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    jon reacted to red blades in Would you go to dual held today?   
    There are a lot of things I will do, but attending any kind of entertainment event - sports, theater, concert , and especially indoors - is something that should not be considered at this time.  We'll see about 6 months from now.
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    jon reacted to Husker_Du in How old is Echemendia?   
    whatever is the truth, whatever you believe, that crappy article on flo doesn't change anything. what a worthless piece.
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    jon reacted to TripNSweep in How old is Echemendia?   
    Kolat's dad just told him to go to school and fail intentionally.  I know a former coach locally who purposely was held back for wrestling.  He just didn't go to school for a year I guess, and just wrestled.  At least I think that's what happened.  There are all kinds of reasons, non athletic too, for holding kids back.  I can see pluses and minuses to doing that, whether it's to let them mature personally, or to give them more time to learn.  If I had kids I would be in favor of it, only if the right educational environment was available. I would agree sending somebody to repeat a grade would be kind of pointless, but if you used that "redshirt" year as a way to do something exciting like live abroad and go to school someplace different, or maybe focus on the basics of studying and being taught how much fun it is to learn, something like that.  I think that has more positive benefits than just being stagnant and repeating a grade.  But that would be pretty neat if you sent or went along with your kid to a place like Japan for a year and had them study a few hours a day and become more culturally literate and maybe get some wrestling in too.  Having an open and broad mind helps so much with wrestling, especially if you are immersed in another culture's way of thinking.  Even if they wouldn't be successful in wrestling past a certain point, that's still a mind expanding experience.  
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    jon reacted to AHamilton in Why is Echemendia the next big thing?   
    When Echemendia was 15, he allegedly defeated Thomas Gilman. 
    By my calculation, Gilman was 12 at the time.
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    jon reacted to jross in The man who recommended ODU drop wrestling.....   
    Bobby had good feedback... need more than talks, emails, and tweaks... go fundraise the money... it can be done.  
    How are colleges marketing wrestling events and who is responsible for it?  Why am I surprised by the number of Kansas colleges that have added wrestling?  Why do I have to seek that out?  What can clubs do to raise awareness for their events and make it compelling to come?  First 5000 fans will be paid $1 cash to watch Larry Early and the boys beat National Runner up Hayden Hildlay again, and put his wolfpack sisters to sleep.  Cheap gimmicks can help self-spread the word.  Cannon out some t-shirts and pay some lucky fan $1 for every pushup she can do.  Bring a decibile reader and see how loud you can chant ODU.  Make it fun to be there with other fans.  Incorporate the dummy scoring page in the event brochure that lists the wifi password, upcoming events, one page scoring system helper, and a link to a video that explains the rules/scoring in 2 minutes or less.  Maybe the fans will learn to like wrestling or maybe they will keep coming and buy the food.  In the brochure, include the club wrestling budget goal, current funds, and request donations over paypal/venmo/cash.  Include a link where they can get more information.
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    jon reacted to jchapman in #ThursdaysWithTerry ft. Terry Steiner & Tom Ryan   
    He was also going to fly and travel all over the USA during the shutdown 
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    jon reacted to TripNSweep in DF: longest troll presence in internet history?   
    Not really. He just posts the same thing repeatedly, just in a different context. He's actually pretty boring and not funny.  I blocked him because his posts were just annoying and filled with useless drivel.  I've been around since he trolled everybody with some elaborate ruse that he was going to go beat up somebody on here, who just turned out to be himself using another account.  I've never found him saying anything interesting or funny or even insightful about wrestling.  On top of that his antics caused people like Randy Lewis to stop posting here, after he badgered them about the 84 Olympics.  
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    jon reacted to Sstern in Wynn Michalak to Campbell   
    This is why a non-wrestling topics discussion needs to return.
    One great announcement for Campbell in the wake of losing Kolat, three and a half pages bitchiness.
    This forum is on its last legs...perhaps Coronavirus will do it in.
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    jon reacted to Katie in Nolf vs Dake   
    If Nolf gets by iMart and sees a rested Dake in the OTT semis, any losses to Dake won’t count in my book because Dake was rested.
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    jon reacted to OR in Team/Club Swag   
    Always looking to support programs by purchasing shirts and other swag.  Sometimes it is tough finding team stores/shops though. Post links to your favorite team/club online store.
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    jon reacted to Scorenomore in Nolf vs Dake   
    Nolf will be too old in another year against the younger Dake.  
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    jon reacted to Plasmodium in '11 Burroughs v '13 Dake - analysis without the drama   
    Mystery solved!
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    jon reacted to MadMardigain in 2021 Olympics   
    I’f it gets canceled do they just skip it all together until 2024 or start the next 4 year cycle beginning with 2022.  
    Either way they better hurry up before Dake is too young to compete anymore. 
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    jon reacted to TLS62pa in Wrestling at a school in another state   
    Put me in the other camp... It's about where you are from.
    Ed Ruth wrestled for 1 year at Blair (same with Mike Evans). Myles Martin is NJ. Ryan Anderson - NJ. They Blair guys from FL are FL guys. Pettigrew - GA. Don't think I would say Bartlett is a PA guy. 
    However, I think those guys will gladly tell you where they want to be claimed from. I HIGHLY doubt Ed Ruth is gonna say "oh yeah, I'm definitely a Jersey guy." PA isn't going to claim Nick Reenan, and he wouldn't either. 
    This conversation is just for those wrestling posters who look to boost the claim to their state's prowess. The actual wrestlers themselves will gladly tell you where they want to be claimed.
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    jon reacted to jross in "Sorry about your tissues, bro"   
    "Okay...  Stop it...   We shall see...  And when you were younger and younger, that did not work out very well for you.  You keep getting younger and when I am 56, I will still be giving you a good over-the-knee spanking."

