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  1. tommygun

    Steveson’s Behavior

    Well said and I’ve thought the same thing for some time (about the Christian thing). I’ve often wondered if that’s one of the reasons many recent top recruits in the state of MN go elsewhere for college. The Gophers talk religion so much.
  2. Wrestlers might be the toughest interview in all of sports directly following a competition. He does a fine job. Former wrestlers / fans being critical of him is laughable.
  3. Hahn could be an ideal fit. Why do you speculate he would not be interested?
  4. tommygun

    Sun Devil Expectations

    Article in AZ Central this morning: http://www.azcentral.com/story/sports/college/asu/2015/04/26/asu-wrestling-valencia-zeke-jones/26413065/
  5. tommygun

    Treating a Pin in Pts Scored = Pts Earned

    No need to start at 10 in my opinion. The ratio is the exact same so just start at "0".
  6. tommygun

    Cleveland State Reinstated

    Hire Logan Stieber as the head coach today.
  7. tommygun

    Jason Bryant

    Grilled the dude! Love it.
  8. tommygun

    Really bad call and Matt Brown is a $%&*

    I love hating Penn State as much as the next guy, but this thread is beyond ridiculous. Congrats Matt Brown! Young man sure seems like a class act to me. Some of you people are a joke.
  9. tommygun

    Sun Devil Expectations

    As an ASU graduate, it will almost be weird for the Devils to be good again. The Devils will always be my 2nd favorite wrestling team so I wish them well and will be excited to watch.
  10. tommygun

    Mike Pucillo announcement

    ::I'm here for the cherry picking of certain parts of the bible but omitting others::
  11. tommygun

    Mike Pucillo announcement

    Why is it that the most religious people are the least tolerant, closed minded and judging? Sure seems backwards to me. The more religious the man, the less I trust him.
  12. tommygun

    Mike Pucillo announcement

    Good for him. Too bad this even has to be "news" in 2015.
  13. tommygun

    Tomasello v Megaludis

    I just hope the coaches let them wrestle and not duck each other until the B1G Tournament.
  14. tommygun

    Really bad call and Matt Brown is a $%&*

    I have been a huge critic of Matt Brown's wrestling style, but you can not criticize his character. That young man is rock solid.
  15. tommygun


    Last year against Perry I think.