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  1. So.....not the impossible leg.....but the nearly impossible leg...??
  2. Then my point was that Delgado has done that in probably every match. Even Tim Johnson commented on that being 'his style'. He backs up, takes a low (long) single shot, and usually converts in a scramble. I'm not saying I like it or agree with it either, but it has worked for him....all the way to a B1G title and Nat title. The difference was Megaludis did a great job stopping it (but just got caught in the cradle).
  3. Wow. Watch much wrestling this season?
  4. Agree. And my first should have been phrased as a question too. with a "(?)" Wasn't sure. I think you're right. That rule would apply for National Duals. Irrelevant now anyway.
  5. Looks like rule 3.12.1 would apply. Rule 3.12 Breaking Team Ties in Dual-Meets and Team-Advancement Tournaments. When two teams finish in a tie in a dual meet or a team advancement tournament, the following shall be applied to determine a winner: 3.12.1 Greater number of victories. Note: Forfeits, defaults and disqualifications count only toward total number of victories. 3.12.2 Combined total of falls and technical falls. 3.12.3 Total match points. 3.12.4 First take down. One team point shall be awarded to the team winning by criteria. The method of recording the score in breaking team ties shall be the score followed by the number of criteria that broke the tie (for example, Team A 17, Team B 16, criterion 3.12.2). In regular-season dual-meet competition, team ties shall not be broken. RATIONALE: Simplifies the tie-breaker criteria for team-advancement tournaments and establishes it for dual meets. Conference tournaments will benefit by using the simplified criteria to determine the winner when ties occur.
  6. Can't believe he didn't have some funky hair color or design. Can believe he's that good though.
  7. How is in the Finals 'undeserving' ?? I don't get it.
  8. Bitch all you want. We (as fans) got what we wanted. A match in the Finals that means something in the team race. How long has it been since the team title wasn't pretty well locked up before the finals by either Penn State, Iowa, or Oklahoma State?
  9. His mom will. ESPNU kept showing her squirming during his semis match. Finally smiled/applauded DSJ when it was (finally) over.
  10. -1 Advantage: Cyclones Team - Number of Pins Total Time 1. Penn State - 10 in 26:14 2. Minnesota - 6 in 19:08 3. Oklahoma St. - 4 in 4:57 4. Oregon St. - 4 in 9:54 5. Iowa St. - 4 in 11:21 6. Iowa - 4 in 11:48 Above stat = so......Cyclones did as much with less...and in less time? A saving grace?
  11. Speaking of bonus points.........dang......with or without the Altons..... Team - Number of Pins Total Time 1. Penn State - 10 in 26:14 2. Minnesota - 6 in 19:08 3. Oklahoma St. - 4 in 4:57 4. Oregon St. - 4 in 9:54 5. Iowa St. - 4 in 11:21 6. Iowa - 4 in 11:48 7. The Citadel - 4 in 13:32 8. Ohio St. - 3 in 7:50 9. Northern Iowa - 3 in 9:14 10. Nebraska - 3 in 9:40 11. Ohio - 3 in 11:44 12. North Carolina - 3 in 13:58
  12. .....and there you have it..... Wrestler Name (Team) Number of Pins in Total Time 1. Taylor, David (Penn State) 4 in 9:23 2. Thorn, David (Minnesota) 3 in 8:09 3. Delaney, Odie (The Citadel) 3 in 12:24 4. Gelogaev, Alan (Oklahoma St.) 2 in 0:52 5. Ramos, Tony (Iowa) 2 in 3:03
  13. http://www.trackwrestling.com/predefine ... d=80861009
  14. Most of us are expecting more risk. From Taylor's perspective.....what's the worst that can happen? Get pinned in the finals to finish in 2nd? Already happened. Nothing new there. The focus is the win. A pin? Not likely at all, but everyone can get caught. If it happens, it's icing on the cake made from a dominant tournament run this year. From Dake's perspective.....what's at stake? History? Already made it with 3 at 3 different. Nothing new there. What else? Giving up a point? Now, that is new at this point. He's made it so far without giving one up. Is the focus on winning 4 at 4 or on not giving up a point? Working to 'not lose' (or not give up a point) may change the dynamic.
  15. There was a longshot chance that could happen. Not now. Gelogaev just won consi semis 4-3 on a last second takedown......so DT = Gorrarian this year.
  16. No. Watching both ESPN3 online and ESPNU on tv.
  17. ESPN3 online webcast is the same as the ESPNU tv broadcast. Only diff is about a 5 second delay between web and tv.
  18. BamaGrappler


    ^^ That is the first and only (so far) decent spam I've seen on these forums. :lol:
  19. Keep up with mat assignments on the TrackWrestling dashboard: http://www.trackwrestling.com/predefine ... d=80861009 Watch on ESPNU at 10:00am Central or 11:00am Eastern. Or watch live online at ESPN3: http://espn.go.com/watchespn/index/_/source/ean/ You can watch replays on the ESPN link above for everything shown so far. Go to that link, click the 'Replay' tab.
  20. http://www.trackwrestling.com/predefine ... d=80861009
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