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  1. I am of the opinion that the 2:4 takedown:Feet to back ratio is one of the drawbacks of the current rules. I preferred 1:3, but moving the takedown to 2 solved a lot of other ratio problems such as making a takedown worth the same as a non controlled exposure (equalizing the risk:reward) and double a step out (plus a little extra because of criteria). So I can live with it. 3:4 or 3:5 points for takedown:FTB is inadequate and that concession is just one too large to massage the value of a step out. Feet to back is one of the key components that makes freestyle awesome.
  2. To answer your question, yes, he is a villain, having completed a 4-year ban for cheating late in this quad. But, as noted above, there will be no ovation because ovations are forbidden.
  3. LJB, I usually agree with you, most of your posts (even the troll ones) tend to be rooted in truth. The above is an obtuse take. Why do we bother to award silver and the two bronzes, if we don't care if those individuals even closely resemble three of the top four competitors on the given day? These are Olympic medals we are talking about, both a source of pride and an opportunity to improve the wealth and lifestyle of the winners in their respective countries. I wish the winners of the "lesser" medals were more authentic.
  4. Do it again, this time with Russia. Depth leaving to compete (and being competitive) for other countries is a indicator of health of the program.
  5. Reports out of Bulgaria that Bekbulatov missed weight.
  6. Yeah, you're right too. I guess I have come to the conclusion that best at a weight over a selected period of time is complex enough that the raw data alone doesn't do it justice.
  7. Great list JB. I am inclined to look at medals as a better indicator than champs. I can't help but notice how a single guy or a pair of multi-time champs skews the champion list when evaluating how well a program holds down a weight.
  8. The diversity of the rule sets are such an interesting point. I think the reason they don't come up as often as multiple Soviets or condensed weight classes is because JB transcended the rule change. 2013 hit dead in the middle of JB's prime, and he won world gold on either side. I am sure there are great examples of different rule sets favoring or handicapping the ability of an athlete, but Jordan ain't it. Instead he serves the opposing argument well, that the best competitors will find success regardless of rule set.
  9. Assuming he living the dream medal fund pays out Olympics and Worlds this year, Olympic medalists would be crazy not to take their free crack at the money in Oslo.
  10. I love Rulon. I wrote a lengthy post on the matter this summer that I hope if you're interested you will look up. The talk on J'Den Cox has caused many to reflect on Rulon missing weight or missing the weigh-in at the 1996 Olympic Trials. While I would be interested to hear the story of that fiasco from someone in the know, what I'm really curious to know is if Rulon was considered a legitimate threat to take the spot from Ghaffari. Rulon would have been 24 almost 25, and Ghaffari 35.
  11. I was not being literal with regard to the 12M, I recognize that those funds are not wrestling funny money to be allocated however we choose. Still, I am challenging you and everyone else to think way outside the box. Is the best use of our effort and funds to tie our time, money, and energy up in a situation where the ultimate goal is to get our money and wrestlers to a place where they are beholden to an athletic department that doesn’t value them? Stanford is a rare case where an obscene amount of money won’t move the needle. At most places that amount would be successful, but maybe only to the point where the department would begrudgingly reinstate the program and allow it to continue without overwhelming support or excitement. Maybe there is a better way. Maybe there are avenues where greater return on significant investment can be achieved. If we got Stanford wrestling back, we would celebrate because we won our chosen battle. Maybe, for a minute, consider that the price has been too high and the reward would be too low. Maybe the number of kids nationwide who get scholarship money or admissions spots due to wrestling at elite institutions is a paltry number in comparison to the wrestling population. Maybe the values you shared above, while good and honest and noble, actually underserve our great community. Maybe it is time to look at investing that energy in opportunities for athletes in that age group in the Palo Alto area that are not married to the Stanford/NCAA structure. Maybe it’s time to look at the NCAA structure and ask ourselves, as we often ask about the IOC, on a holistic level is our commitment to some of these virtues of collegiate wrestling advancing our great sport or is it holding us back?
  12. Man I would prefer to have this debate in person. You seem like a pretty smart guy and this is a complex conversation. I bet you've coached or been on a wrestling team. Let's roleplay. Stanford is the kid on the team who hates wrestling. He has some skills, but he tries to quit every day. He drags down the practice room and just keeping him engaged is so exhausting on the head coach that the passionate members of the team are neglected. This has gone past teaching the young man to overcome adversity, he is really here against his will. 13 starters with a love for wrestling aren't developed to their full potential because all the energy is being drained to squeeze a few team points out of this kid. At the end of the season, he quits anyway. Here's the thing, he's not a crappy kid, he just wanted to play violin all day long. He loves violin like we love wrestling. Let him play violin. I don't know what Stanford loves, whether it's money, football, academics, or those precious 240 seats in the class formerly allocated toward athletes. I do know it's not wrestling. You asked where we should take up the fight, well I offered developmental programs or getting behind the revitalization of the AU program for starters. I am also reminded of when UN-O dropped a first class program and a first class coach, and Maryville said that sounds like something we would like to have at our place. You seem creative, why don't you throw out some candidates for those 12 million dollars and yours and my combined 2000 words of discussion on the virtues of wrestling more worthy than Stanford has proven to be.
  13. If we are going to play that game we must also mention that JB competed against multiple former Soviets in the bracket and the opposition was concentrated into six or seven weight classes for much of his career.
  14. "Similar academic profile" is an extraordinarily liberal use of the word similar. I know this isn't the only metric of value, but American is a good school with a 36% acceptance rate. Stanford has the lowest acceptance rate in the nation at 4%.
  15. Jason Borrelli exceeded every reasonable expectation of class, professionalism, effort, and leadership in the fight to save Stanford wrestling. His demeanor throughout the struggle was truly remarkable. At the end of the day, no amount of money, competitive excellence, or direction from the coaching staff was going to save the program. Stanford doesn't want wrestling. Part of us has to become ok with that. It is exhausting trying to keep institutions that really don't want the sport on a fundamental level to keep the train rolling against their will. Even if the 12 million dollars was the tipping point for reinstatement, I would love to see those funds directed to institutions (using a broad definition of institution here) that revel in our successes as a sport and truly want wrestling to thrive. Maybe a few of those bucks can follow Jason to DC to support the local chapters of beat the streets or USA wrestling, or higher up the ladder to support the American University program.
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