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  1. OKnowwhut

    Pan Am's

    Burroughs went full Desanto mode... Priceless!!
  2. OKnowwhut

    End of regular season: Make your NCAA champ picks

    125 Lee 133 Fix 141 McKenna 149 Ashnault 157 Nolf 165 Marinelli 174 Hall 184 Martin 197 Nickal 285 White
  3. OKnowwhut

    Minnesota hosts Iowa - Jan 13

    Catch the fire; chain the wind... Who knows? I just wanna' see DeSanto go savage wabbit.
  4. OKnowwhut

    What's it going to be flo?

    Kyle won the 2016 Olympic gold at the age of 20... I believe he has potential.
  5. OKnowwhut

    FRL - Nomad is growing on me

    I think Nomad has the knack to carefully pause and think to fill a blank with a worthwhile mention that relates to what’s already said but not fully clear. He’s keen on new angles with an earthy sharpness that makes me savor the evidence that there just might be a miss by me.
  6. OKnowwhut

    Alleged Ohio State Disabato video

    I don’t follow this kind of stuff, so it’s confusing. Near as I can figure; there was this creepy, crotchety team doctor fumbling around a junk yard. And there were these 20-something aged, alpha wrestlers in a locker room, in the 80’s. Not too difficult to ascertain who was about to get severely abused if things got froggy. So, if so many said they knew that he knew… then they knew. Seems like somebody might have said STOP instead of HOLD IT!
  7. Henry Cejudo, the new 125lb Flyweight Champion and the first person to win a UFC championship and an Olympic gold medal. He had a classy message after the fight... UFC | INTERVIEW | POST-FIGHT August 4, 2018 Question - What’s more satisfying, that Olympic gold or being the UFC champion? Henry - “Aww man, I’m going, uh, I’m going to have to say, that Olympic gold man. I think that will always be my baby man. I mean at the age of 21, winning, shocking the world, putting (on) that American flag, representing the best of the best, and uh, I think as of now guys, and I appreciate what the UFC has done; even beating the pound for pound best fighter. But being an Olympic champion will always be my… My greatest accomplishment!” Later - “Now thank you guys so much. Man, this is a true testament of somebody that believes in himself, and that will never give up and this is; This is for all the kids out there that are watching. I… You guys never stop believing, never stop working hard and things will fall into place.
  8. OKnowwhut

    Grand Prix of Spain and Dogu

    Was that the suplex that was so fast and high it went off camera? If so, then apparently, if you don't see the throw; it can't be scored.
  9. OKnowwhut

    Grand Prix of Spain and Dogu

    Nice video. From start to finish, they don't say "play" ... They say "WRESTLE!"
  10. OKnowwhut

    Grand Prix of Spain and Dogu

    Looks like some action on Mat B...
  11. OKnowwhut

    Grand Prix of Spain and Dogu

    Posted Today, 12:23 AM dmm53, on 27 Jul 2018 - 07:11 AM, said: Anyone know if the streaming was working for the first session (late night Eastern Standard Time)? Yes dmm53... the streaming worked fine for the first session.
  12. OKnowwhut

    Grand Prix of Spain and Dogu

    David Morris TAYLOR (USA) df. Boris MAKOEV (SVK)
  13. OKnowwhut

    Grand Prix of Spain and Dogu

    Kyle Frederick SNYDER (USA) vs. Aslanbek ALBOROV (AZE)
  14. OKnowwhut

    Grand Prix of Spain and Dogu

    I'm in Las Vegas (Pacific time) and the streaming worked fine for the first session... now it's like Thanksgiving with no dinner.
  15. OKnowwhut

    Ric Flair: Is this a joke?

    When you care to share a pair named Flair at Blair… that’s fair.