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  1. Now that FloWrestling outsources content to college students, The Bader Show stock rises lol.
  2. """Misinformation""" """Relentlessly negative feedback""" """You just don't want to pay for good content""" This is one of those reasons why FloWrestling pushes yearlong lock-in.
  3. "They got their season" absolutely is obtuse and "there's real problems affecting the world" absolutely is off-topic. This is a problem and it's one NCAA can fix.
  4. For this screwy season: Decision gives weight to ideas for treating other events (e.g., Midlands) as opportunities for de facto championship. In general: On one hand, dual team championship has always been intriguing. On another hand, It's a shame NCAA must be the one that sanctions it.
  5. I understand the 'they had their season' argument but I totally don't like it. Sure do hope there's strength in numbers or perhaps pressure from basketball. Kolodzik came back late in the year. Someone here knows of a wrestler whose 'season' is even briefer than Kolodzik's?
  6. Yes apparently '31' the be-all and end-all. https://www.wrestlestat.com/wrestler/39771/tucker-chaz/profile
  7. 'Shut up you annoying homer' reaction would be nice to have!
  8. Wonder why Track or FloWrestling or perhaps some other media outlet doesn't do something along the line of this idea. Beg for participation from all top-8 athletes in each bracket. If need be (so as to steer clear of NCAA infractions), give no compensation and call the event 'just another exhibition' and maybe even make the broadcast streamable for free. Maybe media groups waiting to see how NCAA proceeds?
  9. If Flo (with its numerous verticals) counts as a wrestling site then so too does BTN (with its numerous sports).
  10. Zero outrage. If it said 'WTF is wrong with FloFilms' I'd agree with the idea of outrageous. Flo's got a lot of holes. @Lurker post helps to bring clarity for this particular incident.
  11. Yes, of course. My subsequent post not a reply to yours. I appreciate the clarification your post provides!
  12. No outrage in the tweet and, so far, no outrage in this thread. It's not outrageous for one to talk about Flo. Especially when Flo makes mistakes every darn day. Does Flo own the rights to all those social-media posts it screenshots rather than reposting properly? Does Flo own the rights to headshots on this van?
  13. Lol. Flo makes it so much easier to follow the sport, eh?
  14. Dumbass who operates Flo social media has got to be making misspellings, typos etc. on purpose. I bet it serves to spike 'engagement'. Imagine Flo films being so piss-poor as Flo other stuff. Big halo effect at play. @FloWrestling: Who will be the Heavyweight Champ? https://twitter.com/FloWrestling/status/1235749885066047489/photo/1 UPDATE: Tweet taken down. Here is screenshot. Original post hits nail on head:
  15. Lol just the latest mistake. Maybe one of these day's those wannabe's will figure out apostrophe's. https://www.instagram.com/p/B9I0oA5gjlh
  16. Maybe this? https://www.pennstatewrestlingclub.org/
  17. Time again for Sloppy Content! How's this graphic have room to improve?
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