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  1. Max Huntley got a 6th year of eligibility he will be at 197 for Michigan AA last year not listed
  2. Thanks Willie. Still hoping 2 run into u someday. Have a Great Day. Al
  3. Willie the Cadet and University Team Trials seem to be still locked from being able to watch. I tried a bunch of the matches and keep getting the Flo Pro ad any help would be greatly appreciated. Hope all is well.. Have a great day.
  4. Fisher redshirted his freshman year 2 years ago. He was a redshirt freshman this year. I think Bruno and Youtsey both AA this year again Brewer going to 141 and Dardanes and Schoop both were seniors. I look for him to be healthy from his injury and place top 5 same with Youtsey. Abounader also will AA this year. 174 is going to be crazy 2 great wrestlers same at 165. 157 is Murphy hes the starter and will AA.i wouldn't count out Fisher starting and doing great at 141. Pantaleo will start at 149 another i think will AA. Huntley high AA. Coon in finals. This team if they stay healthy i think will go top 3
  5. Yes they will wrestle thru to have a 13th and 14th placer just in case there might be a wild card given to the Big at that weight i believe. SHP could answer just in case im wrong
  6. SHP when will the final RPI be out and when do they come out with the weight and conference allocations thanks have a good day
  7. SHP in the weight class rankings I'm assuming the higher the SOS numbers the harder their schedule if i am wrong please let me know Thanks have a good one
  8. SHP this is one of those no matter what coaches do they are wrong people complain about holding wrestlers out and now they complain about wrestling them unreal
  9. 141 Dutton out with another concussion 174 Mahomes out with torn ACL had surgery dont know about rest of them
  10. There are lots of guys being held out. This time of year they tweak shoulders knees ankles why throw them in there to possibly get hurt worse why not rest them till they are 100 percent healthy. Look at how many matches some of these guys have already.
  11. Mahomes is out for the year. Pantaleo at 149 wouldn't underestimate him he will give Steiber fits he is quick and strong Steiber is still a little rusty could get interesting.
  12. Was looking at scores and was surprised by the 5th place finish by Michigan they only had 8 scoring wrestlers no wrestlers at 149 and 165 also had Dutton still out hurt and Mahomes out for the year tore ACL and 149 Pantaleo and 165 Massa out with the flu
  13. Thank You very good coverage of the whole dual meet commentators were OK
  14. Abounader will be back in a couple of weeks. Would like to see the match between him and Mahomes. This team is shaping up to be exciting and competitive to watch lots of talent and young
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