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    brianj reacted to Greatdane67 in Ivy League just cancels all Winter Sports   
    I guess TC3 will be a stacked team this season!
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    brianj reacted to klehner in Cornell Big Red Wrestling   
    Flo interviewed Yianni in his garage/training center in Rochester.  Some interesting bits that I can remember:
    Julian Ramirez is living in his house (and training with Yianni) Yianni also trains with his brothers, Greg and Elijah who just turned 13 and wrestles 165 (!), and had Vito over for a bit Yianni is willing to go either 141 or 149; the former isn't a tough cut for him and he doesn't think that he'd be too small for 149. 
    Decision depends on whatever Rob Koll thinks is best for the team, and depends on who comes in and lives up to their potential He said he thinks some guys might come right in as true freshman, but he wouldn't say in case he was wrong.  Graduating seniors include
    Greg D., Dylan Cedeno (132), Cole Handlovic (145), whatever Josh Saunders is, Gage McClenahan (145), Najee Lockett (170), Ethan Hatcher (220);
    let the speculation continue! He didn't give any indication that he'd be taking another ORS His mom just had a baby (I think she got remarried in the last couple years?)
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    brianj reacted to MDogg in Will guys take back to back Olympic redshirts now?   
    They don’t currently limit them, hence my comment about Micic potentially taking his 3rd. If Micic does he’ll be 8 years removed from high school during his final NCAA season. 
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    brianj reacted to RichB in 10 Best College Wrestlers From Each State   
    1 Robert Hamlin as a senior
    2 Robert Hamlin as a sophomore
    3 Robert Hamlin as a Junior
    4 Robert Hamlin as a Frosh
    5 Robert Hamlin his redshirt year 
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    brianj reacted to Red95 in Cornell Big Red Wrestling   
    8/10 qualifying would not have been my bet at the beginning of the season. And I thought 6/7 were likely heading into the weekend and some people thought I was being overly optimistic but here we are!
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    brianj reacted to ugarte in Cornell Big Red Wrestling   
    Womack and Loew both get bids! 8 to The Show. 
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    brianj reacted to klehner in Cornell Big Red Wrestling   
    Go back a year, after 2019 NCAAs.  If told that the qualifiers for the 2020 NCAAs would be Lajoie, Tucker, Baughman, Richard, Darmstadt, and Furman, you'd have said you were on some bad drugs.  Tucker and Darmstadt might be the only ones in the group who sniff the NCAAs more than once.  Of course, there are those who say he was the worst coach in the country with the 184/197 switching, letting Womack ever go to 174, and whatever was going on with Berreyesa.
    Re coach of the year:  even with Lajoie being gifted an upset pin of the Penn wrestler, and Furman the injury to Sullivan (or so it appears), Cornell likely still finishes third (Army probably passes them with more points from Sullivan) with what most people thought of as the JV squad (with 3-4 exceptions).
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    brianj reacted to ugarte in Cornell Big Red Wrestling   
    Caught up on some of the stuff I didn't get to watch. Baughman's 12-11 consolation win over Gil was amazing. If you haven't watched it yet... I insist. Baughman avoided a pin in the first period by sheer squirmy will and Cornell had to challenge to take a Gil escape off the board that happened either right before or right after the final whistle.
    Then Baughman followed it up with an incredible scramble to turn a Pomrinca shot with around 10 seconds left in SV to his own takedown at the whistle that withstood a Lehigh challenge. Cornell bench reaction to the call getting confirmed was awesome. (I'm not positive but if you listen to the Shie-Gil 7th place match, I think they're discussing the video review and the general tenor of the conversation was "we can't really tell and couldn't reverse." The crowd noise was really intervening with some hot mic conversation I was desperately trying to hear!)
    The Richard - Kolodzik final was great too. Kolodzik absolutely should have been hit with another stall for fleeing the mat but tbh I don't think it would have mattered. Richard's scrambling to avoid at least two takedowns was incredible but he never came close to generating any offense himself. Really entertaining match, though, until Kolodzik shirted into reverse. 
