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  1. I heard he shot himself to avoid Gable...
  2. I promise all the Iowa fans that hate you and blast you on here will do a complete 180 if they think you might go to their board...
  3. Are they showing the college matches today?
  4. Honest question Jackson, how many varsity matches did you wrestle in your career? You never wrestled any post-season matches.
  5. I liked this. I appreciated Coach Goodale's candor. I wish there was more of this. I hope they do well against everyone but Minnesota.
  6. To get a prom date he would need to get off of wrestling forums.. He has not shown the ability to do that.
  7. Would it be safe to say Gilman under achieved? 0 national titles, and he was as favored as anyone last year.
  8. Typical Iowa. Pat Downey has numerous threads on HR about what a terrible person he is. Now suddenly they all love him.
  9. Yep, I got this from the Iowa board. They have it figured out. 125: Laux 133: Happel 141: Sorensen 149: Kem-dawg 157: Marinelli 165: IMar 174: Young 184: Wilcke 197: PD3 HWT: Stoll
  10. Its a shame the young man would rather be a cheerleader than compete.
  11. Its so they can f*ck people with ****tty service for the whole year instead of 1 month. These guys are the dirtiest players in the game.
  12. This clown got booted from the hawkeye board for threatening and challenging everyone to fist fights...What a fn loser.
  13. He's busy boozin and telling everybody what a monster he is.
  14. Why? Everyone knows what happened now. F*ck flo. A bunch of crooked mfers.
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