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  1. Example 1 (Case I): Wrester A Wrestler B Wrestler C Record 2-1 2-1 2-1 Head-to-Head Beat C, Lost to B Beat A, Lost to C Beat B, Lost to A Quality Wins 1 Pin, 1 FFT 1 Decision, 1 FFT 2 Decisions Margin of Victory 0 3 6 Near Falls 4 3 0 Takedowns 2 3 2 In the above example, these three wrestlers have the same record and have beaten each other. However, A has the most “quality wins” points (12), vs.9 for wrestler B and 6 for wrestler C. Thus, wrestler A receives first place. However, at this point, since A has broken the tie, the process begins all over again for wrestlers B and C. Ultimately, wrestler C takes second place because he owns the head-to-head victory over wrestler B.
  2. Taming the Three-Headed Monster Tournaflex Round-Robin Tie-Breaker Criteria The following criteria are applied in order to break ties in a round-robin weight class: 1. Most wins. Byes/forfeits count as wins. 
 2. Head-to-head vs. opponents with same number of wins 
 3. Quality wins. Pin/DQ/FFT/Default count as 6, Tech 5, Major 4, Decision 3. 
 4. Margin of victory. Net point differential summed up for matches won by 
decision only. 
 5. Most near falls. Total number of back points accumulated in all matches. 
 6. Most takedowns. Total number of takedowns accumulated in all matches. 
 Breaking Multi-Way Ties: It is important to understand that in the event of a three (or more) way tie, these criteria will be applied in order only until the tie is broken, at which point there will be two “groups”, a top group (including everyone tied with the top wrestler within this criteria) and a bottom group (made up of everyone else). The criteria will be reapplied separately to each of those two groups, again in order, beginning at the top. The process repeats until no ties remain. Thus this algorithm is equally effective for four- and five-way ties. A three-way tie in particular can be broken for at a specific criteria in one of three ways: I. A higher than B, B higher than C 
 II. A higher than B, B tied with C 
 III. A tied with B, C lower than both A and B For cases I and II above, A is awarded first place, and B and C are awarded second and third place based on whichever wrestler had the head-to-head victory against the other. For case III above, C falls to third place and A and B are awarded first and second place based on whichever of the two wrestlers won the head-to-head battle.
  3. Ok, this is how it works. We tried to break wrestlers up into tiers A, B and Cs. Ideally the As and Bs wrestle one another. The Bs and Cs wrestle each other. This blends the brackets slightly, but also produces solid early season match ups. Coaches wanted a blend in the top 2 brackets. It's week 2 and they "don't need a bloodbath". We lost nearly 30 something wrestlers from week one that were initially slated to compete. That said we sometimes feathered the top two brackets. In other cases, the two best athletes were arguably from the same conference, so the coaches wanted separation because they see each other multiple times; which was achieved by one in the A bracket, one in the B bracket.
  4. Weight Classs School Name 125 Arizona State Mikel Perales 125 Arizona State Josh Kramer 133 Arizona State Ali Naser 141 Arizona State Tyler Sage 149 Arizona State Josh Maruca 149 Arizona State Robbie Mathers 149 Arizona State Oliver Pierce 157 Arizona State Josh Shields 165 Arizona State Anthony Valencia 174 Arizona State Zahid Valencia 174 Arizona State Jacen Peterson 184 Arizona State Anthony Anderson 197 Arizona State Sullivan Cauley HWT Arizona State Tanner Hall 133 Buffalo Bryan Lantry 133 Buffalo Blake Retel 141 Buffalo Jason Estevez 149 Buffalo Colton Cotton 157 Buffalo Alex Smythe 165 Buffalo Tyler Rill 165 Buffalo Derek Holcomb 174 Buffalo Muhamid McBryde 174 Buffalo Austin Weigel 184 Buffalo Brett Perry 197 Buffalo Nate Rose 197 Buffalo James Benjamin HWT Buffalo Ian James HWT Buffalo Nolan