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  1. From a few weeks ago there's a thoughtful post that calls out Flo's lack of investment in infrastructure/technology. Perhaps even in this thread! Being at so many vastly different venues so often ought to motivate the use of good infrastructure, proper technology, robust workflows, fewer excuses.
  2. Yup. Good points, @randyfoxwell. I for one think Flo usable year-round. But even so yearlong lock-in a bad thing. Some diehard fans don’t mind lock-in but still it's a bad thing.
  3. Is it the case that RTCs cannot ‘sign’ athletes? In other words: Contract for exclusive commitment, à la WWE?
  4. Suppose Snyder won gold last month -- y'think he'd have stayed put?
  5. I see two sides to this topic. On one hand, yes, the lack of infrastructure presents a bad look. But on the other hand WNO is Flo's baby. This is one of those rare occasions when one can say, reasonably, "Without Flo there'd be no 'X'" It's nonsense to say "Without Flo there'd be no good wrestling coverage" but it is indeed reasonable to say "Without Flo there'd be no WNO". I don't get why Flo classifies as premium the WNO podcasts but I don't fault 'em for doing so.
  6. Not a big debate but yes one brief response: Jaroslav's history includes spin + half-truths + cherrypicking and, in my opinion, an extended summary of recent discussion ought to acknowledge these details because they--the spin + half-truths + cherrypicking--sure do raise doubt about """BIG WIN!!!""" claim absent hard numbers.
  7. Bad communication, if any, happened at the time of logo change not at the time of mat selection. Leading wrestling photographer Tony Rotundo says the color red bad from a photo/video standpoint. Better to use nonred branding on mats, which, of course, appear in all photo + video?
  8. Lol! First "BIG WIN!!!" and now "happy to put this grappling business to bed". Summary for latecomers: (a) Jaroslav makes big claim. (b) When asked for data Jaroslav gives inscrutable response. (c) When pressed further Jaroslav gets defensive. (d) When pressed further Jaroslav begs off. Quack quack quack.
  9. Oh my goodness. Yes he *can* give some basic data but of course he won't. Jaroslav makes the claim and yet somehow the burden of proof shifts to everyone else. Jaroslav talks big--BIG WIN!!!--but he doesn't back it up. I said it yesterday: This not the first time he's been involved in claims that don't withstand scrutiny. The real bummer here: WNO a Flo creation. Flo owes fans nothing when it comes to WNO metrics. Flo wants to withhold those data and in my opinion that's just fine. But then Jaroslav mars a good thing--he undermines the aftermath of a great event--when he starts talkin'. Big claims demand strong evidence. This thread better off before all the BIG WIN!!! nonsense. Amateurish. Slippery.
  10. Jaroslav's been involved in claims that don't quite withstand scrutiny -- e.g., Cornell being Lightweight U. WNO a great event. Kudos to Flo for doing it all. Sad to see Jaroslav's grating approach steal attention from WNO.
  11. Disagree with the 'personality type' assertion. Numerous persons speak out against Flo. Commonality here is not one particular personality type but rather a yearning to see improvement. Flo detractors, collectively, identify numerous targets for improvement. Flo proponents, however, talk about the same two things (coverage + access) plus one nonsense idea ("without Flo wrestling would have nothing"). Which of those camps more plausibly has a common set of personality features? If anything, personality punditry ought to focus on Jaroslav's grating approach, not to be disparaging but rather for the sake of improvement. Trying to keep this thread on topic: WNO event has received warm reception. Perhaps there's sour grapes but that's not because it's a Flo event. The idea that Flo might use wrestling to bolster BJJ, a lesser vertical, is intriguing.
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