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  1. I will say this about that.... I had the fortune of being Randy's teammate and have always thought that he had the greatest wrestling mind on the planet. But does anyone have a better grasp on wrestling history than Lewboo? I was a huge Lee Kemp fan and was just a bit behind him in age. In a way he was my Michael Jordon. In other words, the first time I saw Lee wrestle, I wanted to have the same kind of shoes he had. Randy, keep up the good, the fastest time measurable to man is how fast I click the button to see what Randy Lewis has to say. Signed, Greg Robbins
  2. Thing one: I know that this is just bar topic banter, because it actually will never matter and will never be decided. Which is better Ford or Chevy? Which religion is more true? Who is more correct, Republicans, or Democrats?..... Thing two: Change athlete for competitor, Michael Jordon beats Jordon Burroughs is one on one basketball, Jordon Burroughs beats Michael Jordon in wrestling but in their element there might be an element of the effort, capability, will, grit, guts etc that could be considered in an argument like this. Thing three: the world would be a lot better if we respected others opinions with out caring or worrying about what other people think. I know what I know about the dynamic of wrestling, it is the root and foundation of my life, I have my opinions about what it takes to get to the point that Burroughs has gotten to and I didn't say with a definitive absolute that he is the Worlds Greatest Athlete, but I do think it could be considered that he might be and it is not an argument I worry about winning, so.... I don't care what anyone else thinks.
  3. Hilarious..... the 666 thing!
  4. I am going to say that he actually might be. The way he moves, positions, and thinks, in a sport that requires endurance, chess like concentration, snake like reactions and actions, strength poised against immense strength backed by tremendous will, and does so in such an amazing dominant manner could back that up. Add in the broken ankle, my brother actually helped him move into his house and he could not even walk and I thought he was done and had interrupted an amazing run with the dreaded injury bug that has damaged so many great athletes careers, he pulled a John Stockton and didn't miss a beat. I am going to say he very well could be the Worlds greatest athlete.
  5. Yup... totally agree. A few highlights based off of your well produced assessments... I have started another post about the one and done idiot stupidity when you factor in the energy, effort and so forth it takes to get to this tournament. The it's more about the hierarchy of FILA than the athletes is making me start to wonder how we got wrestling back into the Olympics. I wonder about the process of getting our athletes and coaching our athletes knowing that not as much goes into this as we all think it does. I can look this up for myself, but if someone wants to show off a bit, riddle me this?... How does JB's feasible gold and two fifths stack up to other countries?
  6. Don't mistake my rant for being upset about Metcalf or Bergman losing... I have no horse in the fight, I do feel like Metcalf has come a long way, but he has been the most frustrating athlete we have put on the mat..... that is another post, for another day. I have been on a World Team and have been on the big mats, and I do know how much lifetime work is involved to get that opportunity, and to have it all culminate in a one and done format by the same people that thought our refs need to wear ties and jackets, and picked the colors they did, and, and, and ... give these guys the mat, full match time, round robin, non cross bracketing, non country qualifying, show up with your rep and let em rip. And I already know this was a long run on sentence, which I did for emphasis. I was excited that we go voted back in, but it is getting more and more evident why we got in that mess.
  7. One and out is absolutely Bull Shut, and this is the worst rule... situation... dynamic... thinking... whatever... As much effort and energy and time and humanity that goes into training to get good at wrestling, get good enough to get on the world team, train for the World Championships, have someone pick a name out of a hat to put you into a bracket that is designed to "Let other countries do better than they are usually capable of...." with out an opportunity to earn your way to OOOOOONNNNNNNEEEEE third place finish is about the same thing as butt glue at the Miss America Pageant. Let these guys be the best at what they do, let them be the second best at what they do, let them be the third best at what they do, let them prove that sort of stuff with a proper format to do so. Put them in a format that does exactly that, and quit being the worst sport on the face of the planet in order to try to do something that makes zero sense. Brackets are only for seeded tournaments, if your going to blind draw, use the Fargo system, and let them go at it. if a weight class takes four hundred and twenty seven days to figure this out... so be it. Women's volley ball does not finish in one day, why the **** do we have to? There is so much effort that goes into becoming a Contestant in the World ****ing Championships, the current way we are doing things to validate our countries best wrestlers should have bowed down to Squash and Baseball. We do not deserve to be a sport that beat these two sports out of the Olympic opportunity, because we are not even close to the sport that we say we are when we BRAG about being on of the original Olympic Sports.
  8. Randy knew and did things people watching can't see. AND he took risks, Randy would give up three to get four each and every time. I can't remember the exact number but I am going to say around thirty five.... Randy beat and mostly pinned over thirty five world or olympic medalists in his wrestling career.