Terrace 165 Buffalo Timmy Schaeffer 125 Citadel Patrick Kearney 133 Citadel Andy Szalwinski 141 Citadel Doug Gudenburr 149 Citadel Ty Buckiso 157 Citadel Aaron Walker 165 Citadel Jason Carr 165 Citadel Russ HIll 174 Citadel Tim Knipl 184 Citadel Chandler Sambets 184 Citadel Martin Duane 197 Citadel Sawyer Root HWT Citadel Joe Bexley 125 Cortland Josh Antoine 125 Cortland Andrew Roden 133 Cortland Maverick Passaro 141 Cortland Da'Mani Burns 149 Cortland Derak Heyman 157 Cortland Adrian Berry 165 Cortland Brendan Dent 174 Cortland JP Puca 184 Cortland Colin Barber 184 Cortland Deuly Espinal 197 Cortland Rico Dawkins HWT Cortland Rob Kelly 125 Ithaca Jimmy Kashian 125 Ithaca Tito Colom 133 Ithaca Joe Rorick 141 Ithaca Nick Wahba 149 Ithaca Sam Schneider 157 Ithaca Francis Nassivera Jr. 165 Ithaca Nick Velez 174 Ithaca Jaison White 184 Ithaca Jake Ashcraft 197 Ithaca Carlos Toribio HWT Ithaca Jake O'Brien HWT Ithaca Matt Booth 125 Lehigh Darian Cruz 133 Lehigh Scotty Parker 141 Lehigh Randy Cruz 141 Lehigh Ryan Pomrinca 149 Lehigh Laike Gardner 149 Lehigh Cortlandt Schuyler 157 Lehigh Jordan Kutler 165 Lehigh Drew Long 165 Lehigh Ian Brown 174 Lehigh Ryan Preisch 184 Lehigh Andrew Price 197 Lehigh Ben Haas HWT Lehigh Doug Vollaro HWT Lehigh Christian Colucci 125 LIU Post Anthony Sparacio 133 LIU Post Jackie Gold 141 LIU Post Joe Calderone 149 LIU Post Jesse Meaney 157 LIU Post Jackson Mordente 165 LIU Post Eddie Ramirez 174 LIU Post Dan Arkow 184 LIU Post Dan McClure 197 LIU Post Freddy Vidal HWT LIU Post Monair McDonald 125 Lock Haven Brandon Loperfido 133 Lock Haven Lewis Williams 133 Lock Haven Joe Ghione 141 Lock Haven Ronnie Perry 141 Lock Haven DJ Fehlman 149 Lock Haven Pat Duggan 149 Lock Haven Kyle Shoop 157 Lock Haven Kyle Hammond 165 Lock Haven Jared Siegrist 174 Lock Haven Tyler Wood 174 Lock Haven Gavin Caprio 184 Lock Haven Corey Hazel 197 Lock Haven Tristan Sponsellar HWT Lock Haven Thomas Haines 184 Lock Haven Adam Mackie 125 Minnesota Skyler Petry 133 Minnesota Steve Polakowski 141 Minnesota Gannon Volk 149 Minnesota Fredy Stroker 157 Minnesota Jake Short 157 Minnesota Carson Broslma 165 Minnesota Brandon KIngsly 174 Minnesota Nick Wanzek 184 Minnesota Chris Pfarr 184 Minnesota Bobby Stevenson 197 Minnesota Brett Pfarr HWT Minnesota Michael Kroells HWT Minnesota Rylee Streifel 125 NC State Charlie Lenox 133 NC State Sean Fausz 133 NC State Robbie Rizzolino 141 NC State Kevin Jack 149 NC State Beau Donahue 149 NC State Sam Speno 157 NC State Chad Pyke 165 NC State Brian Hamann 174 NC State Lee Davis 174 NC State Nick Reenan 184 NC State Nicky Hall 197 NC State Malik McDonald HWT NC State Michael Boykin HWT NC State Michael Kosoy 125 Ohio State Jose Rodriguez 133 Ohio State Brendan Fitzgerald 141 Ohio State Ke-Shawn Hayes 149 Ohio State Micah Jordan 157 Ohio State Anthony Decarlo 157 Ohio State Jake Ryan 165 Ohio State Cody Burcher 165 Ohio State Justin Kresevic 174 Ohio State Bo Jordan 174 Ohio State Seth Williams 184 Ohio State Myles Martin 184 Ohio State Jack Rozema 197 Ohio State Kollin Moore HWT Ohio State Josh Fox 125 Oklahoma Dalton Duffield 125 Oklahoma Christian Moody 133 Oklahoma Trae Blackwell 141 Oklahoma Michael Longo 141 Oklahoma Jake Rubio 149 Oklahoma Davion Jefferies 157 Oklahoma Dawaylon Barnes 165 Oklahoma Clark Glass 165 Oklahoma Jared Schieber 174 Oklahoma Hayden Hansen 184 Oklahoma Andrew Dixon 197 Oklahoma Bradley Johnson HWT Oklahoma Ross Larson HWT Oklahoma Rex Shotts 125 Rider Gerald Wert 125 Rider Brendan Calas 133 Rider Anthony Cefolo 133 Rider Zach Valcarce 141 Rider Evan Fidelibus 149 Rider Jesse Rodgers 149 Rider Gino Fluri 157 Rider Bryant Clagon 165 Rider Chad Walsh 174 Rider Dean Sherry 174 Rider Wayne Stinson 184 Rider Mike Fagg-Daves 197 Rider Ryan Wolfe HWT Rider Mauro Correnti HWT Rider Ryan Cloud 125 UNC Tyrone Klump 125 UNC James Syzmanski 133 UNC Alex Rinaldi 133 UNC Sonny Simonetti 141 UNC Joey Ward 149 UNC Troy Heilman 157 UNC Joey Moon 165 UNC Jack