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  1. Hopefully was not a constant matside coach but also busy recruiting. Maybe. (?)
  2. Penn State They’re also 5 for 5. Wow! Nice job Coach Cael & staff!
  3. Plenty of examples. Point is - why couldn’t you get a takedown or closer to securing a takedown in the 32’ allowed inside the circle? Plenty of real estate to work with. I think the other contributor in another thread was correct that we’ve gravitated toward more line wrestling than mat wrestling over the years.
  4. “NCAA rules require a mat size of 42' x 42' with a minimum wrestling circle of 32'. High School regulation size is 38' x 38' with a minimum 28' wrestling circle.” Seems like we should be wrestling in smaller areas, not larger ones. Proximity to the mat of scorer’s table should not directly impact one’s ability to get a takedown on the mat. Agree?
  5. Agree. A lot of growth / a lot of improvement since Drexel…both on the mat and off. Respect. (just @HurricaneWrestling2 )
  6. so….no, this isn’t the lowest total year, but…..still a downward trend pin? 2021 = 59 total 2020 = COVID cancelled 2019 = 63 2018 = 69 2017 = 70 2016 = 70 2015 = 56 (record low total?) 2014 = 75 2013 = 74 2012 = 79 2011 = not available 2010 = not available 2009 = not available
  7. So 58 total - and unlikely to add to it during tonight’s finals - with still only four guys getting 2 pins. is that a record low total pins for the tournament?
  8. Agree. Thought the same when I checked it last night after semis. Understood that it’s natty’s….and pins should be harder to come by….but to only have four guys on the final day (so far) with more than just one pin?….that’s crazy. And the time gap between Schultz and the other three guys is even crazier. Definitely a weird non-covid year.
  9. no - 2 is most so far per stats on trackwrestling link…
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