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  1. Another trip back in time, as I tell the stories of two successful wrestlers of the past whose lives ended tragically -- Oklahoma State's Dick Beattie, and Cornell College's Rodger "the Milkman" Snook... http://intermatwrestle.com/articles/16449 Mark (Edited to add photos -- Beattie on left)
  2. Amazing how many dual All-Americans there are! Thanks to all who have contributed. If you come across any others, let us know! Mark
  3. An InterMat reader posted in the comments section for the article mentioned another athlete who earned All-American honors in wrestling and football... Jess Lewis, 2x NCAA hwt champ at Oregon State (3x NCAA All-American) who also earned AA in football in 1967, according to Wikipedia. Mark
  4. Thanks for the info, Gambattle, on Art Baker. You mentioned that he was the 2d African-American NCAA champ. I came across a profile of him from years ago where he was describing his title win. He was going up against Tim Woodin, powerfully-built Michigan State wrestler who usually competed at 177, and was a pinner and 2x Big Ten champ. Anyway, Baker told the reporter that he told Woodin as they were shaking hands at the beginning of the bout something to the effect of, "Nothing against you, I'm going to be the first brother to win a national title" -- not realizing that honor had already been claimed by Simon Roberts of U of Iowa two years earlier. Seeing film of the Baker-Woodin match, Baker was very lean and active, seemingly frustrating Woodin. Woodin went on to a long career as pro wrestler Tim Woods and masked good-guy Mr Wrestling. Mark
  5. Was blessed to have contact with some of the guys who were behind this project, and able to write about it for InterMat. Hope to see it in person someday. Mark
  6. Long ago, college wrestling coaches wouldn't let their wrestlers into the weight room ("It'll make you muscle-bound!")... yet there were wrestlers known for their strength and incredible physiques. Here's a photo-feature about a handful of these mat greats... https://intermatwrestle.com/articles/16421
  7. The only footage I've seen of Dan Hodge in action was a "blink and you'll miss it" pin. I bet it wasn't ten seconds long. I know that my DVD of the '56 NCAA finals doesn't have his match -- all it has is a slide to say he won. Mark
  8. Today -- May 13 -- is the 84th birthday of Dan Allen Hodge, one of the all-time greats of US amateur wrestling.
  9. Learned today that Jon Llewellyn, 1991 NCAA heavyweight champ for the University of Illinois, is battling early onset dementia. A GoFundMe account has been set up for Jon and his family. Here's the story. A link to the GoFundMe page is in the article. http://intermatwrestle.com/articles/16338 Being familiar with FTD in my own family, this is truly tragic for this 47-year-old former athlete who beat Kurt Angle twice in college -- once to win the NCAA title. Prayers for the Llewellyn family. Mark
  10. At about noon Sunday Eastern, Morris Johnson's sister-in-law posted that Brother Morris passed away overnight. Prayers to his family and friends. PS Thanks to Scribe for sharing some of Brother Morris' posts to this forum. Brings back wonderful thoughts/memories of what a truly great guy he was... a guy who will live on in our hearts and our memories.
  11. According to his Facebook page, Brother Morris has been taken off life support, but as of an hour ago, was still alive, family at his side.
  12. I like this idea. In fact, I jokingly suggested the 2015 NCAAs be conducted under 1928 rules (including uniforms) for the 85th anniversary of the event: http://www.examiner.com/list/2015-ncaa-finals-could-feature-1928-era-wrestling-ring-uniforms-rules BTW, in 1963, wrestlers at a number of programs in the Midwest and West wrestled in trunks and tights, no shirts... schools like Iowa, Iowa State, Oklahoma State, Oklahoma, to name a few. A couple years later, the NCAA required shirts. To see what wrestlers looked like 50 years ago, check out video of the 1962 NCAA finals at Gallagher Hall: http://www.examiner.com/article/complete-1962-ncaa-wrestling-finals-film-all-matches-unedited-now-online Mark
  13. In years of interviewing current and former college wrestlers, one of the recurring themes brought up by these athletes is "time management." A number of guys have said that's critical to success in the classroom and on the mat. One of my favorite images from a decade ago at the NCAAs was seeing a premed undergrad with books matside, studying while waiting to be called to the mat. Said he couldn't take a moment away from keeping up with his studies. Another example that comes to mind is the late Greg Plitt, wrestler, West Point grad and US Army Ranger. Here's what he told me in an interview for InterMat: http://intermatwrestle.com/articles/2783/As-Seen-on-TV-and-on-your-newsstand-Greg-Plitt "They say West Point is a leadership school, but I think it's a place where leaders become even better leaders," according to Plitt. "It's all about management -- time management, learning how to use limited resources to maximum effect, how to work with others as a team." Mark
  14. This story has pretty much been unreported over its 18-month life. Corey Mock is the son of CD Mock, the former University of North Carolina head wrestling coach who was fired in June. Decision to expel ex-UTC wrestler Corey Mock reversed in court Mark Palmer, InterMat Senior Writer 8/11/2015 mark@intermatwrestle.com, Twitter: @MatWriter A state judge has ruled that the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga made a mistake in finding former Moc wrestler Corey Mock guilty of sexual misconduct based on his inability to prove he had obtained verbal consent from a woman who described her own memory of their encounter as clouded by intoxication. To keep reading... http://intermatwrestle.com/articles/14749