Clark 165 UNC Adis Radoncic 174 UNC Ethan Ramos 184 UNC Chip Ness 184 UNC Matt Rundell 197 UNC Daniel Chaid HWT UNC Cory Daniel 125 West Virginia Devin Brown 133 West Virginia Cory Stainbrook 141 West Virginia Tony DAngelo 141 West Virginia Keegan Moore 149 West Virginia Zachary Moore 149 West Virginia Christian Monserrat 157 West Virginia Dayton Garret 165 West Virginia Dylan Cottrell 174 West Virginia Ty Millward 174 West Virginia Tucker Leavitt 184 West Virginia Parker VonEgidy 197 West Virginia Jacob Smith HWT West Virginia Brandon Ngati HWT West Virginia Bryson Begley 133 West Virginia Ryan Elliot 125 Wisconsin Jens Lantz 125 Wisconsin Mikey Cullen 133 Wisconsin Eli Stickley 141 Wisconsin Cole Martin 141 Wisconsin Luke Rowh 149 Wisconsin Andrew Crone 157 Wisconsin Izaec Quintanilla 157 Wisconsin Jared Scharenbrock 174 Wisconsin Ryan Christensen 174 Wisconsin Santonio Cathery 184 Wisconsin Hunter Ritter 197 Wisconsin Ricky Robertson 197 Wisconsin Mason Reinhardt HWT Wisconsin Connor Medbery
  5. Most teams are using their starters, not sure why that's circulating. 14 wrestlers per program for D-1 Teams, 12 for D-2 and 3.
  6. Modified round robin means - 6 or 8 man round robins have two sets of polls and then cross over matches, they're not straight 6 man or 8 man round robins.
  7. NOV 13, 2016 in Troy NY @ HVCC Arizona State, Ohio State, UNC, NC State, Oklahoma, WVU, Lehigh, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Rider, Buffalo, Citadel, Lock Haven , Long Island University (D-2), Cortland (D-3) and Ithaca (D-3) banging heads on 11/13 in independent modified round robin brackets. http://www.journeymenwrestling.com/training-programs/journeymen--asics-collegiate-classic-2016/1
  8. Journeymen Freestyle Classic - April 17, 2016 Event Link https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/45946935/FreestyleClassicFlyer_2016.9.pdf Wrestlers and Coaches - We are really excited about our international camp and Journeymen / Cliff Keen Freestyle Classic (Union College - Schenectady NY) coming up next month. I mean really excited! We are still getting entries for the Classic. The field will be loaded with USA's World Champions, Fargo Champions, All Americans and state champions. More exciting is I have several team commitments that have yet to register (Central Florida Wrestling Club, APEX (NJ), Oak Park IL and Wyoming Sem - PA). Currently we have wrestlers from 22 states and 6 other countries (Russia, Italy, Tajikistan, Korea, Latvia and Lithuania) confirmed. The day before our freestyle event, April 16, 2016, will be our Pop & Flo Mini Men Nationals , this is one of the premier youth - middle school tournaments in the East coast. We've just recently added a HS division to the event. Same venue, same weekend. Mini Men Nationals https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/45946935/MiniMen_Nationals2016.6.pdf This has the potential to be one of our best events of all time. Sincerely, Frank Popolizio Journeymen Wrestling
  9. No longer is there a challenge of getting to the Journeymen / ASICS Northeast Duals over the holiday break. We moved the duals up to 11/15/15 weekend. It's officially being billed as collegiate wrestling's dual meet kick off! It appears to be the best move we've made. 20 big time college teams, 28 all star high school hammers, 12 elite youth squads and World Champion Kyle Snyder featured at our clinic . If you were ever thinking of seeing wrestling greatness in NY, this would qualify! http://www.journeymenwrestling.com/training-programs/journeymen--asics-northeast-duals-2015/1
  10. This event traditionally attacks the top youth wrestlers from all over the east coast! It is a very well organized and competitive individual tournament. This year we've added a HS division! The following day are youth and HS freestyle duals. Come be a part of the competition! https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/45946935/MiniMen_Nationals2015.pdf
