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  1. There's no chance 8:10 top returning teams can attend. Health, safety, questionable relevance, qualification, and proximity to the Olympic games are all issues to some degree but the bottom line is: It is unrealistic to think member nations will be able to afford funding a trip of this magnitude that wasn't explicitly budgeted for. While I understand there was definitely relief of financial commitment by nation with the postponement of the Tokyo games, there are undoubtedly expected revenues that did not come to fruition due to the suspension of worldwide economic and wrestling activities as well.
  2. The visual display on the television or in the arena is irrelevant. The only thing that matters is whether the whistle clearly sounded before Metcalf started his lunge. I am not sure it did. In short time situations athletes aren't (and shouldn't be) watching the clock.
  3. The referee uniforms look like floor security. The venue appears to be at Disney? Sounds like something they would do.
  4. Using an out-of-court settlement as evidence of wrongdoing is careless and dangerous. Innocent parties agree to settlement on a daily basis when the settlement amount is exceeded by the potential cost of litigation, or for a variety of other reasons. Disclaimer, this point is not one in defense of DuPont's discrimination against black athletes.
  5. You can call it whatever you choose, I call it complicated. I just don't share your desire to make it all fit into a single box, especially when eradication of racism from a sick man's heart would have done nothing to save the life that was lost in this circumstance.
  6. Another thought. I don't think anyone can deny the removal of black athletes is a racist act. I am not sure the racism catch-all works great here though. I am a special educator. If we had a student who was completely blind, we wouldn't classify him as learning disabled in reading. The individual wouldn't be able to see the words on the page, so it may manifest as an inability to read. Classification of LD in reading would lead to ineffective services and accomodations. If we want to learn and grow socially as a wrestling community, throwing the racism blanket over the situation at Foxcatcher without evaluating the other complexities of DuPont's condition could do as much harm as good.
  7. My initial reaction was, if his mental illness had manifested in binge eating, I wouldn't just superficially say DuPont loved cookies. But then I thought, I wouldn't classify DuPont as non-violent, even though I am fairly confident it was mental illness that caused him to commit murder. Now all I can say for sure is that I perceive this discussion to be complex enough to not immediately choose a side.
  8. This question may be better suited for the international board, where there is less frequent overlap. I am still not over the cloud of disappointment that was cast over the 2019 World Championships when Snyder lost to Sharifov, failing to qualify for the much-anticipated rubber match with Sadulaev.
  9. That's Johnny Johnson on the left. Long-time head coach at UW-Stevens Point. Terry on the right. Apparently they trained together on occasion. Video is grainy but the voice is unmistakable.
  10. I think a junior silver usually exceeds a U23 gold. I am seeing evidence of the composition of the U23 fields improving... But the juniors is still often the second toughest tournament on the calender in a given weight.
  11. Letting these mats rot won't bring back wrestling at ODU. Nor will the $3000 fee elevate ODU football to a level that validates the decision to drop wrestling. Meanwhile, an affordable mat could give birth to the advancement of a youth program. Take the butterfly effect from there, our next great wrestler, coach, or administrator could take their first steps in the sport on this mat once dragged to the scrap heap by ODU. Here's to hoping this mat finds a good home.
  12. I could see the version of Cody Brewer who won 133 on THAT WEEKEND coming out on top of a field comprised of the other 133 pounders during their championship runs. It was something to behold.
  13. Given the relatively narrow scope of this external review (financial viability of the department with limited competitive considerations) and the lack of diversity (essentially a single consultant/consultation team) I would estimate the bottom line in the $25,000 to $50,000 range maximum.
  14. We are missing a major and possibly the primary component as to why wrestling was identified for elimination. In the wrestling vaccum, we don't understand the value placed on achievement in the department-wide conference. The Big 10 is our only conference with comprehensive wrestling sponsorship. When all your other sports compete within the same conference with total or near-total sport participaton, achievement in patchwork combined wrestling conferences rings hollow to administration and the fan/alumni/donor base. Most NCAA member schools accept they will rarely, if ever, compete for a national title as a team in most sports. In this common instance, conference results become the barometer. Honestly, with this in mind, wrestling was an obvious choice as it is a total outlier in the conference. Further, if conference success was indicated to those conducting the external review as an important value of the department, wrestling was probably the correct recommendation given the criteria. We can learn from this. Listing All-Americans may be a fool's errand when arguing for the merits of a program, especially if that isn't what is valued by the institution. When attempting to identify what programs need insulation and support by our community, our eyes may be off the ball.
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