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  1. If having multiple winners doesn't diminish it, then give it to five wrestlers.
  2. Asinine red herring. The significant number of PSU fans who who can see beyond their four champions sanctifying all current rules under which it occurred are greatly appreciated. Leaving the wrestling area is a huge problem and deleterious for the sport. Just as the automatic penalty for the unsportsmanlike "lung timeout" cured that, we need the Freestyle rules on this for the cure. And I think it will actually benefit PSU wrestlers.
  3. Seems like this is a disingenuous question since it would seem impossible for you to not know this rule didn't turn freestyle into that.
  4. I used to take 10 guys to watch nationals. The constant fleeing the mat, riding with no intent to turn. was so boring I couldn't keep them as fans. I've got three sons that go with me that love wrestling. The finals were a disgrace to wrestling, and now I don't even know if I can can keep all of them going now. It's time for the pushout rule. The refs simply will not enforce the current true stalling rules.
  5. I got my tickets from Ticketmaster and it says there are 7 sessions, instead of the usual 6. Three on Friday? I've been going over 25 years. What is the deal here?
  6. How much do you want per ticket if one buys all four?
  7. Anyone heard anything? It seems like a limited number would be allowed considering watching the national title game in football.
  8. No, that is the 3 of the 14 which was not. I said 11 points were scored off of scrubs.
  9. Ohio State scores 11 of their 14 against Iowa scrubs. It shows you how strong Iowa is this year.
  10. Wow, I wish somebody had that level of trust in me as a confidant.
  11. Why would that Scraplife post be removed? Why are people saying it is racist? It seems purely political, and is saying all the racial claims are not true. It's just somebody who has a hyperbolic view of the Democratic Party.
  12. I was at that Midland match. Much closer even than the score indicated.
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