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  1. HoundedHawk

    Hands to Face

    Nah. Spencer got what he deserved.
  2. It's not just the user in all cases. I often have to alternate on which one is working better for that particular evening, either BTN2GO or FLO. I certainly have no trouble streaming all the other services I have.
  3. It is astounding how bad FLO is on streaming video for things like the B1G championships. That's why I also keep subscribed to BTN2GO plus through March. If one fails, then often the other is working. It's the only way to really get to watch the wrestling.
  4. HoundedHawk

    45th NCAA in a row- annual post

    I'll have been to 25 in a row. My first one was when McIlravy went down in Iowa City. I also saw one in Ames before that, where Mike Land lost to Daryl Burley.
  5. HoundedHawk

    Hands to Face

    Rivera absolutely did have a powerful push to the face earlier on.
  6. HoundedHawk

    NCAA Made Big Mistake

    I've been to 25 in a row. I don't think they've asked that the last couple years.
  7. HoundedHawk

    Spencer Lee and Iowa

    You didn't see second period gassing like this. You could see the second Lee let Pic go in the 2nd that he was gassing and sluggish. This year I've seen him literally close his eyes while riding a guy in the third, desperate for the clock to run out.
  8. HoundedHawk

    Spencer Lee and Iowa

    Only an Iowa hating moron doesn't believe there is something wrong with Spencer. He's gassing in the second period . . . the second period. He didn't gas this bad last year. That's a fact.
  9. HoundedHawk

    Could PSU win the title this year w/o a champion?

    No. Because PSU not having a champ is not going to happen.
  10. HoundedHawk

    How does Marinelli...

    From what I've heard I don't even think the knee can be fixed. It's amazing what he does on it.
  11. I've tried for the last couple years to be constantly dialing in before 9 a.m. the very moment they go on sale. It's impossible to get through, and if you do the tickets are already gone.
  12. HoundedHawk

    Cassar vs Stoll

    Cassar is too quick and even too strong for Stoll, imo. He will hit those legs fast and Stoll will go down. However, it wouldn't surprise me if they never end up wrestling each other.
  13. HoundedHawk

    Dan Gable - The Champion

    It would be awesome to see Gable's unprecedented mindset brought into today's superior nutrition and technique age. It would also be interesting to see what wrestling would be like today without Gable's obsessive mindset & legend that influenced it.
  14. Maybe. They certainly aren't doing it in conference, having not won the last 3/4. One thing he won't do is that Gable was 21/21 in B1G championships. Perfect.
  15. HoundedHawk

    Stoll #1?

    He got most of the takedowns by forcing the guy's forearm almost to the mat. It wasn't a snapdown. I forget what Gibbons called it.