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  1. Thanks everyone for the feedback...exactly the type of things i am looking for. Wire, this would be for all levels of wrestling.
  2. I have read tons of negatives about a particular company that provides video coverage for amateur wrestling currently. If a new site were to start providing coverage and other content, what would you like to see and what advice would you give? Let this be a sounding board for what you love and what you don't and what you would like to see implemented.
  3. Some individuals will excel no matter where they go to school or who they are coached by. Simmons and Gomez along with Dubuque and Escobedo are examples.
  4. Brew


    Thanks for The Education!
  5. It seems many of the ranking approach it differently....I happen to like the AWN/TOM rankings. They provide a snapshot of what the season is looking like at that moment. If someone hasn't competed for two weeks they drop from the rankings. Some ranking services will refuse to rank "back ups" even though they have wrestled the majority of the season. They will keep individuals in rankings who haven't wrestled a match attached all season. That seems more of a prediction ranking of where they think the individuals will be up at the end. That is cool...just not what I like seeing in current rankings.
  6. The actual proposal can be found in this thread....depending on your page settings...maybe page 7 or 8... http://forum.theopenmat.com/index.php/t ... 7.html#new
  7. It just isn't about prize money. IMO the money will come from sponsorships....which if he is successful on the mat and in the cage will be plentiful.
  8. I may be remembering this incorrectly but didn't Mark Schultz work with the ASAWA in the past? If so, how did it go?
  9. You do realize that volunteer coaches do make money....right?
  10. Will he be representing Hofstra this season on the mat? If so, what weight and when will we see him?
  11. http://www.mmafighting.com/2014/1/4/526 ... -ever-seen
  12. http://awn.theopenmat.com/2013/12/seeds ... pionships/
  13. Brew

    Destin McCauley

    Well, he can just chew on coffee mugs then.
  14. Brew

    Destin McCauley

    What is time really....it is all about the Expherience, brah!
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