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  1. Why are we making the assumption Penn State is not already paying wrestlers?!?
  2. Which is 4-5 fewer times than the average wrestler in that operation.
  3. Saw this in another thread. Such a great idea. If you challenge a call and lose, the challenging wrestler loses a point (not a team point). Also, a third party must review during NCAA tournament.
  4. I would choose the word nefarious over crazy, but that’s just me.
  5. He wrestles for Penn State. He gets as many years as he wants. You should know this by now. Rules do not apply to that school.
  6. State employee. Notice the end of the article says Penn State not required to disclose. Neither state or public school. So much corruption going on there with no oversight (because they are all complicit).
  7. Fitting that a PSU fan links the corrupt administration in Washington with the wrestling program at PSU. ::in my best Trump voice::: ...I’m not saying they are both corrupt, but people tell me they are both corrupt. You decide.
  8. Every call goes to Penn State. It’s laughable
  9. File an appeal. Do they still do that?
  10. New rule. If a wrestler FF’s his finals match the 3rd place guy wrestles on TV / ESPN and gets a shot at a title. Wrestler that FF’s takes 3rd. No more national TV ducking. Also, Dear NCAA seeding committee- When you only use quantitative data to determine seeds, you will have people (coaches at a few schools) game the system and sit guys out to keep perceived data better than it actually is. Good lord. This sport needs to apply some common sense.
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