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  1. That would be a recipe for 10 place as well :)
  2. brianj


    Imar waited 364 days for this......
  3. brianj


    Agreed. 18 years old too. SMH
  4. brianj


    Plus a few more point scorers for next years NCAA's. They had a great tournament!
  5. brianj

    Where was Dan Gable on the broadcasts?

    I saw him. Medal round.
  6. brianj

    NCAA 2017 Session III Thread (Quarterfinals)

    I don't know what it is about Dechow but Dean has never beat him by large margins. I was truly nervous when the bracket came out.
  7. brianj


    NC State Bullard can't be happy either.
  8. brianj

    Dark horse NCAA champ

    Oklahoma junior Cody Brewer (22-1) put his No. 13 seed to bed with a finals victory against Iowa’s Corey Clark. Brewer had three major decisions, a pin and the decision against Clark for the week.
  9. brianj

    Palacio - Flo interview

    Fantastic HS wrestling team.
  10. brianj

    Hall vs. Zahid Valencia

    And we may have to add another bracket buster. http://intermatwrestle.com/articles/17486
  11. brianj

    Hall vs. Zahid Valencia

    I'm really interested to see Hall vs Realbuto as well. This weight class is getting very interesting.
  12. brianj

    Should JoJo have redshirted?

    All American as a freshman is not top level? Anything short of a NC is such a disappointment anymore.
  13. brianj

    Session 2