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    OKnowwhut reacted to dabearspack in Fix vs Gross/Lizak this weekend   
    I heard something about an out of town wedding.
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    OKnowwhut reacted to MadMardigain in Netflix documentary - ZION   
    I know it’s the college forum or HS, but this time of year it’s the only active one.
    For those of you on Netflix you may want to check out the documentary ZION. Some of it’s clearly a reinactment of previous events, but a pretty positive story all together.
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    OKnowwhut got a reaction from cjc007 in Alleged Ohio State Disabato video   
    I don’t follow this kind of stuff, so it’s confusing. Near as I can figure; there was this creepy, crotchety team doctor fumbling around a junk yard. And there were these 20-something aged, alpha wrestlers in a locker room, in the 80’s. Not too difficult to ascertain who was about to get severely abused if things got froggy. So, if so many said they knew that he knew… then they knew. Seems like somebody might have said STOP instead of HOLD IT!
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    OKnowwhut got a reaction from tbert in Alleged Ohio State Disabato video   
    I don’t follow this kind of stuff, so it’s confusing. Near as I can figure; there was this creepy, crotchety team doctor fumbling around a junk yard. And there were these 20-something aged, alpha wrestlers in a locker room, in the 80’s. Not too difficult to ascertain who was about to get severely abused if things got froggy. So, if so many said they knew that he knew… then they knew. Seems like somebody might have said STOP instead of HOLD IT!
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    OKnowwhut reacted to Lurker in 2008 Olympic Team   
    Ben Askren: undefeated MMA career although it comes with the asterisk of never fighting in “the big show”
    Daniel Cormier: First man to hold light heavyweight and heavyweight UFC belts at the same time
    Henry Cejudo: Wins the rematch over the one of the most dominant UFC champs there’s been, in a 25 minute fight, becoming the first athlete ever to win Olympic and UFC gold, staking a claim as one of the greatest combat sport athletes of all time.
    Not bad...
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    OKnowwhut reacted to TBar1977 in Flo's silence on the Ohio State accusations & Jim Jordan story   
    So dr strauss's 1990's weirdness, creepiness, and voyeurism is all the fault of some low level asst. wrestling coach.
    Today's victims laughed and joked about Strauss being creepy. Now they want a big pay day.
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    OKnowwhut reacted to dmm53 in Grand Prix of Spain and Dogu   
    Dake gets Hasanov first round.   He has beaten him once.

    U.S. first round draws for Saturday

    61 kg/134 lbs. - Nahshon Garrett, Tempe, Ariz. (Sunkist Kids)
    Vs. Mircala Hasan-zadeh (Azerbaijan), 2016 European U23 champion, 8th in 2011 Cadet World Championships

    70 kg/154 lbs. - James Green, Lincoln, Neb. (Titan Mercury WC/Nebraska WTC)
    Vs. Turkish Wrestler No. 3 (to be determined)

    79 kg/174 lbs. - Kyle Dake, Ithaca, N.Y. (Titan Mercury WC/New York RTC)
    Vs. Jabrail Hasanov (Azerbaijan), 2016 Olympic bronze medalist, 2010 and 2011 World bronze medalist, Fifth in 2012 Olympics, 2009 Junior World champion

    92 kg/202.5 lbs. - J’den Cox, Colorado Springs, Colo. (Titan Mercury WC/OTC)
    Vs. Serdar Boke (Turkey), 3rd in 2018 European Championships, 2nd in 2012 University World Championships, 5th in 2012 European Championships

