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  1. There are many things a new coach should consider prior to designing a high performance program... Prior to coaching at any level, coaches should complete a coaches certification course via: USA Wrestling & ASEP The above certifications will give a coach the basics and fundamentals of what it takes to run a high performance training system. After that, new coaches should try to shadow a successful wrestling program either for a year or longer. This shadowing is sort of like an apprenticeship or an internship which will give most coaches a lot of experience on the daily tasks of running a successful program. If that is impossible, prior to becoming new head coaches, prospective coaches could become volunteer/assistant coaches at local wrestling clubs to see how that team is organized and run. The last 2 paragraphs are how many high school and college coaches get started. That is, many high school and college coaches started off as volunteer assistants or graduate assistants at the high school or collegiate level. This is how I got started many, many years ago... The nuts & bolts of coaching are vast and are so interesting to me that this website was created to help aspiring coaches achieve their potential www.therealcircle.com.
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