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    jon reacted to jross in "Sorry about your tissues, bro"   
    Younger and younger every day.

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    jon reacted to teach in The man who recommended ODU drop wrestling.....   
    I would be a little careful generalizing Ed,D programs as often, many, and certain people have them?   Most programs now have programs, even PhD programs, on line. Are there stats that show that most don't require thesis?  I have found the opposite. (maybe they were just good schools?)  Also, does Shaq have an education degree, and a masters in education?  Because most programs require that for an Ed.D?    Anyway, like many things I am sure there are great programs and not so great?  
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    jon reacted to Lurker in The man who recommended ODU drop wrestling.....   
    So PhD doesn't deal with medicine, and is not a program in medical schools.  Interesting.  You're right, you are just super cool.
    I fully realize there are different degrees in same content area.  PhD is most commonly associated in some sort of medical area of practice or research.  But my point is making light of it "just" having an Ed.D is pretty....well it just says alot about the person that's all.  Especially when finding out that person actually is in education.  Like i said....matter of respect.  As such,  I appreciate your work in education.
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    jon reacted to Lurker in The man who recommended ODU drop wrestling.....   
    I'm 45 years old, and anyone who has put in the amount of time and effort it takes to achieve a doctorate degree, whether its medicine or education or ??? I refer to them as Doctor.  Has nothing to do with being a child.  It's a matter of respect for what they have accomplished.  
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    jon reacted to Lurker in The man who recommended ODU drop wrestling.....   
    Do you call it that because you lack respect for educators that bust their ass to reach that level.....or just because you're really cool?
    One deals with education, the other deals with medicine.  Apples and oranges, "light" has nothing to do with it.
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    jon reacted to Tommy Payan in Top 5 Worst Kind of Wrestling Fans   
    The homer fan: woulda-coulda-shoulda.
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    jon reacted to AHamilton in Why haven’t the Ferraris been computing regularly?   
    When I saw the title of the post, I thought the brothers had started learning to code and then abruptly quit.
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    jon reacted to Jim L in Burrough message to Iranian fans   
    The guy is pure class. Reaching out to the Iranian fan base at this time means so much
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    jon reacted to Perry in Greatest NCAA Wrestler in Last 5 Years   
    Oh man, you guys are absolutely right. When I did the list I looked at all the ncaa brackets going back to 2015. I is bad at math apparently :(
    still technically in the last 5 ncaa tournaments? Too soon?
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    jon reacted to Hotkarl712 in The Bader Show - no podcast?   
    It’s probably behind the paywall so if they put it out in podcast form on some platform it becomes free.

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