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  1. Ouch! Let's not malign journalism malpractitioners lol.
  2. DT debacle puts emphasis on shortcomings of the Final X format. Saylor has an interesting idea--each bracket comprises 8 persons, each match-up contested best of three--which I think would be even better if the bracket were to include the Final X bye recipient. My opinion: Latest iteration of qualifying sequence--first Nationals then Trials then Final X--is way too drawn out. It's difficult to keep track of which stakes apply to which preliminary event (e.g., U.S. Open winner gets bye to Final X? Gets bye to WTT?) and it's downright tiring to keep track of coverage/happenings throughout the entire multi-month proceeding! It's all the more confusing because tourney stakes differ from one weight class to another (which will be the case so long as Team U.S.A. wrestlers win medals in some--but not all--weight classes). I like Willie's idea so long as the 'favored' person competes in WTT alongside other entrants. Everything best-of-three would be way more fan friendly than is the current format. Oh and just to be clear: It's not the case that Saylor proposes World Team Trials goes best-of-three everything. He wrote a tweet along the line of "If I had my way it'd be [smaller brackets] and [best of three]" -- i.e., he was spitballing, thinking aloud. I don't mean for my post here to misrepresent what he wrote.
  3. jon

    Pat Downey is still Pat Downey!

    Aren't you the pest who takes potshots at Iowa coaching staff for expressions of excitement similar to Downey's?
  4. jon

    Men’s freestyle WTT day 1 thread

    False dichotomy: Either Flo or "ABC and ESPN". False dichotomy: Either Flo or nothing. The product that Flo delivers sucks compared to the promises, claims, boasts that Flo makes.
  5. System convoluted. Naming scheme half-baked. There's a reason why it's called 'WrestleMania' not 'WrestleMania: Pontiac Silverdome' (and not the vague phrase 'Final X' lol). Flo apes UFC in bad ways.
  6. LOL. Your ignorance kinda entertaining. https://intermatwrestle.com/articles/21824
  7. jon

    Christian "Twitter Fingers" Pyles

    Flo's not cowardly but rather it's amateurish. Flo documentaries are great but all the rest is half-assed. The 'recruiting violations' example is a no-win thing -- either Flo quiets up (thus serving its own interests) or Flo leads the charge (lol lol lol) in exposing recruiting violations... One must crawl before one can walk -- Flo can't even put together social media ""assets"" without repurposing 'medal record' tables from Wikipedia... Do you folks remember..just two weeks ago..when NCAA tourney aired on ESPN and none of the Flo nonsense was so prominent as it is now?? Sometimes some real journalists give Flo courtesy. And it makes me wonder why. Flo doesn't reciprocate. Flo doesn't command respect.
  8. jon

    Christian "Twitter Fingers" Pyles

    This message board gives you plenty of opportunities to receive feedback, to say your silly sarcasm, to take stock, to do better. But you stop after step #2. You're mocking persons who post here. You're dodging criticism. You're ignoring good points.
  9. jon

    Christian "Twitter Fingers" Pyles

    This. This. This. This.
  10. jon

    Non Wrestling Fans

    Coaches a good means for growing the sport. Media a good means for growing the sport. Paywalls a bad means for growing the sport. Paywalls with yearlong lock-in a very bad means for growing the sport, perhaps incompatible with popular definitions/metrics of growing the sport.
  11. Working very hard to rewrite a sentence on the sign-up page? Working very hard so that customer service jumps levels, from 'godawful' level to some level better than godawful?? You're dodging the dialog, saying nothing constructive. My post (and most others critiquing Flo) gives you feedback and yet you focus on the tone of my voice. Do better.