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  1. Even though I find it a boring weight class, I say 174.
  2. More happens at HWT than 174.
  3. I feel weird right now. I'm happy the Gophers won, but a little down because of the upsets.
  4. I feel the exact same about Iowa, as a Gopher fan. Love Brands. Went to the Iowa camp as a kid. Always my 2nd favorite team.
  5. Telford won that match. Good win.
  6. Because Storley was Mr. Activity. Agree. Storley should have done more as well.
  7. I think Iowa fans are as good and knowledgable as any in the country.
  8. St John does absolutely nothing in big matches. Ever. I'm so glad Ness won that match.
  9. Is B1G not showing this event live???
  10. 60 Minutes did a special on this. Holding your kid back, on average, benefits them in so many different ways.
  11. tommygun


    Injured is my guess...
  12. 184 could possibly see something cool. Top half all Penn State semi and bottom half all Minnesota semi.
  13. Good stuff T Bar. Tomorrow should be fun.
  14. Tony Nelson stalled his way to 3 pins today. :D
  15. Wow. That was fun to watch.
  16. Will either Gilman or Clark transfer?
  17. Agree with everything posted. Maybe when a ranked guy defaults out he must drop so much in the polls and have to work his way back up? I also think that when a wrestler skips a dual against another highly ranked opponent, he should automatically be ranked lower than the guy he ducked.
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