  15. Bradley Glass, Illinois HS state champ who then became a 2x EIWA heavyweight champ and 1951 NCAA titlewinner in the unlimited weight class at Princeton University (becoming that school's only NCAA champ), died Thursday in Wisconsin. He was 84. To keep reading... http://intermatwrestle.com/articles/14741 Mark
  16. What the Iowa-Oklahoma State outdoor dual means for wrestling Mark Palmer, InterMat Senior Writer 8/8/2015 mark@intermatwrestle.com, Twitter: @MatWriter Last week's teaser on Twitter concerning an outdoor dual meet at University of Iowa's football stadium proved to be true, as the school's wrestling program confirmed it would be hosting Oklahoma State outside at Kinnick Stadium in mid-November, the Hawkeyes announced Thursday ... with implications for college wrestling that go far beyond Iowa City. Grapple on the Gridiron takes place Nov. 14 at Kinnick Stadium (Photo/(Brian Ray/hawkeyesports.com) The original teaser tweet on @Hawks_Wrestling with a visual that featured the date 11.14.15 with the lines of a football field in the background -- all with the idea of breaking a dual attendance record now held by Penn State -- is now "Grapple on the Gridiron" to be held Saturday, Nov. 14 at 11 a.m. Central. That's well ahead of the previously-scheduled 7 p.m. Hawkeye football game vs. Minnesota, which led to earlier speculation the al fresco wrestling event would feature Iowa vs. the Golden Gophers. Instead, the Oklahoma State Cowboys will be invading Kinnick for this unique college wrestling event, the kickoff (pun intended) for the season for both storied wrestling programs. To keep reading... http://intermatwrestle.com/articles/14738 Mark
  17. I was going to mention the UNI-Dome at Cedar Falls... then I see it has a seating capacity of 16,000 for football and basketball, and has held as many as 22,000. BTW, Wells Fargo in DSM seats just shy of 17,000. Those figures aren't that much better than Carver's seating capacity, at least in terms of moving the event way off campus. Besides, I think the point of the outdoor dual at Kinnick goes beyond "bringing the record back to Iowa"... but also the idea of outdoor college wrestling events is pretty foreign to those of us who haven't lived in Arizona or California, and are sure to generate considerable media coverage. Mark
  18. From reading the press release, sounds like they have contingency plans to move it inside Carver-Hawkeye... but no explanation as to what would cause that. Snow? Ice? Rain? Temps below _____ (fill in the blank with a "too cold to wrestle in synthetic singlet outdoors)? Mark
  19. For me, the issue of "coverage" for the NCAA Division I Wrestling Championships is NOT about "more TV/streaming coverage" -- I agree, that's all we can ask for, and more.* What I mean is -- getting USA Today and major local newspapers -- along with Sports Illustrated, ESPN, and other national sports media -- to even MENTION the event, let alone provide anything remotely appearing to be ongoing reporting coverage. I've always figured this was a problem in large part because of March Madness basketball. Mark * To think that a bit more than a decade ago, we were still stuck with limited, tape-delayed coverage of the NCAA finals. (Remember when ESPN interrupted whatever they were showing, to show Cael Sanderson's last college match LIVE?) We've come a long way, baby.
  20. For what it's worth, the only scheme I've ever heard/read about would be a January-April schedule, not moving wrestling to fall. One of the reasons: to get the NCAA wrestling championships out from under the 800-pound gorilla that is basketball championships, with the hope that, once b-ball is over, sports media can focus on the oldest-and-greatest sport. I remember writing about this topic a decade ago -- J Robinson really pushed for it in a number of interviews he gave in the mid 2000s. I can imagine it had been discussed long before that. It's one of those perpetual issues, like stalling. We talk, but nothing much changes. Mark
  21. Just to clarify things... the Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame is independent of any college. It is NOT affiliated with University of Oklahoma, nor Oklahoma State. Honorees must have SOME connection to sports (amateur or pro) within the state of Oklahoma. Pat Smith and Yojiro Uetake Obata will be welcomed this Monday night (Aug 3), along with athletes from other sports. Here's my write-up announcing the event: http://intermatwrestle.com/articles/14711 Mark
  22. Yes, he was born in June 1989, so he turned 26 this summer
  23. I enjoyed the Port Robertson book and would recommend it. Lots of photos, some new to me. Realize that the book is NOT all wrestling, as Robertson was involved in the wrestling program... and, in fact, was responsible for the behavior of ALL male athletes at Oklahoma, including gymnasts and golfers -- making sure they went to class, didn't get into trouble with the law, etc. Here's what I wrote about it for InterMat earlier this year: http://intermatwrestle.com/articles/13926 Mark
  24. I'm not home right now, but there's a great book about Harold Nichols that I have, that, if I remember correctly, has a chapter on his time at Arkansas State. I'm pretty sure the program did well under his direction (immediately after he served in World War II... just before he came to Iowa State in '53 or '54 upon the sudden death of coach Otapolik). I think the chapter mentions the general lack of HS wrestling in Arkansas. Let me check and get back to you... or email me at mark@intermatwrestle.com Mark
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