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  1. Congrats to Jayson Spencer (St. John Paul II Catholic H.S. - Huntsville, AL)....2018-19 AHSAA State Champ, Class 1A-5A, 160 lb. https://www.al.com/sports/2019/02/you-dont-have-to-see-to-wrestle-legally-blind-alabama-hs-senior-chases-state-title.html Another reason wrestling is the best sport.
  2. I repeat. This place is the best eternal sophomore class. Ever.
  3. Agree. I was appreciating that for two days (Thurs/Fri) there were complaints about interviews taking up air time and causing missed match time during broadcast. IT WAS EVEN SUGGESTED HERE that they do the interviews WHILE showing the matches - which oddly enough, ESPN got the note and did so during the Finals. But yet...we still complain. SMH Guys, we have 3 days of tournament - during the worst overshadowing event this time of year in MBKB and WBKB weeks long tournaments - and ESPN (thankfully) still manages to give us at home all rounds being aired on national television and all mats being streamed online/on apps. Be thankful. Suggest more. Complain less.
  4. considering the PAC12 performance this year at the men's BKB tourney....wrestling would be a step up for sure
  5. Exactly, If anyone successfully gets Saban or Smart on board....watch out! :-)
  6. if you mean by wrestling five tough matches in three days...and waiting until the fifth match to win by fall...over a former DI National Champ... then yes, what a complete tool he is
  7. anyone have them as tying MIchigan for 4th in team race ?!? anyone ?!?
  8. he said see what it feels like your mileage may vary
  9. enough about individual weight bets...who had NC State tying MIchigan for 4th place in team standings ?!?
  10. as of tonight's finals...they probably all weigh the same
  11. Iowa State probably does more now than anyone
  12. should have also closed with "We Are..."
  13. Ho Lee Cow (x3) NICKAL JUST LOCKED IT
  14. guessing valencia is also glad asu revived the program
  15. ....and this was a school that dropped their program... smh
  16. not a psu fan per se but after the way this season & weekend have gone...was hoping they go 5 for 5
  17. more action, you say? why yes, sir...i think we can accommodate you
  18. earlier today, they talked about the new rule this year is 90degree rather than 45degree to encourage more action seems to work
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