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  1. Villanova was not dropped by the administration. It was dropped by duPont because, in my opinion, he didn't realize how much administration was involved in a college program, and he didn't like having to learn and abide by all the NCAA rules. John tried to make me feel responsible for his decision by asking me what I'd do if I was him. At that point I was being paid as a team foxcatcher coach and no longer part of Villanova. I said "Well John, there's no NCAA rules in freestyle and it seems Villanova will never give the team a wrestling room". The announcement it would be dropped came the next day.
  2. The story is based on Mark Schultz's autobiography and will be told from Mark's (Channing Tatum) perspective and the love, loyalty, and sibling rivaly he had with his brother. One person posted "if wrestling supported their athletes more duPont would never have been able to take advantage of their poor financial situation. This is true. duPont plays an important role but he's not the main character even though the title is sort of nomenclature for duPont. There's a lot of misinformation and speculation on this thread. If you want to know the truth about anything I'll answer it.
  3. Man. Anyone know why or how he killed himself?
  4. Does anyone know how he died? I'm going to miss him.
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