  9. Five takedowns in International wrestling is a butt whooping.
  10. Dave was the legend John and Cael were the finishers, but there were some amazing technicians thru out my time. Joe Gonzales, Gene Mills, Randy Lewis, Andre Metzger, John Azevedo, Ricky Delgatta, Mark Schultz, Kenny Monday, Nate Carr, Barry Davis, Kevin Darkus, etc...
  11. Lots of good points here, I appreciate ref's input on these forums. Bob Dole, I am not asking for us to turn a horse into a camel, I am just selfish and rarely like low scoring, hand fighting, tie ups with little action slow mo matches. This is just an attempt to have a definite opportunity to hit a staller with a stalling call. Like I said, lots of good points here and I don't think that the rules committee cares what I, or us, think I am just chatting on my favorite board. Viva wrestling, go get em freestylers.
  12. ya lets stick with what brings in about 124 fans per dual... or change things up, with a bit of tweeking, this is a great idea.
  13. Do you really think this is a rule change? Ya sort of, but maybe more so just catching up with a new style of wrestling. This did not use to happen, but now there is a ton more stalemates than I can remember. Maybe not change the rule, but change the dynamic of calling stalling if it is blatent that one wrestler can only stop an offensive move by stopping the action with technique that is really not designed for scoring.... which is stalling.
  14. again, Mega'Delgado is a perfect example of good scrambling and the results of that scenario was not a stalemate, it was points and a victory. Defense is stalling unless the defense is effective in scoring. I won many of my points in many of my matches off of my opponents attempt at offense, but I scored off of there shot. I felt that if I would have stopped there offense only to tie things up to a stalemate, I was stalling and wasting time. There are only a few moments in a wrestling match and everyone of those moments should be going for points or pins.
  15. Sorry you don't get it, funk is good funk is great and we should thank funk for our food.... I am not talking about good funk, I am talking about stalling funk, wasting time funk, stopping action funk. Scrambles are the greatest thing in competitive wrestling if someone scores, but if you are stopping the action and causing a stalemate, you are stalling, waisting time, and stopping the action. This would promote more scoring, and less boring matches. Randy Lewis was a funk master, but stalemates were not his forte', he would give up 12 to get 15, and he knew he was coming out ahead.
  16. Here is what you don't understand, Ben Askren didn't tie things up to a stalemate, he scored with his funk. Quite frankly I did also. It is the mind set of a wrestler that gets shot on, and goes to a defense that is not intended to score with but instead is used to simply tie up to a non scoring stalemate and waste time in the match and is quite frankly stalling. If one wrestler shoots a good outside single and the defense to that is to throw in a wizzer and grab his own ankle, he is absolutley not trying to score, he is wasting time and stalling.
  17. If a wrestler causes a stalemate they are warned for stalling. With the advent of scrambling skills introduced into the sport, it has become quite obvious to me that the diving for the ankle, or the wizzer to an ankle grab is not an attempt to score off a defensive effort, but an attempt to tie up an offensive shot with the hopes of ending up in a stalemate and back to the center. That is stalling by definition, and should be called stalling. Use a stalemate and risk giving up a point if already warned, or wrestle out of the predicament and try to score.
  18. Someone who wants to improve their recruiting power. The greatest value he will have in the very near future is showing up in a high school kids living room and getting horses in the barn.
  19. Boy oh boy, Cael is getting it from all sides today, just the fact that he is being compared to Dake, now Ruth and all that that implies, I would say Cael is still the biggest name in American Wrestling for a great reason. He was one of the greatest wrestlers put thru the NCAA system ever. I go with Cael over Ruth and Mark Schulz over Cael.
  20. Probably the same way Dake is that much better than Taylor. Ramos is a talent, but his talent is in hustle and attitude and fierce'ness'. He is not as polished of a wrestler as Stieber and that is thru my objective no horses in the race perspective. I had a lot of matches with Barry Davis that were one or two point matches, including a tie breaker ref's decision in a freestyle tournament, but I would never say that I was almost as good as Barry, I never beat him ever.
  21. You are right Vak about the change in the match, but I thought right when it happened, if i was coaching Ohio State I would have just asked the ref to give Ramos the points and let the match keep going. I think Logan would have adjusted just fine and put the match out of reach. He is that much better than Ramos.
  22. It is as simple as this... The best man at my wedding was my most fierce High School opponent. We were in different weights our senior year, but during our Junior year we met three times. We were both good, but I look at it like this. We had a tremendous amount of respect for each other, and because we both grasped the concept, that respect turned into a tremendous friendship which ended in him being in many of my wedding pictures and boy was he ugly.
  23. I agree, I know this sport has huge emotions and Brands owns most of them, but if you are going to choose two coaches to sit in the corner and you in the stands, then you have to stay in the stands.
  24. Congratulations Kyle, You beat Taylor on the mat and won the goal you set for yourself many years ago. What a true upper shelf wrestler and human.
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