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  1. We're gonna see more stuff like this with such a big shortage of refs. Wrestling refs are overworked, too old but nobody to replace them, pulled up to high level stuff when they are not ready, etc etc because we simply do not have enough of them. I agree this call was clearly incorrect and the refs on the mat did not handle it well at all. Unacceptable that when three refs are 'watching' they all got the colors mixed up and refused to accept they were wrong. That all said, everybody in here bashing these guys should try putting on the stripes themselves. Maybe you will be able to help with the shortage, but you will probably realize it is 100x harder than you think and quit after getting yelled at a few times like many do. Than you might at least respect them more. Wrestlers are weirdos dude, not just refs. It's a fringe sport for a reason. Nice contribution.
  2. That was bizarre. You got your ass kicked fair and square dude nothing to get mad about. I agree he should be thrown out of the tournament. He was clearly trying to injure Micic.
  3. Man I'd almost forgotten about that duo already. They were fantastic.
  4. He was stone faced while Massa was flexing at him too. Pretty funny.
  5. Similar situation. Was way too much balancing a non-teaching job and coaching, so I put on the stripes. I see a lot of teams with almost as many assistants as wrestlers yet we have a serious reffing shortage. Wish more people would follow suit.
  6. Brands is twice their age and a coach/mentor while they are a freshman and sophmore in college. Hard to say that they are just as immature imo.
  7. Too hard to pick one favorite. Really like guys who get creative. Askren, Nolf, and after watching Yianni's matches at EIWAs he's quickly becoming one of my favorites to watch.
  8. Small tournament favors the team with a more balanced lineup (Ohio State) Big tournament favors the team with more all-stars (Penn State) I think it all comes down to whether Nolf is 100%. He wins and Penn State probably gets it. He's still hurt and doesn't place, I could see Ohio State winning it.
  9. Right on. Sarcasm isn't the easiest thing to detect via text.
  10. I agree, always thought it is dumb of coaches to do say something negative about the opponent. Whenever I heard an opposing coach chirp about me it always motivated me to beat his guy and shut him up.
  11. I agree with that seeding. Crazy that the two time champ could very well not get a top 5 seed.
  12. He did go out then put his toes back in. At first glance seems like no 2. However, if you slowdown the replay, Coon's hands and knees hit the mat, Snyder has both legs, and a toe is in. They immediately go out afterwards, but at that point the two had already been earned. When I saw it live I thought they blew it but after watching the replay, the refs made the correct call.
  13. Watched the match on flo. DeSanto seemed to lack his usual pace until he got taken down, which was very late so he had no chance to come back. I've been a big fan of his style but like some other people have mentioned, he lost his head and committed a very unsportsmanlike act. Could have injured his opponent and it was clearly intentional.
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