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  1. Are you thinking if he redshirts now, he could potentially be the first ever 5x finalist?
  2. EIWA Champ NCAA Qualifier wrestled up from 13-seed to 8th-finish Kudos, Brandon!
  3. Not at all. Hate losing. But an occasional loss helps maintain perspective. Hey, I'm not a fan of all of his trash talk or all of his mannerisms either...but I'm not joining the lynch mob that's been assembling for him either.
  4. so...post-3rd-place match behavior and interview help silence the haters now? Bravo, Gilman.
  5. pulling Suriano --> Cael dropped a bag of dog poo on everyone else's porch how PSU has peak wrestled this weekend --> Cael lit that bag on fire
  6. Winning the crowd proves sometimes tougher than winning the season or winning 'the' bracket.
  7. Maybe not far removed from Stephen Baldwin at the Line Up (The Usual Suspects).
  8. funny --> the Snyder interview happening at the close of the semis....and the arena music playing in the background is U2's "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" Well played.
  9. You would prefer maybe Alec Baldwin giving his best Trump instead? Come to think of it...that might have been interesting in itself.
  10. (this thread because somebody had to...and he earned it) Brandon - you have done yourself, your family (even your extended family), your team, your school, and your home state proud!! All-American status to a little ol' kid from Alabama Keep working to improve! from another former AL high school wrestler and another Scottsboro HS wrestling alum ======================================================================= your best coach is experience your best opponent is yourself ======================================================================= old wrestlers don't die...they just change their level
  11. Hey....waitaminute! What's that last part supposed to mean? :-) Seriously though - he's done pretty well, and we're proud of him. Hoping he can AA.
  12. Wow. Thoughts and prayers to his family and friends at this time. former Camarillo High (CA) wrestler killed while returning home from the CIF State Wrestling Championship (source: the Ventura County Star)
  13. Called 'drum technique'. If do right. No can defense.
  14. Sweep the leg, Johnny. Do you have a problem with that? No mercy.
  15. He (WalterWhite) was not only merely wrong - he was clearly most sincerely wrong.
  16. Wow. "Media credentials are only granted to legitimate news gathering organizations for their editorial content and the regular gathering of timely transitiion of news. Legitimate news organizations have...(blah, blah, blah). ...(blah, blah) section, legitimate internet organizations may also qualify as news gathering organizations eligible for media credtentials. (followed by more blah, blah, blah)" Just wow. Who among us is more "legit" than Twink?? SMH
  17. ^ wow..really?? I'm surprised. Well, there you go. Watering hole trivia answer for you. You owe me a drink.
  18. CT - you've been on these boards for years. How do you (or even some other old timers) not know that one of the first answers to your question is: Gary Witherspoon - 1x New Mexico, 1x Colorado, 2x Washington 1986-1989 i had a newspaper clipping about him from between his jr and sr year - the joke was 'what state next?' he was one of Sports Illustrated's "Faces in the Crowd" after his 4th title **quick Google search yielded this also: --> source link here
  19. I like Baldwin. I like Kessenich. We need more Rinaldi. Or more cowbell. Seriously, about the only thing ESPN didn't do for us was a Tom Rinaldi story. Which would probably do more good for us (toward gaining more of the 'non-traditional' viewers) than we realize. ++1,000 from where it's been
  20. (on the mat) Blatnik > Baldwin (on the mic) Baldwin > Blatnik it's a positive to have him as part of the broadcast team from a media perspective
  21. .....now four pages and growing......
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