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  1. banks should get one he has win over a wrestler who has made it to the nat, tournment which is one of the criterias. He was injured for awhile so missied some match but truely deserves a spot. Way to go pride that tough heavy sch. is paying off at the best time !!!! jermane John has a very solid shot also for a spot at 74 he has some very solid wins over some ranked guys this year.
  2. marty .condolences???? wow!!!no need to reply would rather you didn't....this thread was started not by myself, was happy to see all the well wishes from the wrestling community and you took a jab at his age then you took a shot a turning this into some thing else. just saying this was not a thread for you to get twisted. :roll: ...peace
  3. Marty ......? :roll: :? ;) even now you still taking jabs. Thanks but what is the deal with age ? He isnt the first or wont be the last to have done this so please you belittle my son by making statements like that. Again I thank the rest of the wrestling community for all the kind words for Justin.
  4. solid first step, now keep it going!!! Go Pride!!!!
  5. Thanks to all for the kind words!! Justin never went on these boards but , he asked after his surgery on thurs if there were anybody commenting on the boards about him not being able to wrestle this year. I told him about all the kind words that have been posted so he checked it out for the first time, and it made him feel better, because he was affraid that fans may have thought he just gave it up without giving it everthing he had to reach his goal that he set for himself at a very early age. we never put it out there what kind of injury or how bad of injury he had other then people seeing him in a knee brace one could guess but he has had 3 acl surgerys and never took the full 12 months that you should really take for this kind of injury. 6 month each time and right back on the mat for him. this time when he did it he was at practice in aug. so he had 2 options surgery and his season would be over, or rest and try to wrestle without the acl, he gave it evrything he had but the doc and coaches after his last MRI revealed bone on bone wear so doc. would not allow justin to continue, also coach rob who I is a great coach as well as 2nd father to justin in my book, callled me and made the tough call that I was unable to do or justin for that fact either, for that I would like to thank coach rob, because he thought about what was best for my son not the team, and to me that say's alot about a coach. sorry to run on like this but thought I should replie to you all . Thanks again for supportting justin through his tuff time . This will be the first step in justin next journey in life and now its time for him to get healthy and help support the pride to in what ever role he can play, and then turn to coaching and make some future AA or state champions we will see what happens... Mr. Accordino
  6. 50 grand is more on the truth side!!!of course you have the wrong facts again please stick to the truth!!! ;) ;) ;)
  7. marty , yawn!!! not how you start but how you finish so lets see where it all winds up in the end before you talk about cutting another d-1 program!!!! ok!!! thanks .... :P :P :P ;) :)
  8. kyler looked like a giant compared to jordan a true frosh that year....
  9. Hofstra would drop wrestling , after they dropped there football team, wrong again!!! hofstra would never have aa again after coach ryan left for ohio... wrong again. my son would never aa... wrong again 3 strikes youir out of here!!!!:lol: :lol: ;)
  10. knuckle head...aka short wit marty!!! once again you put out bad info , justin will be 25 not 26 and not the first to have been 25 and wrestled !!! we are just grateful never to have fell under your curse!!!! will no longer reply to you on the college board since you should not be on here, unlike you I am a man of my word!!! You should give it a shot sometime!!! lol :lol: :lol: ;)
  11. when kuckle head aka li marty said a certain 149lber from Hofstra would never AA I knew justin was curse free!!!:D :D ;) his wisdom of the sport is pure banter!!!! I think these are 2 great wrestlers and will be fun to watch and great for the sport!!! no one values anything he has to say anymore since he can not keep his word and keeps posting on the wrong forum.... liwa boards are so much better now with out all his hate, banned for life:lol: :lol: :lol: .
  12. this is all pretty funny!!! but I have flying tiger winner by TKO :lol: :lol: ;) .
  13. 4xAA and nat.champion gregor g. has been training like a mad man and I will say it here he will be champion in the near future. ;)
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