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  1. Proves he selected the wrong school, plain and simple. While he is likely getting paid to wrestle, his coach has been unable to further develop the talent Hall possessed when he stepped foot on campus.
  2. Ah. I didn’t realize that. Duck indeed!
  3. Duck?!? Dude was not eligible to wrestle.
  4. How much money do MMA guys make per year? Seems like a hefty price to pay for getting your brains bashed in.
  5. Having a decade with the program certainly helps...
  6. At least we got to see the match! Give the fans what they deserve! Carl loves to duck big matches like this!
  7. I doubt AD Coyle is even looking at the wrestling program and the possibility of making a change. He should be at this point.
  8. Why are we making the assumption Penn State is not already paying wrestlers?!?
  9. Which is 4-5 fewer times than the average wrestler in that operation.
  10. Saw this in another thread. Such a great idea. If you challenge a call and lose, the challenging wrestler loses a point (not a team point). Also, a third party must review during NCAA tournament.
  11. I would choose the word nefarious over crazy, but that’s just me.
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