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  1. JHRoseWrestling

    you make finals - and don't wrestle?

    I said I wouldn't go down the hypothetical rabbit hole, but since this is a specific question. An injury to one of the athletes that he could compete with, but could also be made worse in a live match. Back to my earlier post, there are a multitude of acceptable answers to this question (from my vantage point).
  2. JHRoseWrestling

    you make finals - and don't wrestle?

    Isn't that the role of a coach, to make decisions in the best interest of his athletes, regardless of if he loses the respect of uninformed observers? There are so many reasons why it could have been the right call it's not even worth going down the rabbit hole of speculation and hypotheticals. Coach Smith has earned his stripes, I will choose to give the benefit of the doubt it was the right call, whatever the reasoning. I turned in for this match as I was interested as well, and shared your disappointment when it didn't happen. It isn't incumbent on the staff to play out a wrestleoff in the Reno finals, and they earned the latitude of that decision by placing two wrestlers in the championship match. I've gone on long enough, but the outrage here is a little over the top in reaction to a minor disappointment.
  3. JHRoseWrestling


    Non Olympic Weight World titles throw things off.
  4. JHRoseWrestling

    Russian Revolution

    It is useful analysis when juxtaposed against the discussion point that there are regions of the world where this happens.
  5. JHRoseWrestling

    Russian Revolution

    Your evidence doesn't correlate with my point. You are talking in micro terms, I am talking in macro terms. Since you are comfortable talking in absolutes... If wrestling attracted all of our nation's best athletes, we would not only dominate the world, the gap would be so wide this discussion would be moot. An earlier poster noted it's not just athletes, but also culture and conditions. I couldn't agree more. I simply contend that if we had all the best athletes culture would follow along lockstep.
  6. JHRoseWrestling

    Russian Revolution

    If the best athletes in South Carolina all wrestled from youth and were retained through the senior level with quality coaching the whole way we could expect similar results. There is no region of our country where wrestling attracts and retains a majority of the best athletes. We lose to football, baseball, basketball, etc. I know we have great athletes in our sport, but on a macro level this is the reason why we are not the consistently dominant force in the world.
  7. JHRoseWrestling

    Overtime idea

    This idea makes sense in theory but will be a nightmare in practice. It would place an unbelievable onus on the official to keep the defending athlete engaged. Then the official would be left with the decision of whether or not to change the winner with a flee call. I have much greater respect for the level of officiating at the world level than many participants in this board, but this is a responsibility we do NOT want to place on the refs, nor do I believe the top officials would want this responsibility. This isn't usually a problem with the shot clock as 90% occur in the first period and the benefits of remaining engaged and attempting to score outweigh those of risking a flee call for a nominal single point in the first period. Look at the difficulty keeping the winning athlete engaged in the final 15 seconds of the match, multiply this problem and apply it to 30 extra seconds in every tie match. No thanks. Criteria makes for a good product.
  8. JHRoseWrestling

    Huge mistake in Gilman match - coaches/refs

    You don’t have to break contact. Terms like loss of control are non-existent. They went from standing to grounded with one athlete on top of the other facing the same direction and behind the hips- 2 points.
  9. JHRoseWrestling

    Russian Coach

    Russian coach was red carded in Rio and returned to coach the next day. His red card today was a disturbing act of physical intimidation. A representative from UWW guaranteed he was done for the event, but elected not to speculate on further sanctions. What happens here? What do we know about his ties to the political power structure? I don't care for his demeanor and would not complain if he never returns. As a point of reference, the Mongolian coaches got 3 year ban for a nonviolent protest in Rio. While embarassing, further investigation revealed this protest was one of cultural relevance in the native country of the offenders.
  10. JHRoseWrestling

    Congrats to Yowlys Bonne Rodríguez!

    Unlikely this problem is fixed. Two scenarios seem more likely: Bonne wasn't offered any incentive as Russia expected Rashidov would easily dispatch him (as most of us did), or he was offered a bribe and said no thanks I'm 35 and getting this gold. Actions of Russian coach today don't indicate a change in attitude about such matters of ethics.
  11. JHRoseWrestling

    JG JB, KD, DT, JC, KS, NG

    Well we by no means have to agree. I, for one, am really enjoying applying numerical values to these probabilities. It makes one think deeply about the beliefs we hold and this linear method of thinking my even drive us to conclusions divergent from what our initial reactions would be. Before I give you a final thing to consider, let’s acknowledge that this board is riddled with topics that I find frivolous. You can always elect not to continue reading the thread (understanding that the thread title did not indicate we would be assigning numerical values to quantify the strength of ones opinion) but you chose to insult those who did participate (understanding that your statement may not have been a direct attack, but a mildly rude observation). So the parting shot: there is the opportunity to legally gamble on the event in question. By following a numerical line of thinking it could help the prospective bettor determine what odds have value based on their self-generated probability. Since you indicated a lack of understanding of why this exercise would be worthy of time investment, I simply offer a possibility as to why this could be useful. I won’t be playing for money myself, I simply appreciate the opportunity to do some evaluation of our team through a different metric in anticipation of my favorite week of wrestling this year. Cheers and go Team USA.
  12. JHRoseWrestling

    JG JB, KD, DT, JC, KS, NG

    Fun police
  13. JHRoseWrestling

    JG JB, KD, DT, JC, KS, NG

    The question is gold? I hope you guys are right. JG: 10% JB: 50% KD: 40% DT: 35% JC: 20% KS: 70% NG: 10% Rationale: I used the chances for victory against the perceived best foreign opponent as the starting point. From there I backed out guys down based on the number and quality of landmine rounding out the field. For example, I have DT as 40:60 against Hassan Yazdani. With demonstrated success against the remaining competitors expected to appear, I dropped him back a mere 5% additional points. I have KS at 80:20 against Abdulrashid Sadulaev. With losses to others in the field, I wanted to rock an additional 15%, but considering KS history of correcting losses at the culminating event, I settled on just 10%. Gold for NG will require he beat one of or both of TUR and GEO. 10% is probably generous.
  14. JHRoseWrestling

    Weight trajectory leading to worlds

    Thanks nom. I am uncomfortable acting as the international wrestling weight management expert... But everyone seems to be agreeing the weight progression this year will be similar to D1 wrestling, even if there is some back and forth about quantity. Observation of any major NCAA event show a number of wrestlers saving the last of the cut until shortly before the area is closed to take the scales (including the championship event). As a result, I see no reason to think the same wouldn't hold true for at least some members of this year's world team.
  15. JHRoseWrestling

    Weight trajectory leading to worlds

    It’s worth noting, in advance of a hard cut, the guys are probably water-loading, meaning they are super hydrated, with a sodium-free diet in advance of the cut. This will make the water fall off at a faster rate.