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  1. I have my suspicions that it was removed due to unauthorized use of copyrighted material. That's just a hunch, and I have no inside info. They've not addressed it, to my knowledge aside from one time that Bader (I think) said it'd be up soon. This may go along with a gag order from a lawyer to protect from any sort of admission of guilt. There was a lot of footage of Terry at the Olympics and at the Trials and I believe that NBC owns that footage. This isn't to say that they used it maliciously, but maybe there was some agreement that NBC now decided was not sufficient. Again, this is just speculation. I have no inside knowledge of the situation at all. I'm curious as well, as I'd like to watch the damn movie again. I just wish I'd kept the ripped files that I once had. (I ripped it so I could show it to my HS team at a location without internet availability.)
  2. Bolyard was on Takedown Radio last week and said that it would have to be a really exceptional situation to take a different job as his wife is a veterinarian in the area and wasn't interested in moving and upsetting their current situation. Of course part of that may be diplomatic and also hopeful for the current situation at EMU making improvements.
  3. I did see the 'cabin in the parking lot outside the Q, but had no time for pichers because I were too busy chasin' down a ticket. I werent too good at findin' a ticket either.
  4. As for being compared to Grand Valley, there are worse schools that you could associate with. Grand Valley is exploding in enrollment and has a tremendous football program that has very well attended games.
  5. I've been to all since Albany in 2002.
  6. A pin is 30, or something. It is in a key in the upper right of the page.
  7. It does it all for you if you simply put a score in each match. A pin is 30 points.
  8. Check out Hawkeye Report and look for the "Interactive Bracket" thread, or follow this link. https://iowa.forums.rivals.com/threads/interactive-bracket-download-link.224938/#post-5220486 This is not mine. It belongs to LutherAce. Ace, if I'm in the wrong here, I apologize, but I think your work is too good to not share. Phill
  9. Thanks for the info. One small correction. Banachs' book is called "Uncommon Bonds" and is quite good. It's not a literary masterwork, but it's a great story. Buy one now, and bring it along. I missed out last year, and didn't bring my copy. Also get Gable's books. They are also great. https://www.amazon.com/Uncommon-Bonds-Steve-Banach-Lou/dp/0996122508/ref=tmm_hrd_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1520345128&sr=8-2 PM
  10. I can't say I disagree. I do worry about the audience limits based on other seasonal factors, ie:baseball, track, spring break, yardwork, etc, but that's just a piece of worry that I think sometimes gets forgotten. That hypothesis is not yet tested. pm
  11. I live 2 hours away from UofM (on a decent travel day) and I can attest to this debacle. I help with our high school team, and sometimes we try to skip out of practice early to catch a 7pm dual at Michigan. We break speeding laws the whole way there, then hit awful traffic trying to get into Ann Arbor, and then hit a parking debacle as we come up near CK Arena. I parked in a nearby house's lawn for $20 one time only to miss the first 3 matches. The wrestling fans in Michigan are largely involved with HS and/or youth wrestling. MYWAY wrestling dominates the youth scene around here and they compete on Sundays during the college season. Most youth families are busy all day at a tournament of their own rather than going to a match in a crowded Ann Arbor. The high school fans are stuck trying to get there on a Friday night or a Sunday as well, and that has its troubles as well. MSU is much easier (though, it's MSU, c'mon) so we usually try to get there when a team that we actually enjoy watching is coming to town. In most cases, I'd rather drive all the way to Iowa City to watch a dual there rather than deal with Ann Arbor. PM
  12. The ND facts are interesting. I lived in Iowa for 2 winters and was blown away by the 'cold' that we had there. I'm from Western Michigan, and one would think that we'd get cold weather here, but it's only a few days a year where the temps get below zero. We get buffered by "The Lake." We get much more snow than we did at my place in Iowa, but the temps are much more moderate, both in the winter and the summer. Back to the mat question: I've not had any competitive matches on the international style mats, but I've been in a bunch of practices where our high school has had camps. The Olympic Training Center and the NMU OTS have this style of mat. If feels a bit weird compared to the "standard" high school mat, but after a few minutes, you don't really notice it. The wrinkles on the surface don't really impact your movements and mostly go unnoticed when you compete. The cover is pulled quite tight and the foam under it seems thicker than what we'd be used to in a roll-up type mat. PM
  13. Pamela, I agree with you. Women's causes are separate from men's, however it seems that flawed metrics and emotions often get into the heads of the decision makers and completely separate interests often become victim to flawed policy. I certainly hope that they right the ship and that means fixing what is broken in the chain of command and whatever is broken in the culture. Hopefully that does not mean that they will chop in other areas to "free-up" resources for the broken areas. PM
  14. 1/4lb. was a troll who hasn't been mentioned yet. He became 1/2lb. after a trip to banned camp and after his brother had been out of the D1 game for a bit. Sheerstress has been around a long time and is currently the only one of y'all that I've happened upon at a match without having known who he is. I think there was a bigmik too wasn't there? Stories about "The Great Pumpkin", 10,000 threads from WrestlePSU about Chris Fleeger and crusading about Sunderland having actually been the winner over Steiner at NCAA. I liked the lewboo stories and I believe that Mark Schultz was here as "Martial" for a while. I believe that "The East Lansing Strangler" was coined on these boards. I'd have probably done better in college had this place not existed. Man, I could use a Big 'n' Tasty right about now. PM
  15. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/larry-nassar-scandal-msu-athletic-director-mark-hollis-resigns-n841391 This is certainly not a poke at the awful stuff that went on at MSU. In fact, my wife actually visited that doctor for ankle repair when she was in high school. (there was no abuse in her case) I think that the administration is culpable, but maybe, after things return to a bit more normal operation, could we see a wrestling-friendly administration? I wonder who they bring in, and if they will have any impact on improving their wrestling team. It seems like Roger Chandler is attempting to turn things around, but as has been discussed here ad nauseam, it seems like the wrestling team has been less than an afterthought. Heck, Chandler went on record saying that Hollis just asked him if he wanted to job when Minkel retired. Could we see a new name that has some interest in improving the wrestling team? I'm not saying that a new AD would clean house right away, but maybe after Chandler's contract is up that he might actually be evaluated objectively. I certainly hope that they don't get someone that's averse to wrestling success. Thoughts? PM
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