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  1. I don't know how he'll do one week from now, but he should do okay two weeks from now. ;)
  2. Well, crap. 2 seconds riding time away from OT and a better chance of keeping all 10 Hawkeyes alive. Dziewa can scramble but can't score.
  3. 4 mats 1 dashboard (trackwrestling to keep up with which match on which mat and when)
  4. Had video/audio on Mats 1, 2, and 4. Could only get audio (no video) on Mat 3 for some reason. Waiting on next session.
  5. The webcasts on the ULive.CBSSports.com links are good if you keep an eye on the TrackWrestling dashboard. Been watching Mat 1, Mat 2, and Mat 4. (Been having trouble with Mat 3 since they started.)
  6. No clue how it ended up in Birmingham (....I mean, I know....but I'm still in shock...), but glad it's here. Hope there is local media attention. Would be good to see it pick up around here. :) Hope to see some of you fools on Saturday at least.
  7. Supposed to use five words Some people are new here.
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