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  1. Or .... You cannot wrestle attached for your team when redshirting or academically ineligible. Nice win for Lehigh today vs Boise State. A forfeit loss followed by 9 straight wins - 4 settled in the 3rd period. Amazing the difference when you get some sleep the night before a match.
  2. So if you already used your redshirt year and have been starting this year what would cause you to wrestle unattached (Lehigh) while Haas is now off redshirt and in the lineup ? I was providing info in an admittedly subtle way.
  3. But Brill competed unattached last weekend.
  4. GP

    Jay Hammond

    Carp, Arrangements are in process for carrying on the work of Jay. Jamie Moffatt and I along with Leroy Smith are working out the details. Suffice it to say that all the data bases are in my possession. At present Cornell,Lehigh and Penn State have copies of the data base and have assigned people to continue updating the database for their particular University. The Hall of Fame is working on the continuation also. Before his death Jay had finished updating the NCAA database and had a few articles written. Jamie Moffatt had been working with Jay to finish the articles and Leroy Smith was planning for an updated release of the History of Collegiate Wrestling that will be available in electronic format. One major issue that is left is for a co-ordination of efforts to continue to update wrestlingstats.com. We need to find out the particulars of how to access that site along with passwords and arrange to take over the site. In time, I will communicate with his wife Galina, a wonderful person, to try to obtain this info. I have no information about whether Jay will be recognized at the NCAA tournament this year but I wholly support the idea. On a personal note I want to thank everyone for the prayers,warm wishes, and great comments about Jay. I plan to copy all of this to give to Galina so she can see the far reaching positive effect Jay had on the wrestling community. This is one more example of the special nature of those who embrace our beloved sport. Garry Paul
  5. GP

    Jay Hammond

    The wrestling world just lost one of its greatest fans as noted wrestling historian Jay Hammond lost his battle with Esophageal cancer at 4:45 this morning. Please keep him in your prayers.
  6. With six(6) 5th year seniors in Rutgers starting lineup (and all talented recruits) vs 5 freshman in Lehigh's this would be the year for Rutgers to win it. Brill is out with and injury after just 1 appearance at Midlands. For now it seems that true freshman Haas will man the position after 10 weeks out with the same injury Hatchett had last year. The coaches love him and he has talent but it's still raw and the layoff has him scrambling to get back into wrestling shape.The move up in levels that usually accompanies a talented wrestler's first year has not had time to occur.
  7. Tough duty for Robert Hamlin as his one hand is wrapped like a mummy. It's not even a claw.No grip is possible and hand control is a big problem. He beat Steinhaus like that even though Steinhaus keep shooting the leg on the side of the bad hand. He beat a tough Binghamton kid like that also but Ruth is a completely different matter. My heart roots for the Vermonster but my mind says he's got big problems. He's game though and will go until the end.
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