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  1. ...only for those who are deemed worthy...
  2. Missed an opportunity to go with the firm of Dewey, Cheatham, & Howe. (*reference courtesy of The Three Stooges episodes) But point understood.
  3. https://www.thesterilaser.com/
  4. discuss... :-) (because someone had to start this thread)
  5. Brandon Womack (Cornell U., 2017-present) = EIWA (1-3-2-tbd), NCAA (8-dnp-dnp-tbd) *2019 NCAA, lost to Hall-PSU (2nd) and Skatzka-Minnesota (8th) *2018 NCAA, lost to Jordan-tOSU (5th) and Bastian-UVU (dnp) *2017 NCAA, lost to Jordan-Wisconsin (4th) and Lewis-Mizzou (6th) and Walsh-Rider (7th) Blake Herrin (American U., 2013) = EIWA (2), NCAA (dnp) *2013 NCAA, lost to Gibson-Iowa State (8th) and Delaney-Citadel (7th) Seth Garvin (U.Wisconsin, 2005-2006 / UT-Chattanooga, 2007-2009) = SoCon (1-1), NCAA (dnp-dnp) *2009 NCAA, lost to Sponseller-tOSU (dnp) and Vallimont-PSU (dnp) *2008 NCAA, lost to Vallimont-PSU (3rd) and Becker-Indiana (4th) HM: Josh Statum (UT-Chattanooga, 2009) = SoCon (2) HM: T.J. Sayers (UT-Chattanooga, 2007) = SoCon (1), NCAA (dnp) Alabama. While incredibly proud of these guys for what they were able to do - clearly, we have a long way to go on the national stage by comparison to the other 49.
  6. Actually, the score was 7-2 even in the screen grab used...and from the screen grab you see the official signaling for 2nf (instead of technical violation) which moved the score to 9-2. But I see your point. And yes, I was kidding anyway. All in fun. That momentary snap didn't dictate what happened immediately before or after it. Props to Amuchastegui. Yes. And yes. Call it a success. Although you have to admit...while not the best PSU had all time, Ruth is/was/is pretty solid.
  7. check back in with us when you get to 16x and you can work up from there
  8. Good point. Yours is probably correct and superior TV rez quality to mine & SamStall's. I gotta upgrade.
  9. Clearly, Amuchastegui got to the semis fair/square. A decent leg turk, a good singlet grab here/there to keep your opponent on his back, ...and you're in. Deserving/earned. Weird that Ruth's left leg was injured, but his right leg took all of the abuse as the trapped leg. It was crazy. Until the 3rd period, still thought he would pull a rabbit of the hat. Credit to Amuchastegui on the turns, but Ruth was literally tied down - or 'strapped' down, if you will. I'd call that impeding Ruth's path to the 4. That's a foul. Grabbing headgear = okay (*ref: see Suriano vs. Fix). Grabbing singlets = not okay (unless uncalled).
  10. All this bickering over testing/non-detection.... Cassar's lip ink actually says "PSU 4 LIFE"....SamStall365247 just has a crappy TV or one with poor resolution... :-)
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