  11. live on FLO or live time results can be found on www.tournaflex.com
  12. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/45946935/Picture4.png
  13. Dec 14 2014 in Albany NY Clinic and Special Screening of Foxcatcher w/ Mark Schultz.
  14. Journeymen / ASICS Northeast College Duals 17 College teams 12 Youth teams 10 HS All Star bouts 2 Pro Matches (Gray Maynard vs Dennis Bermudez, Ruth vs Gavin) http://www.journeymenwrestling.com/training-programs/journeymen--asics-northeast-duals-holiday-weekend-2014/1
  15. http://uploads.matburn.com/11/11318/152600952553bf1f2db758a.pdf
  16. Oct 5 is the Journeymen Classic, a showcase / invite only pre-season event in NY STATE . The classic pits state placers from all over the country against other state placers in a round robin format. It's one of the first Flo majors of the season. There's no fat to trim on this one - Every match is tough. Last year we had athletes from 24 different states come to Albany NY for the challenge. We also had 34 college coaches in attendance. Please email me at Frank@journeymenwrestling.com if you believe you're a candidate. http://uploads.matburn.com/11/11291/202053237453acf02c7b5ef.pdf Thank you Frank Popolizio
  17. April 26 2014 @ Union College in Schenectady NY Adidas Presents Pop & Flo: Mini Men Nationals... Sick Singlets For Champs Premier individual K - 8th grade tournament. Please forward to your youth and your 7th and 8th graders. JV and Varsity permitted to compete. http://uploads.matburn.com/11/11077/158 ... 33c811.pdf
  18. Iowa/ Brand Camp July 27- 29 2014 – Central Florida Wrestling Academy, Orlando Florida http://uploads.matburn.com/10/10527/147 ... daa1e9.pdf
  19. Journeymen Wrestling Camps Summer of 2014 Oklahoma State / John Smith Camp June 28 – July 1, 2014 – Niskayuna HS, Niskayuna NY http://uploads.matburn.com/10/10325/124 ... fc566b.pdf Penn State / Cael Sanderson Camp June 14-17, 2014 - Berry College, Rome GA http://uploads.matburn.com/10/10403/918 ... 524bef.pdf Iowa/ NC State / Brand & Popolizio Camp July 9 – 12, 2014 – NC State University, Raleigh NC http://uploads.matburn.com/10/10527/147 ... daa1e9.pdf
  20. Journeymen Wrestling Camps Summer of 2014 Oklahoma State / John Smith Camp June 28 – July 1, 2014 – Niskayuna HS, Niskayuna NY http://uploads.matburn.com/10/10325/124 ... fc566b.pdf Penn State / Cael Sanderson Camp June 14-17, 2014 - Berry College, Rome GA http://uploads.matburn.com/10/10403/918 ... 524bef.pdf Iowa/ NC State / Brand & Popolizio Camp July 9 – 12, 2014 – NC State University, Raleigh NC http://uploads.matburn.com/10/10527/147 ... daa1e9.pdf
  21. USA VS RUSSIA Here's a 45 second commercial on the event Nov 16 2013 USA vs Russia in Clifton Park NY I'd appreciate everyone's support.
  22. Thats not legal in this setting. We are working on a bunch of al star exhibitions that does fit the rules.
  23. Match ups Nov 30 2013 HVCC Troy NY http://uploads.matburn.com/10/10016/127 ... dde27d.pdf
  24. [table][tr][td][table][tr][td][table][tr][td][table][tr][td]Friends from all across the country came to pay tribute to our fallen brother, Jeff Blatnick, for the 1/2 time presentation at the Journeymen / ASICS Northeast Collegiate Duals. There was a wonderful standing ovation at the conclusion of the tribute... In case you missed it here's the video tribute http://vimeo.com/53799068[/td][/tr][/table][/td][/tr][/table][/td][/tr][/table][/td][/tr][/table]
  25. You can also get results for the Journeymen/ASICS Northeast Duals using the "blog" button at http://www.journeymenwrestling.com
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