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  1. Lock haven has no challenges
  2. correct. we're on in :15
  3. We are delaying the start of the finals for the conclusion of the game. We'll be on :30after the end of the game
  4. Coverage always continues. Any important highlights will air after the break.
  5. Generally speaking, the coverage will be similar to the semifinal broadcast. Since it's only round 2, the higher seeds will usually get the coverage as there are probably few compelling matchups. Up to 4 matches will be shown at once with the ability to go full screen as the need arises. Biggest issue (difficulty) is that the matches are continuous, and, of course, there is the small matter of getting commercials in.
  6. Want to know more about how the network and internet broadcasts are created by ESPN? The link below will take you to an article that appeared on the Sports Video Group web site. There's a lot of inside baseball, arcane information, but you can get a bit of an idea of the size of the show. http://www.sportsvideo.org/2016/03/18/ncaa-wrestling-championships-a-multiscreen-marvel-from-espn/
  7. ESPN has the ability to know how many unique viewers there are on-line watching at any moment. Haven't heard the numbers this year, but the first year of the multicast on the web there were 100,000+ unique viewers Thursday evening. Less during the day. I wonder how many of those day viewers were on office computers? One would assume the numbers would increase in succeeding years as the word got out, and the number of people watching TV on line generally increases. The numbers must be acceptable because the level of coverage on Watch ESPN has increased every year. The level of technology required for the multicast rivals the ESPN/ESPNU coverage. Surprisingly, the numbers for the Men's Tournament weren't significantly different than wrestling, on the cable networks (TBS, and others). CBS numbers, of course were significantly higher.
  8. The decision to start at 149 was made by ESPN with the approval of the Wrestling Committee.
  9. I work on the shows, mostly with the scoring crews
  10. Generally speaking, the higher seed matches, or matches that will impact the team race are picked first.
  11. I can confirm the ESPNU coverage on Thursday. I was inside the truck working on the show. By the way, if you didn't see the Off The Mat show on ESPN3 Saturday night, it's worth a look. Like what is done with the football championship, There will be a panel of coaches, former wrestlers, and some of this year's champions doing live commentary during the finals.
  12. I've enjoyed this discussion. There's one item that is not considered, at least as how the ESPN Release is written. These ratings are based on metered markets. Those are restricted to major metropolitan areas. Not measured by the meters are smaller market areas that have strong wrestling interest i.e. central PA, Iowa outside of Des Moines, Southern Minn., etc. In the Big Ten area, football and basketball games always show a measurable jump in ratings when the outlying areas are included... especially any event including Iowa, Wisconsin, or Ohio St. These numbers are delayed because they come from either diaries or phone surveys. Since we're out of sweeps, those areas may not be measured now.
  13. Every match of the tournament is on ESPN3.com, championship and consolation rounds
  14. Slight correction... the Saturday morning medal round is on ESPNU
  15. BTN has exclusive rights to all events coming from the conference schools. They do not have the rights to non-conference events on another campus. i.e. Iowa at Oklahoma State would be available to ESPN. There have been a few exceptions, mostly in hockey, but the network is reluctant to give up any event to a competitor... an understandable position. The Big Ten television contract expires in 2016. The rights negotiation will be, to say the least, spirited. The question is whether Fox feels they have an inside track since they already have their foot in the door with BTN. The money that will change hands starting in 2017 will be breath-taking. That being said, there are a number of upper management folks at ESPN that are wrestling fans. It's to their credit that the NCAA coverage has increased every year.
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