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    king82 reacted to scribe in Anyone else not all that impressed when a wrestler who's been bred to win a NCAA title wins it?   
    Scientists should use Kyle Snyder and hot mothers of wrestlers to sire an endless crop of wrestlers over the next 50 years.
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    king82 reacted to Aviator12 in Ohio States rankings are unreal   
    You both sound like idiots. Exchange numbers and regurgitate your second grade bickering privately. I'm cringing for both of you. Who the **** cares what you two are arguing about?? I mean seriously.
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    king82 got a reaction from zhawk in Video clip of Iranian Fans at the 2015 world cup in Los Angeles   
    You are an idiot.
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    king82 reacted to buck in Nick Roberts transfers to.....   
    Stove Pipe's inside sources are about as accurate as John McCain's foreign policy predictions.
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