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  1. Didn’t read thread, but I do not consider him a troll.
  2. If coaches count as “Hawkeyes” as thread title asks, Tom and Terry are #1 & #2. Gable as a coach only gets him #3.
  3. One more John Prine...well, because he is amazing! My favorite love song below....
  4. John Prine- when I get to heaven. John is currently in an ICU on a ventilator fighting for his life due to Covid
  5. Totally. So many posts not aging well around here. Makes a person that follows the data and science wonder how so many people could be so wrong?!? And still wrong!!!!
  6. It will be interesting to compare NY to Italy in a few weeks.
  7. Northern Italy has about 25M people. NY state has about 20M people. Are you suggesting NY will be more similar to S Korea or Northern Italy? By any conceivable measurement? The data is telling us we are poised to have many many “Italy” like scenarios on our hands throughout this country. Do you not agree?
  8. To put this in wrestling terms, we are still putting on our ankle bands. The match has not even started yet in the US. I’m just calling balls and strikes here, following science and data. It’s not a “take.” In 20 days, please review my posts. We will be worse than Italy / Spain and nowhere near S Korea.
  9. Our national response is nowhere near South Korea. We are not testing everyone. Until we do that, we are closer to Italy than S Korea.
  10. OP. Typical righty. Making everything about them!!!
  11. Ness was so fun to watch. The sport needs more guys like him!
  12. Many have no clue. At least you have been dealing in fact and shooting people straight. Thank you.
  13. If they actually hold the event, my guess is they will be free on the street.
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