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  1. Well, it certainly didn't hurt those early Iowa teams under Gable.
  2. You forgot Cael's three years at Iowa State as head coach. Those count. No titles. In 16 years as a head coach he has 9 nattys. Thus, he will never have 15 in 21 years as Gable did. And if you go by Gable's two years at Iowa as Head Assistant Coach, he won 17 nattys in 23 years.
  3. I don't have a problem with it at all. This isn't really new. He said the tourney "reiterates" that folkstyle is garbage, and what I believe he is referencing is the current rules that make it garbage. He has always said he prefers freestyle.
  4. Like it should be punished with stalling.
  5. Iowa's home mat is larger than Oklahoma State's. I think if they implement the step out rule, then all mats everywhere need to be the size of the NCAA finals' mat.
  6. It will increase the action to stay in bounds. And that's a higher quality action than the incessant trips out of bounds to keep from being scored on that stop action. And I think it's worth a point if your opponent doesn't have enough control to stay on the mat. Controlling your opponent is worth a point.
  7. I believe so. There are plenty of TDs in freestyle, and our 2 gold medalists even winning on last second ones. There was far more action in those matches than, let's say, the NCAAs finals last year where countless times wrestlers left the mat with no repercussions. One thing I do know is this. I find it repulsive to watch wrestlers go out of bounds to keep from getting scored upon. If those shenanigans are called "action" then I want no part of it. It's the opposite type of action that draws people to the sport. I know. I used to have 8 guys that would go with me to NCAAs but the biggest issue with those that quit was wrestlers fleeing the mat. It was pure boredom. There is no doubt in my mind that giving a point to the opponent by stepping out, and still allowing the two as it goes out of bounds, will increase more entertaining action. And fighting ot stay on the mat is action, which absolutely will happen. Certainly, more than the current moronic action signal given by the refs as they purposefully head out of bounds.
  8. If they had a step out like in freestyle you could still get the TD when going out. It's a fact the step out hasn't hurt freestyle, and has yielded more action. Watching people constantly leave the mat with no repercussions sucks.
  9. These are all great ideas. And I love the riding time eligibility on getting at least one swipe. Plus, that and the step out rule really prepares our guys for freestyle.
  10. I highly doubt there is a significant injury. That's why there's all the silence on it.
  11. That's not a spiral, and it wasn't due to injury. He won the '72 Olympics without surrendering a point a couple weeks after blowing his knee. Dan Gable doesn't belong anywhere in this thread.
  12. Good grief . . . for a second I thought you were talking the degree of some ligament tear. There's been way too many injuries this year, I guess.
  13. One was a stalling because he picked up the leg and did nothing with it. The second a push out stall, because he just walked him out instead of staying on the mat. Two different things, thus no delay.
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