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  1. Because now we have two weeks to anticipate this match up and possibly quit complaining about it long enough to tell some of your friends, since it seems a ton of fans will be shut out of the tournament in person, what about actually (I cannot believe I am suggesting this) going to a social event, or a bar like Buffalo Wild Wings, and when Duke is routing IUPUI you slip the bar tender a cool Dollar Bill to put the main screen on the NCAA finals. This is plenty of time to get a lot of hype machines going, and in reality those of us that will not be in Iowa have a chance to make an impact. Or we can complain and ask why. I will not turn the tides, but if ESPN doesn't muck this up there is plenty of time to craft a story line heading into the finals. Dake and Taylor's Friendship, the rivalry, the history, the questionable calls at the Scuffle, the pressure of Taylor holding it together and overcome Dake and possibly propelling PSU to a 3rd straight title. If I am in charge of programming for the NCAA tournament I had John Irving writing about this last night and have a published piece ready to go by THIS weekend. Or we can complain and ask why. And yes I am well aware I wrote this twice.
  2. I have a few things. I was the matboy at the '95 WTT in Philly, so I got to sit very close to the corners and I have a picture of Gable talking to Brands I took. I had it blown up to poster size and made copies for Gable and Brands. Gable signed it for me when he came to give a speech at our banquet in 2007. From the same tournament I have an Iowa hat with autographs from: Troy and Terry Steiner Terry and Tom Brands John Smith Dan Gable Matt Demaray Townsend Saunders I have a handwritten letter from Cael expressing thanks for a note I sent from my family welcoming him to PA. Since I am the director of marketing/social media for a camp here in PA (not Chertow) I was able to get the 2011-2012 PSU team to sign a camp bag to my mother-in-law for her 60th birthday.
  3. Mark Schultz has been giving the technical advice on set to the actors.
  4. The biggest thing it says to me is we are disorganized, and to a degree disorganized beyond repair. True there are only 24K+ on this petition, but there are 10 petitions going around. Now that looks a lot more like 1/4 Million. But if the guys from PA sign one petition, and the guys from IA sign another, and out of spite the guys from MN sign another, you get the picture. Jim Harshaw said it best when he said, the best course of action is “To determine the right direction to take this momentum and move the ground swell in sync”. Right now we're all out of sync and hence there cannot be a groundswell when we don;t stop, organize and move on to what will work. Comments found in the blog post here: http://fortuneandvalor.wordpress.com/20 ... upsetting/
  5. This is about exactly what I said in a blog post I wrote the day the news came down. Wrestling eats itself. http://fortuneandvalor.wordpress.com/2013/02/12/why-the-news-today-is-upsetting/
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