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  1. Why would that Scraplife post be removed? Why are people saying it is racist? It seems purely political, and is saying all the racial claims are not true. It's just somebody who has a hyperbolic view of the Democratic Party.
  2. I was at that Midland match. Much closer even than the score indicated.
  3. Gable winning 15 in 21 didn't ruin the sport. There's more people at the championships than ever before.
  4. That's quite a feat. How many people can say, "I beat Cael Sanderson 4 times."?
  5. How many times did Lee beat Cael in his career? Twice? I think I saw him beat up here in St. Paul.
  6. I'm happy they changed the rules since then. It shows how incredibly important a true push out rule became.
  7. I was surely one of the loudest booers at that event. And no one cheered louder when Perry beat him in the finals. But I do have to admit Churella should have had more stall calls. He barely did anything.
  8. Forward pass? Lateral pass? I, for one, don't want a pass in wrestling.
  9. World champ is irrelevant. If you're going that route Gable was far more accomplished, winning world's and Olympic gold without surrendering a point. There is no one on this planet that will say Stieber was a better international wrestler than Gable. He can't be on Mt. Rushmore because he lost 1 match? By that standard throw Stieber away. He lost 2 matches, and 5 more as a true freshman.
  10. Having seen this again I am reminded of several things. Gable was gassed. The non wrestling announcer was a moron. He called the headgear a helmet, was overboard about Gable not being "offensive" when crawling out of bounds from bottom. And probably couldn't tell the difference between the neutral position from a pin. I forgot about the stalling call on Gable, which was a point. Owings was just as long on his back when Gable was riding, earlier on, but no points awarded. Terry Brands later repeated his mentor's mistake in the semis of the Olympics as when Gable didn't bail to his stomach. Owings was very good at when he got into the armpit of Gable when clamping like we now see Desanto do. Desanto also spins on that arm like Owings did. Desanto did beat Lee in the final high school match to keep him undefeated. I wonder if that match became his teacher.
  11. I don't think even Cael has influenced it more. In what way? Look at the number of coaches that came from Gable. Look at where conditioning is now compared to the past.
  12. I think in the year leading up to the Olympics, through all the trials, he only surrendered 1 point. I think it was like an 8-1 victory over Larry Owings.
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