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  1. It pains me to say this, but the quickest and most efficient way to get up to speed is make the flo radio live podcast part of your weekly routine. They get a bad rap for glossing over events not on their platform, but the discussion is relatively comprehensive, albeit mostly superficial. It is virtually perfect for someone returning to wrestling who understands the sport but has a delinquent understanding of the current landscape and storylines. They do a nice job of front-loading the show with the most relevant topics before devolving into general nonsense. While we're at it, I do find it bizarre that they're not really acknowledging the possible cancellation of the season. Maybe there's just not much to say and it's understood. It does come off obtuse, especially with the soundbite of the the guys laughing at a suggestion the 2020 event could be cancelled a week or two before still ringing in my ears. Regardless, based off what I think you're looking to accomplish, FRL could be the way to go. When there are subjects and areas of wrestling you want to dig deeper into, there are other podcasts that may be a better choice, but Flo makes a good light blanket. For the price you can't beat it.
  2. Just a note that if we offered the position to the incumbents from 2019, 57 Kg would require replacement in addition to 86 Kg as our returning representative at that weight is under suspension as well.
  3. Fargo 2018 and the only other team in our hotel was Wyoming. We are at a hotel breakfast of powdered eggs and rubber bacon, gathering to leave with the cadets for a practice facility, although it may have been for a weigh in, I don't recall which. Rulon Gardner is there with some of the Wyoming boys. I let our dudes know who it was, and they were familiar with his popular wrestling shoe, but their understanding of the man and his accomplishments was hazy at best. It occurred to me that these U15 athletes were no older than -3 years old when Rulon made his lasting impression on me and most of the sporting world for the first time. I felt an immediate internal struggle. You see, I preach not being a fanboy and putting no man on a pedastal. This may sound corny, but I feared speaking too much about being in the presence of our greatest Greco -Roman wrestler was a bad idea. I was thinking if one of our boys hit Wyoming in the course of the tournament, I would have placed my athlete at a psychological disadvantage. I am glad a more holistic view won out in my brain. The opportunity for these young men was too good for me to just leave it on the table for them. "Hey Rulon, can you tell my guys a story about one of your trips overseas?" I was annoyed with myself for bothering the man, but Rulon started talking to my guys with genuine interest in their attention. He focused on his world title in Greece in 2001. I was in awe and thrilled on a personal level to hear about a journey with which I was less familiar than his impossible feat in 2000. Plus, I had a comprehensive understanding of the victory in Sydney, so I knew I could fill in that blank for our cadets on the van ride to the dome. I don't remember the details about the Greece story. I remember the faces of my wide-eyed cadets, hanging on every word. And I remember Rulon, yielding to a request he probably gets on a daily basis, telling stories with total enthusiasm and joy. He certainly made the kids day and made my summer. Just like that it was time to go. I never got to thank Rulon, except for a brief thanks as we headed to the vans. I hope I get to someday.
  4. The mechanics of the referee in that match indicate he isn't fit for decent high school. On second thought, Iowa v. NC State was assuredly a near walk-over in the mid 2000s, and the magnitude of that specific match would have been hard to project at the time. Regardless, Caldwell would have been playing with a 5 point advantage had the fall not been called. The match is an oddity that robs Caldwell of a chance at win that would garner appreciation from our community (like their finals match does) and is correctly trivialized as a blip on the radar by Brent as he reflects on his career.
  5. Points or not, they'll seed him anyway.
  6. Friend of the forum @gutfirst once told me this cool story: During a camp at the OTC they took the V02 max of all the athletes on campus. Among his fellow wrestlers, Rulon had no peer. His total was rivaled only by the cyclists at the training center.
  7. Idaho, I'm not with you on this one. Stanford is THE school. Acceptance dates lower than any Ivy, with weather and lifestyle some would consider vastly superior to their East coast competitors. Considering the financial side will be honored, there is a strong argument to stay and shift focus to the international styles. If there are legitimate training opportunities within a reasonable drive, one could be just as invested in their wrestling progress attached to a club rather than their academic affiliation. This line of thinking does require removal of some American bias, where to many the NCAA D1 is the pinnacle. This argument doesn't hold up nearly as well for most kids at most places. Shane and Real aren't most kids. Stanford isn't most places.
  8. I am sure this is an effort to massage the potential of a limit to gathering sizes. Difficult to predict what those will be in October, in Iowa. Limiting to 6 weight classes in the planning stages gives this event the highest likelihood of coming off.
  9. In D3 the year of eligibility is triggered by competition or practice after the first competition of the season Injury eligibility relief is always granted if the athletes has competed in less than 1/3 of regular season dates and not in the second half of the season (by dates of competition).
  10. I don't necessarily disagree. I an not, however, as optimistic about a quick stalemate on the edge after an escape not deteriorating the product. Also, the threshold of when the athletes have achieved "center" to bring the step out back in play will need firmer definition than provided in example four.
  11. Problem with the folkstyle stepout: In international wrestling, all neutral exchanges ultimately begin at the center of the mat. In folkstyle, an escape can be achieved on the boundary. That would place the escaping wrestler at a horrible disadvantage where he is just shot off the mat, negating the escape point. I can think of some solutions, but I certainly would not favor a stoppage whenever an escape is achieved to return the athletes to center. Maybe a push out shouldn't be in play until the wrestling returns to the 10 foot circle, but most college mats don't have a 10 foot circle. Plus it would be even more for the over-burdened referee to keep track of. Plus I wouldn't want to tell an administrator questioning the value of a wrestling program that they need new mats. Why do high school mats currently require a 10 foot circle, anyway?
  12. Comparing diversity across Big 10 wrestling programs is not nearly as valuable as identifying how far the demographics deviate from the general student population at the respective school. Once that relationship is identified, there may be some value in comparing that number across programs. Certain groups are just going to yield differently in different locations. If a program is within a reasonable range of being representative of the student body as a whole... Then there's nothing to see here. University of Iowa is 10% students of color including 3.2% black. Make your judgements from there as you wish, but personally I see no reason to continue this discussion.
  13. @jp157. You are right, Flo is what it is. In my opinion their subscription is a a great value for the money and as a rabid wrestling fan they deliver content I can't get anywhere else. There is an undeniable element of hubris when Flo personalities talk about their role In the space. At times when humility would be more appropriate, they often lean into the self-aggrandizing. This attitude makes it easy, from an emotional perspective, to take some joy when they stumble. Honestly, Flo has advanced our sport immeasurably. Still, citing that advancement as a defense mechanism every time legitimate criticism is levied against them can be frustrating for even their biggest supporters.
  14. Why don't you expect any wrestling teams to do that this year? I think several will, assuming the decision isn't made for everyone as we saw in the spring.
  15. USA Wrestling did not have the opportunity to host any of the events that were on the 2020 schedule that generate revenue for the body. No regionals, age group national duals, Fargo, OTT, and the U.S. Open equivalent was contested in late 2019. Hosting an event for seniors (rather than minors) possibly carries less risk from an insurance standpoint due to the pandemic as well. USA Wrestling has bills to pay and getting an event on the schedule makes sense from a business standpoint in 2020, regardless of if an eventual impact on world team of OTT qualification is announced.
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