    125 kg/275 lbs. - Nick Gwiazdowski, Raleigh, N.C. (Titan Mercury WC/Wolfpack RTC)
    Vs. Sumit (India), 2018 Commonwealth Games champion, 2nd in 2017 Asian Championships, 2nd in 2017 Commonwealth Championships in both styles
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    OKnowwhut reacted to dmm53 in Grand Prix of Spain and Dogu   
    109 | Mat C  Fatih ERDIN (TUR) vs. Murad SULEYMANOV (AZE)  96 | Mat A  David Morris TAYLOR (USA) vs. Ahmet BILICI (TUR) 
    Taylor gets Bilici of Turkey in the semis.  
    Erdin (Turkey) is in the other semifinal against AZE.   Taylor pinned Erdin at Yarygin earlier this year.
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    OKnowwhut reacted to TobusRex in Who will corner Stieber and McKenna?   
    I'll be damned if my species fought millions of years to rise to the top of the food chain just so I can eat a goddamn salad.
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    OKnowwhut reacted to NJWC in How Good are Women   
    So enjoying the idiocy of someone stating HM is the most skilled wrestler (laughed while texting this), makes me a misogynist?
    Lol so predictable from a lib. Try to discredit through labels. Can’t refute the message, so attack the messenger.
    I would think you of all people would understand what happens when comparing male/female wrestlers.
    I love women. I’ve been happily married for years to a beautiful, educated, independent woman.
    My daughter is on a scholarship for cheerleading.
    I appreciate women’s athletics for what it is, but there is a segment of the population that attempts to make it far more than it is.
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    OKnowwhut reacted to Medicine_Man in Vincenzo Joseph   
    (:)) don't get mad...just yankin' yer chain.  I liked the content of your post, good analysis)
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    OKnowwhut reacted to TBar1977 in Isn't a true freshman supposed to be 17-18 years old?   
    We need a face palm emoji. 
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    OKnowwhut reacted to fudge_tunnel in How many guys would be better off at NCAAs if they were up a weight?   
    I’m thinking Coon would dominate 197...
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    OKnowwhut reacted to Zebra in How many guys would be better off at NCAAs if they were up a weight?   
    You got to have lettuce? 
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    OKnowwhut reacted to DF in When you be stalling it out for the win...   
    How your opponent's coaches be reacting:

    How you be reacting:

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    OKnowwhut reacted to Medicine_Man in The suspense is killing me!   
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    OKnowwhut got a reaction from GoNotQuietly in Chamizo preparing for JB's match   
    The succession of foolhardy:
    From Old French origin as in... fol - ‘foolish’ + hardi - ‘bold’
    To Old French verbiage… folhardi
    To Middle English... foolhardi
    To US… foolhardy
    And hence to Chamizo... "foolishly brave"
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    OKnowwhut reacted to buckshot1969 in What a sport!   
    Look at the drama of the last two weeks and tell me that wrestling isn't a better sport than football.  The NFL is 50% commercials and standing around while wrestling has so much more drama and athleticism.  Even in duals that aren't going to be close there are always a couple good matchups to look forward to.  Throw in guys like Seth Gross moving up to challenge himself or Spencer Lee going as a true freshman on a surgically repaired leg or the Bo/MyMar rivalry and it just gets better and better. 
    Even as dominant as PSU has been there are always chinks in the armor like last year's B1Gs and Suriano's transfer.  Plus it's a sport where maybe your team doesn't win the title but you can have an individual champ (how often do schools like South Dakota State or Cornell get a shot at primetime on a Saturday on ESPN?).  Now we're about to start conference tournaments which will see a whole new round of upsets followed by the grinder of the NCAAs.  And when that's done we get to see a whole new crop of amazing athletes either coming in as freshmen or off of redshirt.  
    You can keep the NFL.
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    OKnowwhut reacted to JasonBryant in that shoe company   
    I was driving the anti-Nike train for a long time. The reality is this, at the time when Uncle Phil allowed his buddy Pat Kilkenney to drop the wrestling program at Oregon, Nike didn't have much of a stake in wrestling. Yes, PK (both of them) could have stroked a check and saved it, neither of them had any responsibility to do so. That's the hard reality. You had a school that wanted to get rid of it because of an agenda of a woefully under-qualified money guy who could make a new arena happen and a new baseball field happen, too.
    We've seen how much Oregon's lost on its baseball experiment. 
    What I've learned is Nike has increased its presence in wrestling, expanded its brand and signed on with AthletePS to serve as its wrestling distributor. That group has done a pretty sold job in branding and there was a pretty good stake involved in restarting the Fresno State wrestling program from what I've been told. Does Nike get a pass? Absolutely not. 
    Boycotting Nike products from the wrestling community caused them ZERO harm. It's not like they even knew we were there as consumers. The difference is now, the brand has an investment into the sport and if the brand sees value, that could be a beneficial thing in the long run, especially when it comes to sponsorship of athletes on their run to the Olympics, etc. 
    I've only worn the swoosh as a gift and I'm still not purchasing just yet -- Asics shoes actually fit my wide foot better than anything I've found since Nike had the old Penny Hardaway basketball shoes (the last pair of Nikes I owned) -- but let's think about this rationally: Oregon wrestling ain't going to come back, so let's stop with the pipe dream that our boycott is going to impact anything from this billion-dollar company and what it cares to do with its playground in Eugene. There's a generation of kids out there who seem to love their gear -- and they are the ones who dictate what the parents buy -- its out of our hands for the most part. What the kids and athletes want will dictate Nike's presence in wrestling. They're here now. If they see their products doing well in wrestling, then that could be a long term positive. 

