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  1. I would have been rooting for Moore, but 85% is absurd. Being the best at the weight, and knowing you were already the best at the weight, in a prior year, and didn't win makes for a hell of a lot of pressure. When thinking about Moore's chances before the tournament was cancelled, my mind kept seeing parallels with Robert Kokesh. Maybe 60%
  2. Sure it was a typo but Kellen went to Michigan
  3. https://www.ncaa.com/news/wrestling/article/2020-03-10/ncaa-announces-large-selections-division-i-wrestling
  4. If you know who the better wrestler is, don't hold the wrestle-off! If you don't know, a wrestle-off is probably the worst way to find out. Strange results often occur in wrestle-offs between guys who work out with each other everyday-by strange I mean results that are inconsistent with how the guys tend do against outside competition. Use opens etc. to find out.
  6. I just went on Trackwrestling.com to order coverage of the Multidivisional National Duals (which does not include D1 teams). The price is $19.95- more than a whole month of premium service on FLO. Fair enough... no one is forced to buy anything, but this really puts the great value FLO Pro represents in context. BTW, I have no affiliation with FLO- just calling it like I see it!!
  7. Confusing Kyle's folk style and freestyle careers could be the only basis for even suggesting this comparison. While Kyle is a freestyle legend, his collegiate career has been spectacular, but also strained by the demands of his year round worldwide freestyle schedule. Obviously, these problems were exacerbated by his need to weigh in for freestyle at 213 while wrestling folkstyle at 285. While Kyle had a great win over Gwiz in '16 and an impressive run through the NCAA tournament last year, he never carried anything like the air of invincibility, at the collegiate level, that Gable brought into the 1970 NCAA Tournament. Remember, Kyle also had had the hiccup against Gadson in the 2015 finals. By March 1970, Gable had been mauling and pinning guys for three years without even the hint of a stumble. As far as the Coon-Snyder match goes, there were fans who saw this coming, and many, many people who felt the weight differential at least created a question mark. In 1970, nobody but Larry Owings, saw a question mark! Anyway, hopefully Tom Ryan and Co. can get Kyle ready to go out with a win (or two) that would really put an exclamation point on his college career!
  8. Most collegiate wrestlers Kyle's size would have spent the entire off-season (and season) bulking up to wrestle 285. Kyle's unique need to weigh in at 213 for freestyle tournaments, that take place in the middle of the college season, creates a huge challenge. IMO, Kyle is everything people say he is and more, but beating a great wrestler of Adam Coon's size, while trying to keep his weight close to 213 may be asking too much- not to mention the strain and fatigue from traveling the world, in season, to wrestle freestyle against the world's best.
  9. The Jantzen Tirapelle match underscored that the current rules regarding weight loss percentage (which are great rules overall) make these kinds of of matchups less meaningful. If Gross, who spent a season at 141, were allowed to weigh in at or close to 141 the matchup would be really interesting. It's tough to see Gross weighing in at 133 and coming out on top.
  10. He was definitely tired. He was really pushing getting hit for a stalling point for his delay in taking the top position in OT- he had a warning. What an incredible dual!! Is Yanni #1 now?
  11. Overall, the system seems pretty good. It almost never excludes a wrestler who proved during the season that he is capable of standing on the podium at Nationals. Conversely, it gives every wrestler the chance to salvage a bad season through a good conference tournament. Wrestlers on the bubble have fair notice that the only way for them to lock up a spot is by wrestling well at the qualifier. My one gripe with the system is that in allocating prequalified spots, it draws no distinction between the #1 ranked wrestler and the #25 ranked wrestler. A conference can have the #1 through #5 guys and it gets 5 spots. Another conference can have the #20 through #24 ranked guys and it gets the same 5 spots. Obviously breaking through and stealing a spot is a lot tougher in the first scenario. Maybe guys ranked in the top eight should qualify 1 1/2 spots, the 9 through 16 ranked guys, 1 spot, and the rest only half a spot. The issue of wrestlers ending up in half spots could be addressed through the at large system. Not sure this is the best solution, but the NCAA committee should take a closer look.
  12. Anyone know whether "● One win against a wrestler receiving automatic qualification via an earned position (preallocated)" means any win over a wrestler who "qualified a spot for the conference" or must it be a win over a wrestler who qualified a spot for the conference and ended up placing high enough at the conference tournament to actually make the national tournament.
  13. Both EiWA and Big 12 coverage was good on my end.
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