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  1. 1) Jason Nolf 2) Brock Zacherl
  2. If were going with the thread title, Perrotti has a win or 2 over Realbuto.
  3. Perry just tweeted "big news coming" ... Here we goooo
  4. The guy I spoke to(current UNC wrestler) answered my question as to whether or not mock would be back with a definitive but discreet "no" ... Why or how hokie and I would make up the same story is beyond me, but to call people misinformed liars because they got a scoop you didn't is just foolish.
  5. Nailed it. The blog was a desperation headlock thrown after it was clear he would not remain at his post.
  6. That's probably a question for CD himself or maybe a UNC admin(depending on what side of the story you prefer.) All I know is that the writing was on the inside walls, and not in invisible ink.
  7. The team was aware prior to the start of the spring semester that it would be Mock's last, and Scott was likely to be the next man up.
  8. Jimmy Gulibons short offense/front head series is right up there with the best of them, however not given due credit. Its often chalked up to being stocky and defensive, but i'd venture to say he creates that position more often than sprawls into it. Once he's there he is behind you almost instantly. Ryan Taylor is amazing with peak outs and such but had little success vs Jimmy in those positions.
  9. Never even won districts (AAA Dist 3).
  10. The ref injury happened in theobold/Pagdalio
  11. MatEater


    If you don't think I'm hanging on your taped up hand, or making you put weight on a bad knee, you're crazy.
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