    The decision to drop wrestling was underhanded and despicable and done by shady creatures, but we're 11-12 years removed and a very small percentage of the kids out there wrestling on the high school and college mats probably even knew about the situation at Oregon. The crew at AthletePS didn't have anything to do with that cut -- so that's who we're dealing with - a wrestling company that's now got new Nike gear. The guilty by association thing can only last so long. 
    Our "boycott" hasn't impacted them a bit. Support  could move the needle much more. Just a devil's advocate perspective. 
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    OKnowwhut reacted to superbowlhomeboy in Get on Kanen Storrs Twitter   
    Don't like the whole "he shoved me" and "I felt unsafe" aspect of this. This is a 20 year old college athlete who is one of the better wrestlers in the country, not a middle school kid. You are not a victim. Many kids his age are deployed overseas getting shot at by people who want to end their lives. C'mon man!
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    OKnowwhut reacted to nom in Which pair is better? Ruth / Taylor or Rutherford / Nolf?   
    Cheater. Not an option! :)
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    OKnowwhut got a reaction from BigTenFanboy in Let’s have some fun....   
    20 tOSU
    19 PSU
    Send the $20 to the kid linked to the GoFundMe page.
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    OKnowwhut reacted to Abdullahgadzhi Khuzin in David Taylor   
    David is future USA 86 kilos. Yazdani moved up, he hide from Penn State Bigfoot
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    OKnowwhut reacted to Abdullahgadzhi Khuzin in The 2018 Yarygin (Jan 26-28)   
    don't worry pepsi friends! i will make Ivan Yarygin article tournament in Wikipedia for easy use and watch results for wrestling fans, sometimes UWW does bad works in his websites, not professional. 
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    OKnowwhut reacted to MadMardigain in Pico   
    Again he didn’t get knocked out in his opening match by the punch. They were throwing hard at the same time and his opponents punch landed first, cleanly, and as Pico was moving straight at him. The combination of those thing put Pico on the ground. It likely would have put most people on the ground but more of a result of walking right into that punch than necessarily having a week chin. I’m sure it dazed him but it wasn’t a knockout and may not have been the beginning of the end if it wasn’t for Aaron’s next move. As he hit the ground reach for a leg against a ground specialist opponent whose top choke finish is off a front headlock. If Pico simply rolls to his back to pull guard he likely avoids the choke and gets into a better ground position to defend until they stand up again. That momentary reaction of grab something ended up walking him right into the position he needed to avoid. Could be because he was dazed but it may also be lack of in fight IQ combined with momentary despitetion since the hype was all on him and he got put on the canvas.  
    I’m more worried about his striking footwork than just his chin. That first fight he was so he’ll bent on going forward he take taking damage from a guy whose not a primary striker. That should not be happening with Pico’s extensive boxing training. Sure MMA isn’t pure boxing but both stresses the important of moving and slipping to get angles and avoid getting hit straight on. The amount of damage he takes standing in the pocket against a good fighter will add up to a KO rather than one well placed shot on the chin. His movement looked a little better in his second fight, but he’s still either to straight forward minded looking for his own highlight KO or he’s not giving his opponents enough striking credit. Has to learn he’s not going to walk right through people. No reason to throw all his other training out the window trying to be the Vitor Belfort or Chuck Liddell style head hunter. Hopefully game plan improves with more training, reviewing film, and getting more fights under his belt. We will see in his next fight since this guys more ground control and less striking too.
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