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    brianj reacted to Cementmixer103 in Can we finally stop treating Lugo like the Rodney Dangerfield of DI wrestling?   
    Lugo ink is actually the nicest in all of college wrestling. Wheather you like tattoos or not. Nice, solid line work, good shading. No shaky outline
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    brianj reacted to ugarte in Cornell Big Red Wrestling   
    Holy cow
    125: LaJoie loses takes 6th but that's enough. Going to NCAAs.
    133: Tucker. Champ. Going to NCAAs.
    141: Baughman wins again. Third. Going to NCAAs.
    149: Richard finished in second. Going to NCAAs.
    157: Santoro finished in 6th.
    165: Dawkins finished in 7th.
    174: Womack didn't place. On the bubble for a wild card.
    184: Loew finished in 5th. On the bubble for a wild card.
    197: Darmstadt. Champ. Going to NCAAs.
    6 autobids. 2 on the bubble. And the Big Red finished in second place. Incredible. 
    I'm floating.
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    brianj reacted to ugarte in Cornell Big Red Wrestling   
    I think he lost focus expecting a whistle and Dawkins kept moving until he heard one. Dawkins with a real shot at a bid and I love it. 
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    brianj reacted to KTG119 in winning titles against guys who won titles   
    or if Valencia beats Bo in finals he joins the club with two finals wins vs guys who had won before.  
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    brianj reacted to BobDole in Dake/Taylor commentating   
    Boy wrestling fans really hate having wrestling on TV. I have never seen such a nit picky group of girls in my life.
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    brianj reacted to wrestlingnerd in Who is moving weights?   
    I'll take Zahid. I actually think he'd be better at 184 than at 174, where I think he's a bit sucked out. His speed advantage would be more pronounced.
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    brianj reacted to wrestlingnerd in Suriano to 133 next year   
    Did you even click on the link? It was a joke....
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    brianj reacted to klehner in NCAA FINALS   
    Or, just maybe, Yianni wrestled some incredibly talented guys in this tournament.  Got majors in his first two matches, then beats a 2x and defending champion, then beats the #2 seed who gave Yianni his only defeat, then beats the #1 seed, who only had one loss all year (to Yianni) in the finals.  He also has the highest bonus % in the weight class.  Is 70% bonus not dominating enough?
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    brianj reacted to NJwrestlingguy in Coach of The Year?   
    I know some have Santoro penciled in already but Lehigh went to Cleveland with ALL10 wrestlers and might not finish Top 15.
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    brianj reacted to Old142 in Spencer Lee - a Hawkeye you can root for.   
    You think Kemmerer is cheap? Maybe he really tried to hurt Nolf's knee instead of gently getting out of a potentially dangerous situation? Sorenson ? 
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    brianj reacted to redblades in Drexel Coaches   
    From all I've seen, Matt Azevedo is a pretty classy guy I doubt that DeSanto is being "coached" to do these things; nevertheless, it is up to the coach to let it be known such actions are unacceptable.
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    brianj reacted to boconnell in Hats off to Heil   
    The OSU website says he studies zoology.  My guess is he wants to be the best zoologist in the country, but only by the slimmest margins.
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    brianj reacted to scribe in 2018 NCAA Bracket Busters   
    Max Dean over Bo Nickal
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    brianj reacted to madcat11 in Ben Darmstadt Hodge   
    Biggest threat to Kollin Moore this year not kidding.
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    brianj reacted to hammerlockthree in Ben Darmstadt Hodge   
    Obviously a joke, but 19-1 with 12 pins. He's no  secret or anything...but if he wrestled for PSU he'd have 53 topics by now. 
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    brianj reacted to Perry in If Dake moved to State College...   
    Cael and the Penn State staff really helped Taylor get over the hump to make a world team. Wait a second..
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    brianj reacted to WildTurkey44 in Burroughs or Dake   
    99% of Penn State fans do.
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