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  1. You should get them as soon as you ordered to print them. It could be waiting on a payment from your credit card.
  2. Try the different schools athletic offices as they are getting rid of tickets that they could not sell. I have had tickets from Central Michigan and UNI before.
  3. Been to all but 4 since 1970 when I saw Gable get beat. That was my first year and what a memory.
  4. There are more seats close because not all the seats are down during the first 5 sessions due to using 8 mats. During the finals it opens up more room for seats as they are now down to one mat.
  5. I have 2 in hand in the Iowa section 315. Will sell at cost. 573-692-5245.
  6. Graceland College in Lamoni Iowa needs to be added. NAIA School.
  7. March 4th and 5th at Indiana. This information was given out at the big 10s but you had to ask.
  8. Preseeds should be out midweek.
  9. They served beer only in Oklahoma City the whole tournament. It just took me till Sat. morning to find it. Couldn't believe it because that was a first.
  10. Maybe this has already been said. Just my thoughts. Put #1 against #2 no matter what conf. they are from unless they have already met during the year. Then run the rest of the weekend as they did this year. If #1 has already wrestled #2 then do it like they did this year.
  11. So OSU beats PSU and IOWA beats NCS guess it should make Iowa Dual Champs.
  12. I heard that OSU will not travel to PSU. Just sayin.
  13. Iowa H.S. 1.Dan Gable 2. Jeff McGinness 3.Jeff Kerber Dan Knight College Dan Gable Jim Zelesky Barry Davis Tom Brands. Terry Brands \ International Dan Gable Tom and Terry Brands\ Chuck Yagla Glen Brand.
  14. Its the west point but Technical Violation in HS and College. Back many years ago it was legal but not sure what year that was changed. Maybe someone can tell us. Back in the 70s I saw a few start that with out the hands locked and would lock them on the way over but needed really long arms.
  15. Gimp Jim Miller was a 1974 runnerup in D1 after he won D2s that year. One tuff wrestler with a very large gas tank.
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