face, is lesser/inferior to any other.
  12. RankWrestlers product, too, looks extensive. http://rankwrestlers.com
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