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  1. Lehigh was more concerned with his headgear.
  2. That would be a recipe for 10 place as well :)
  3. Imar waited 364 days for this......
  4. Agreed. 18 years old too. SMH
  5. brianj


    Plus a few more point scorers for next years NCAA's. They had a great tournament!
  6. I don't know what it is about Dechow but Dean has never beat him by large margins. I was truly nervous when the bracket came out.
  7. NC State Bullard can't be happy either.
  8. Oklahoma junior Cody Brewer (22-1) put his No. 13 seed to bed with a finals victory against Iowa’s Corey Clark. Brewer had three major decisions, a pin and the decision against Clark for the week.
  9. And we may have to add another bracket buster. http://intermatwrestle.com/articles/17486
  10. I'm really interested to see Hall vs Realbuto as well. This weight class is getting very interesting.
  11. All American as a freshman is not top level? Anything short of a NC is such a disappointment anymore.
  12. Sad news. Hope and pray he gets well. https://www.instagram.com/p/-cmtycu6-r/ It Is With A Heavy Heart That I Have To Announce I Will Be Medically Withdrawing From School This Semester With The Intent To Hopefully Return As Soon As I Can. My Dad Always Told Me That Money Is Paper And Only In Good Health Do We Experience True Prosperity. Health Issues and Concerns Have Made Me Step Away From The Sports I Love And Now The School I Have Always Dreamed About. It Is Sad But Without Struggle Their Is No Glory. I Know My Parents And Everyone Who Really Knows Me Will Truly Comprehend How Hard This Decision Was For Me. As Of Now The Future Is Uncertain But What Is Certain Is That The Realest Will Rise Again. Once He Gets Better.Much Love, God Bless #Beentrill #L40#comebackkid
  13. http://uncbears.com/coaches.aspx?rc=1&path=wrestling
  14. I am thinking Binghamton will start making some strides in the next couple years. They were in almost every dual this year.
  15. Dean's eyes are tired from reading Realbuto/Miller threads.
  16. Team Scores 1. Ohio St. 94.0 2. Iowa 84.0 3. Edinboro 75.5 4. Missouri 69.5 5. Cornell 67.5 6. Penn St. 63.5 7. Oklahoma St. 61.0 8. Minnesota 59.5 9. Nebraska 59.0 10. Virginia Tech 56.0 11. Michigan 54.0 12. Illinois 46.0 13. Lehigh 39.5 14. Northwestern 34.5 15. Iowa St. 33.0 16. Wisconsin 32.5 17. North Carolina St. 30.0 18. Virginia 26.5 19. Oklahoma 25.5 20. West Virginia 23.5
  17. Nice post. Agree totally about wrestling within the situation. Nobody wins in this debate though. The hate shown toward Koll and Realbuto and lack of toward KSU still puzzles me.
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